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  View changes → *HOT* LeapFrog Leapster2 Learning Game System Only $12 (Green & Purple)

5:28 PM MST
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Wow! HURRY on over to where you can score the LeapFrog Leapster2 Learning Game System for only $12! This is available in green and purple. Act fast, as I doubt this will last. Plus, score FREE store pickup OR shipping to your home for just $0.97.

This game system is currently selling for $49.97 on, so this is definitely a Black Friday Steal!

(Thanks, Nicole!)

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  • Pamela says:

    Got one…… thank you.

  • Angie says:

    I ordered three. This is a great gift for upcoming preschool birthday party invites. Thanks Hip2Save, you are amazing.

  • Adrimom says:

    Bought my daughter the leappad 1 and now saw this. Which is better???

    • Shanna says:

      I bought my daughter a LeapPad last year for Christmas, she had just turned 4. She loves it, its touch screen and it takes pictures and records video. I know the games are pretty much the same, but my daughter likes the LeapPad better because of the video/picture features and the screen size.

  • Priya says:

    I know the recommended age is three but does anyone know if a 2 yr old would be able to play with it? Thank you!

    • Holly says:

      It all depends on the game. My 2 year old loves our Leapster 2. Some games are more appropriate for his age, but he still has fun with the other games geared for 5-7 years old even if he doesn’t know all the answers.

    • Tanya says:

      My son has been playing with his sister’s since before he was two. There is a coloring option on it that doesn’t require any skill. He was surprisingly good at it. He’s 3 now and plays her explorer. He even wins the games and stuff. The thing is practically indestructible, except for spitting apple juice on the screen, which is why sister now has an explorer (even then I took it apart and cleaned it with rubbing alcohol and it worked for a while).

  • Lora says:

    I just noticed on the site * This item is being discontinued. Availability is limited. Hopefully we can find some good games

  • nl says:

    this is GREAT. Thank you!

  • Suzi says:

    So excited! Got an older one for my 10 year old a few years back and she loved it, now my 2 year old walks around trying to find the batteries for it, She will love this!!! I even got the pink/purple one

  • Julie says:

    Do you have to have an internet connection for this?

  • Bethany Rupe says:

    Pink/Purple is sold out.

  • T says:

    Thanks I got 2, 1 of each color!

  • MelodyT says:

    you are awesome Collin :) I am on a budget and have always wanted to buy this for my boys. You are a blessing!

  • Janet says:

    Grab one for a gift!! Great price!!

  • Allison says:

    There are tons of games at Five Below!

  • Augusta says:

    Awesome! I got one…well I had a purple one in my cart but it sold out but I still got a green one! Now I’m looking at toys r us for games on sale. can the leapster2 play leapster games ???

  • Lisa says:

    The purple is sold out, but the green is still available. My boys 3 1/2 and 5 1/2 love the one we have. I ordered a backup, so no more fighting!

  • blisters62 says:

    Out of stock already!!! Boooo!!!

  • Love2Save! says:

    Why did you Colling “remove” the deal already?? It still works!! :)
    Ps.Big Thx! I got one too :D

  • Andrea says:

    AMAZON has these games pretty cheap to $5-$10..

  • Love2Save! says:

    OOpppsss..It does not work anymore! I am turning back my previous comment! :D

  • Dahlena says:

    Yay! I got one and right after they went out of stock. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Jackie says:

    Thank you. I canceled my other when when I saw this. I am amped. I bought one of each color. Loves it!!!

  • Jessie Davis says:

    I walked up and down the toy aisle looking for something for my nieces for Christmas and came home with nothing. Thank you Collin! Crossed four presents off my list!

  • allison says:

    Would love to have gotten one for my son. Maybe if people weren’t buying 4+….

    • Tanya says:

      You could see if target or toysrus will price match. Not sure if they are doing that today or not. But it’s kind of not fair to be mad at people for buying multiple. My kids are 3 years difference in age and I have to buy them duplicates all the time because they are so into the same thing. Plus what if someone was buying them to donate to gets that don’t have moms who can search online for good deals because they have nothing. I know it’s frustrating but it’s not fair to be angry at them because you missed out.

    • Kaylan says:

      Green one is still available. Just purple is sold out.

  • jessica says:

    Thank you SO much Collin! I bought two for my nieces. What a great way to give a big ticket gift at super low price! Your blog really helps me stretch a dollar! Can’t wait for Monday!

  • Ashley says:

    Anyone tried to buy in store yet? They are available at my local store, just wondering if the price would be the same because I know Walmart will not price match their own online pricing if its different.

    • Jaclyn says:

      i went to my store, it was in stock but they told me they do not price match BUMMER!!!

      • Ashley says:

        So the price was different. That stinks! Geez, this is what I get for taking a break from Hip2Save to get my desperate housewives fix! lol

      • cassie says:

        We had a notice sign at our walmart saying that they WOULD price match online deals starting I think 11/12-12/4 I believe it was, so that would include their own store!

      • Shana Dey says:

        I saw this deal online a few hours ago. My sister-in-law had bought 2 in-store for $20 earlier today. She went back and they price matched for her on both the Leapster2 and the protection plan (it was $1 off since the item was cheaper). I guess YMMV depending on what Customer Service person you get.

  • heather says:

    Yay! I got 4 before it expired!

  • Cscott says:

    I was lucky to get the leappad for my twins at the awesome price last wk… Is the leapster 2 pretty much the same…as far as games? New at the leapster thing ‘n

  • Emily says:

    I’ve been wanting to get this for my daughter but haven’t because we can’t afford it… I would have loved this deal but I missed it because other people were buying 4 at a time :(

    • Ashley says:

      Some people have 4+ children. Some people buy for Toys for tots, and as gifts for others. Just because you didn’t get one this time (I missed this deal as well ! ) doesn’t mean you should be upset with people who ordered more then 1.

      • sarah salter says:

        I do have to say that at least in my case I don’t have a problem with folks with mult. kids, gifts, or donations (obviously)….what is frustrating is that there are many folks who buy these deals and then sell them on Amazon or ebay between now an Christmas. That is frustrating!

        • Tanya says:

          I do agree with that. Just because you can do that doesn’t mean you should. Once I wanted a cabbage patch doll for my daughter, and right before I got there some lady bought like 8 of them cleaning the store out and she specifically told them that she turns around and sells them on ebay for at least twice the price. I can’t complain that she did it, because it’s her right, but at the same time, how does she sleep at night knowing that she is taking advantage of people.

        • MyKeshea says:

          We can’t judge if we don’t know the circumstances. That might be the only way that people can afford things that their kids really want/need. I have missed out on some deals, too. You really can’t get all the deals out there.

      • Heather says:

        Exactly. People wouldn’t purchase 4 for no reason.. there’s no limit to how many you buy – we never know how many there are. :) I purchased 4. 1 for my 3 1/2 year old, and 3 for Toys for Tots because I think out of everyone.. the children w/ Toys for Tots would LOVE to have the opportunity to get something like this for Christmas. I’m sorry you weren’t able to get one.. that’s happened to me!

        • Erin says:

          It’s sweet to get them for Toys for tots, but keep in mind that they are useless without the games. And batteries! These things EAT batteries.

    • Ib says:

      I am so sick of hearing people whine and complain this BF. Non stop allover companies websites. It’s very simple. “the early bird catches the worm” we are adults and fully understand this concept. How many they buy is not the issue the issue was you were simply too late on this deal at this time.

      Print the Walmart page and take it to target for a price match! Tada! Now we don’t have to hear anyone else comment about their income…hello we are all feeling it, this why many of us are here on this page!

      • Felicia says:

        Remember that the early bird catches the worm should you ever go looking all over for a gift for your child only to find people buying them in multiple quantities an then re selling them on auction sites. I’ve called every Walmart in my state since last night and see this deal and not be able to take part is a slap in the face. I’m not bitter that people were able to get this for their child, I am however unhappy that so many people buy things with the intent of making a profit.

    • Erin says:

      First, if you can’t afford more than $12 for the game, you probably shouldn’t buy it at all, because they get you on the accessories and games.

      Second, it’s doubtful that anyone will be selling these for huge profits on eBay–it’s not a hot toy, it’s a discontinued, soon-to-be obsolete toy.

  • cassie says:

    Got 2! Thanks! I almost bought these last night at walmart but decided not to. So glad to see the lower price, was able to buy one for my 4 yr old and one for my 3 yr old niece!

  • Rachel says:

    Can someone tell me how price matching works with Target? Am I able to get a screen shot of it, and Target will accept it, even if it says “no longer available at this time”? AND it was printed off of my computer? Couldn’t people photoshop prices to do price matching, and they wouldn’t accept an online screen shot?

  • Lindsay S says:

    It just let me order the purple one! I don’t know if it will get canceled or not though. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  • Rachel says:

    I just read the price matching policy for Target and it reads……

    “Online prices from Nov. 22–26 are excluded.”

    So technically they should not be honoring anything until the 27th.

  • Tara says:

    The pink one is available. I ordered one at 9:15pm EST….
    Hurry on over to see if you can snag one. Looks like green is sold out…

    • sarah salter says:

      not sure how you did that. It’s in my cart (I made the mistake of browsing earlier), but it won’t let me checkout. stills says it is out of stock.

  • ashli says:

    I bought one last night going to return it after buying this one :) saves me 7 bucks!

  • ashleykei says:

    I was too late online, but was able to find one in store. After calling several different locations, I was told that they will hold one for you if it is in stock and you tell them you are on your way to pick it up. Also, check for it in both colors because they will let you exchange it for the color you want when it comes back in stock. Hope this helps anyone who missed out :)

  • Aaron says:

    Tried to get two for my grandsons. Already gone! : (

  • Jennifer says:

    can we keep this thread going if anyone finds good prices on the games

  • Mary says:

    I just called our local WalMart and spoke with the manager they had 2 left AND she gave them to me at the online price ! I made it just before closing… practically still in pjs, with wet hair, and no make-up ! The cashier was so excited for me… can’t wait to see my niece and nephews face light up ! Thanks Collin what you do really makes a difference !

  • Jess S. says:

    They are being advertised on the walmart website for $12 in store only. I was able to find some in stock at my store earlier. They were marked $39.98 on the shelf and rang up $20. Luckily I printed screen and brought it with me. After the manager made a few calls I was told they would honor the price.

  • swati says:

    anyone interested in selling back 3…. i tried so very bad both in-store and online, but i had real bad luck….i would appreciate it. thanks..

  • Tanya says:

    The leapster explorer gs is in stock and only $39.99 on Amazon, and that is a brand new game system that just came out this year. It has a built in camera as opposed to the regular explorer that you have to buy the attachment. $40 is a really good deal. You can by app giftcards for it so that the kids can just download the games. In fact, amazon has the $20 app giftcard on sale for $15

  • Sara says:

    I bought 2 last night, by this morning my order had been canceled :(

    • Erin says:

      Don’t be too disappointed–this model is being discontinued and the games are not compatible with any other LeapFrog devices. I’ve found that buying LeapFrog products at the end of their lifespan is generally a bad investment. I bought the $35 LeapPad in the hopes of keeping my iPhone away from my daughter, but after a lot of thought, decided to return it and get a Nabi instead. With their planned obsolescence, LeapFrog games, apps, and accessories are a black hole for parents. There’s a reason why the prices for the devices go so low on clearance.

      • Eileen says:

        I would agree except for the fact that you can now get the old leapster games very cheaply, and the newer ones are far pricier. I got one at the $20 in store mainly as a backup for my toddler. My older two children had them, but one already broke. So since I have an extensive library of older leapster cartridges that I picked up over the years, it’s much cheaper for me to have a backup system for $20 than to invest in a whole new system with the expensive games.

        • Erin says:

          Yup! And that is exactly why the LeapPad went back! I have tons of Leapster games–some still unopened–and I realized I didn’t want to purchase games and accessories for yet another LeapFrog system. Once games and accessories are factored into the $35 I paid for the LeapPad, it really ends up being cheaper to go with the $129 Nabi, which is a real computer. That said, you can find deals on LeapFrog games–it’s just a lot of work. My son got the Leapster 2 when it came out, and I never paid more than $7.50 for a game (at Toys R Us and Target!). It’s good that you have a library of games because it’ll be harder to find them now that they are being discontinued.

  • Kelly says:

    Today at Toy r Us, the Leapster games are buy 2 get the third one free… so I was able to get 3 games for around $21.00 (and I used the groupon that I had paid $10 for). When I went to Walmart, the games were $12.00. So I figured for an investment of less than $50, this will be great for plane and car trips. :)

  • jules says:

    My Leapster2 just shipped!!

  • Rosa says:

    I have been trying to find one for my grandson but I keep missing the deals. I went to Walmart on black Friday but they were all sold out. Anyone willing to sell me one. You can contact me at I would greatly appreciate it

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