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*HOT* Fisher-Price Imaginext Space Shuttle Only $20 – Regularly $37.97

11:47 AM MST
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Wow! Hurry on over to to snag the Fisher-Price Imaginext Space Shuttle for only $20 + FREE Store Pick-up or pay an extra $2.97 to have it shipped to your home. This is one *HOT* deal as this same space shuttle sells for $37.95 on and is rated 4.5 stars by 80 reviewers.

(Thanks, Stephanie!)

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  • Destinee says:

    They were also $20 in the store…mine had a lot last night!

  • debra says:

    For those of you with no experience with Imaginext, it is exceptional! This will be the first year out of the past 5 my son did not ask for Imaginext. He is almost 8 and was ready to move on but had so many sets and always wanted more. He played with them for hours. I recently took them to a resale store and received $150 which I have applied to Christmas this year. You won’t be disappointed with this.

  • Nicole says:

    This set is AWESOME!!! My son got it a couple years ago and it is definitely a favorite!!! Spaceship makes super cool “space” noises (blast off, and “booping” sounds) and it lights up blue. Very cool!!! (We joke that it’s Shuttle U2 because the astronauts look surprisingly like Bono & The Edge!!! hahaha)

  • Sarah says:

    totally agree with above. By far one of our favorite toys in this house of boys :)

  • Lola says:

    I’m thinking about getting this for my 5 year old daughter but seems like mostly boys would enjoy it. Does anone have a girl who enjoyed playing with this set?

    • debra says:

      My daughter is almost 3 and she loved it as well. I just needed to make room this year for new toys and these sets take up a lot of room.

    • Tilla Ham says:

      my 8 year old daughter is outgrowing her imaginext but SHE LOVED IT!! She had this, the submarine and almost all of their dinosaurs

  • Christina Prey says:

    This is a great set…for boys or girls…both of mine loved it

  • Charmel says:

    I agree with Debra. My son has most of the Imaginext sets. He got this one a couple of years ago (I paid $20 then) and still plays with it.

  • vs says:

    What’s the age for this kind of toy? Is 3 too young? what’s a 9 yrs and 11 yrs boys like for a gift? Any advice?

    • debra says:

      3 is the perfect age to start with these toys. They will definitely grow with your child. That is the age my son received his first set. I also have a 9yr old boy and I can tell you video games are at the top of his list along with anything Nerf. He wanted the Nerf big bad bow which I found at Toys R Us. Groupon has a $10 for $20 at Toys R Us available today. Perfect if you are still needing toys. In today’s age video games are always at the top of any boys list and many girls too. If they have the Skylanders game you could get the figures which run between $10 and $25 for a triple pack.

    • Stephanie says:

      I just got it for my 3 yr old and his cousin ;-)

    • linda61 says:

      For ages 3-8 years

    • Cscott says:

      My 4 y/o twin boys got this shuttle last yr and they love it! Now they have just about every imaginext toy out there…. And still watch the DVDs that come with some of the toys!!!

  • Jen says:

    Walmart also has the Barbie 2 story beachhouse for $20 as well.

  • Jen says:

    I need to just wait until the end of the day to purchase these deals! I’ve already placed two different Wamart and Kohls orders today!

  • linda61 says:

    Thanks Collin I bought this for my nephews!

  • Cara says:

    Well, the clincher for me was the comment above about the astronauts looking like Bono and The Edge;)
    I snagged this for my 4 year old daughter who has been obsessed with playing spaceship lately. We don’t have any Imaginext things, but I always peruse the selection after my daughter played with a friend’s Imaginext ship for over an hour straight at only 2 years old. Awesome play value.
    Oh man, she is going to LOVE this thing!

  • Carla says:

    I just ordered this for my 4 year old nephew for Christmas! I’m so glad that I’m able to get him something nice instead of some cheap toy that will probably break in a few days. Money has been tight…

  • Roxanne says:

    Thanks I ordered this for my 4 yr. old grandson he will be delighted ;)

  • michellebelles says:

    Oh crud! I tried to buy – but it got sent to a different store than mine- one way on the other side of where I live. Thankfully they will cancel and refund when I end up not picking it up. Thanks for posting. At this price I’ll order another one and try to make sure it is going to my store this time! :)

  • allison says:

    I am looking to buy one of these this year (cannot find it in stock or for less than $50 new) – anyone looking to sell?

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