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Tanga: Stainless Steel, Titanium & Tungsten Rings as Low as $4.99 + FREE Shipping

7:42 PM MST
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Looking to snag a durable (and super affordable!) ring for the man in your life?! Hurry on over to where you can snatch up Stainless Steel Rings starting in price at $4.99, Titanium Rings starting in price at $5.99 and Tungsten Rings starting in price at $10.99. Even better, all of these rings ship for FREE!

In addition to being oh so masculine, these rings are great if you are looking for an accessory that resists scratches, dents and damage. Plus, these rings are hypoallergenic and are much less likely to provoke allergic reactions than rings made from other metals. Head on over here to check out the selection.

* Don’t forget that you can also snag ear warmers for just $2.50 each shipped on Tanga as well!

(Thanks, Tiffany!)

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  • Ashley says:

    So I’m looking at my hubby’s tungsten wedding ring that we paid way more for at a jewelry store…pretty sure it looks the same as these ones. Ladies, do yourselves a favor and buy them cheap instead of getting ripped off in store. Tungsten is very strong, plus men don’t give a crap about price :)

  • Autumn says:

    Anybody now what the average men’s ring size is? Or know how to measure? I would love to get my SO one, but don’t what size he is :O

  • Stefanie says:

    My fiancee and I are getting married and June and have considered buying his ring from here. My only worry about a wedding ring would be that if/when it gets scratched up, there is no sort of replacement/warranty plan.

    • Jess says:

      Hey I think this is an awesome deal, have been waiting for it for like a year since my hubby lost his ring. I’ve checked in stores and you cannot get them this cheap, and yes they are the same one’s you’d be paying at least $75 for at a jewelers. No scratch warranty isn’t as big of a deal for a guy, esp. if you can get it for so cheap you could just replace it later if you really needed to. Just make sure you get the right size or go through pay pal for free returns. We are buying two of the ring he wants so we get the right size.
      Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Marriage is wonderful!

    • Nicole says:

      My husband has a stainless steel ring and he is pretty rough with it. It doesn’t have any scratches. He’s had it almost 5 years. Hth. Tungsten is also very resilient and strong.

    • Darcie says:

      Stefanie, if you are worried about the ring getting beat up, just buy 2 for him and then use the newer one once the first one is all beat up. Worth it at this price.

  • Lindsey says:

    We just ordered my fiances wedding ring from here. He works construction so we cant beat the tungsten rings for $10.99!

  • Kathryn says:

    Damn!!!!! No string or ruler laying around to figure out his ring size. Of course, he has a ring on, but has absolutely no idea what size it is :(. Maybe worth taking a guess and if it’s wrong, selling it on craigslist?

  • sscake19 says:

    So glad I saw this post was going to head over to kmart and pay way more for tungsten! Which is the best!

  • Maggie says:

    My hubby and I both wear tungsten rings. He works as a stone mason and I work on a farm. They hold up great and we love them. I could never wrap my head around spending thousands on wedding rings! These are prefect for us. :)

  • Michele Boleratz Rohrer says:

    anyone know of a free shipping code for purchasing other items from Tanga?

  • Ronni says:

    Wow what a deal….my husband recently misplaced his tungsten ring, luckily he found it… this price I should go ahead and order one just in case!

  • cindy says:

    Thank you! I just got my husband a great ring for cheap! Thank you, Thank you!!!!

  • Kim B. says:

    Bought one nice deal! My husband wants a new ring every two years, somehow he manages to scratch up tungsten…But at this price it certainly is affordable!

  • Julie Sutton's Avon Store says:

    Awesome! Thanks so much! My husband has been wanting a new ring but it just isn’t in our budget. This deals was perfect for us! :)

  • Sarah M says:

    These rings are great! I just picked up another one for the hubby!

  • Marlena says:

    got one for my husband ! he always wanted Titanium wedding ring ! we have white gold and they are scratched really bad . we have had them for only 3 years !

  • says:

    Sweet!! just got a ring for my husband and it’s AWESOME!!! thank you so much!!!!

  • MommySpendsLess says:

    I got my husband one of these recently because his original wedding ring got too loose. The ring looks great but he doesn’t like it because it’s heavy. It’s probably just a personal preference thing and his original ring was very light but if your hubby is sensitive to things like that you may want to keep it in mind.

  • kelli says:

    My husband started out with the “normal” band of gold when we got married. He works at Lowes, so anytime he was moving appliances, he would bend it and scratch it up. We finally got him a titanium ring, and it’s wonderful! He’s had it for 13 years already, and he still gets lots of compliments on it. :)

  • kelli says:

    go through ebates for 3% cash back! I just ordered the “Lord of the Rings” ring. One for my husband and one for my 14 yo son. They are both very excited! Thanks for the offer.

  • Ashley P. says:

    My FI and I were just talking about what kind of wedding band he wanted before he fell asleep. What perfect timing! I had to sneak and measure his finger without waking him, which turned out to be harder than I thought, I sure hope I got the right size *crosses fingers* but I couldn’t even be mad with this kind of price! I went through too with 6% cash back (I guess it’s higher because it’s officially Cyber Monday on the East coast already) Thanks as always Colin!

  • Kristen says:

    STAINLESS STEEL WILL SCRATCH LIKE CRAZY. Did that for the first year and got hubby tungsten for first anniversary cuz the stainless steel was so horrible looking. Spend the extra few bucks for something way way way better!

  • Kikola says:

    What an awesome deal. I just bought one for $14.99 (the dragon design) for my husband for a surprise Christmas present. The ring he has now is plain gold because he did not want anything too ‘blingy’. So this will give him a chance to be ‘hip’ if he wants to. Can’t wait to see his reaction on Christmas morning. lol. OH! and the ear warmers were FREE (2 pack).

  • kikola22 says:

    Great Deal!! I purchased one for $14.99 and the ear warmers were FREE (2 Pk). Thanks HIP!

  • Steph says:

    Keep in mind that a Titanium ring cannot be resized. I am not sure about Tungsten or stainless? I’ve been wanting to get my hubby a Titanium ring for the durability.

  • Ashley P. says:

    The ear warmers are free but with $4.99 shipping or $2.50 each as Colin has described – only the ring is offering free shipping or were you able to find a free shipping code?

  • ashley says:

    ebates gives %6 too!

  • Cindy says:

    Order & Used Ebates with 6% Back!

  • Carter says:

    Ordered both of our wedding rings for under $24. This is perfect for our low budget wedding. Thanks Collin! You rock!

  • Kim says:

    So happy I found this! I had paid much more for a tungsten ring at KMart for my hubby’s first ring, and he lost it when we moved a few months ago. We didn’t really have the money to replace it until I found this deal! This made my day more than you can imagine!

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