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Amazon: *HOT* Kindle Fire Only $129 Shipped (Today Only!)

11:37 AM MST
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I am bumping this up so you don’t miss it…

Wow! Today only, just for Cyber Monday, Amazon is offering up a Kindle Fire 7″ LCD Display, Wi-Fi, 8GB for just $129 when you use promo code FIREDEAL at checkout! Plus, score FREE shipping with Super Saver Shipping or Amazon Prime.

* All new – 40% faster performance, twice the memory, longer battery life.
* Perfect portability – thin, light, and durable
* Over 22 million movies, TV shows, songs, magazines, books, audiobooks, and popular apps and games such as Facebook, Netflix, Twitter, HBO GO, Pandora, and Angry Birds Space
* Ultra-fast web browsing over built-in Wi-Fi
* Free unlimited cloud storage for all your Amazon content
* Kindle FreeTime – a free, personalized tablet experience just for kids on the new Kindle Fire. Set daily screen limits, and give access to appropriate content for each child
* Prime Instant Video – unlimited, instant streaming of thousands of popular movies and TV shows
* Kindle Owners’ Lending Library – Kindle owners can choose from more than 180,000 books to borrow for free with no due dates, including over 100 current and former New York Times best sellers

* Also, check out this post to see how you can snag a FREE Voucher for 30% off Kindle Accessories from Amazon Local.

(Thanks, Clip & Follow & Laury!)

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  • Wendy says:

    This is the one with special offers, right?

  • Sarah Romain says:

    Plus, now go through Swagbucks to get 6 SBs per dollar for purchases on Amazon!

  • Lee says:

    Loved that this went on sale until i read the reviews. This item doesn’t come with a charger so itll have to be bought separately and it’ll cost $15 to remove ads off the kindle.

    • Stacey says:

      Just an fyi…if you have a blackberry charger, it works with the Kindle.

    • carri says:

      This comes with a charger, u can buy a faster 1 seperatly if u want a faster charge. Everything comes with a charger…

    • Jaime says:

      I have a regular kindle with ads. They don’t bother me at all since they are just on the lock screen and sometimes they have really good deals available (like a book for $1). I wouldn’t pay the extra $15 to get rid of them.

      Also, the fire comes with adaptor to charge on your computer. The only problem is that it takes about 11 hours. If you want the faster charge (3.5 hours), you have to buy that charger separately. Right now it’s on sale for 9.99 if you purchase it at the same time as the kindle fire.

    • Tara says:

      Lee, speak with a live agent and request a $10 promotional credit for the charger. If you add both the Kindle and the charger to your account at the same time, the credit will automatically be added. I was unaware of this until after the purchase…so they added the credit after.

    • Ashley Auxier says:

      Thanks to swagbucks, I was able to snag this awesome deal at $109.00!! My son will be so excited to have his own, and I’m even more excited NOT paying the 200 bucks!

  • lrrotti says:

    Wow what a SUPER deal!! I paid $169 Reg $199 (w/ a $30 coupon code) back in June. My son just loves his kindle Fire and this Model seem to be a more improved one!! There is also a Amazon Local deal for %30 off Kindle Accessories!! Link>>

  • Kristie says:

    On Amazon local there is a free code for 30% off Kindle accessories as well!

  • Ashley Auxier says:

    It comes with a standard charger. The 9.99 charger offered is a “faster” charger. They all come with chargers. How else would you even power the thing on?

    • samanthawitchuk says:

      Just chatting to amazon online, they confirm it does not come with a power charger?? they said:- I would suggest you check Kindle PowerFast for Accelerated Charging under Add Kindle Accessories on the product detail get the charger for $9.99 only.

      • samanthawitchuk says:

        Further, just called them as the chat ppl couldnt offer anything, i complained for a while and finally got a $10 credit for the fast charger ;)

  • Laury says:

    If you buy the kindle you save $10 on the quick charging plug so it costs $9.99. It does come with a USB cord to plug into the computer so you really don’t need the extra plug. This one does come with the offers but you can pay $15 to have it removed. Personally I like the offers. Some of the offers I have taken advantage of: get amazon Visa card and immediately get a $50 amazon credit, sign up for 1 click and get $10 credit, buy any song and get $5 movie credit, and more.

    You can also turn off the Suggestions in the menu screen for free. I love my fire hd and I just got the fire today for my mom. This is a great deal.

  • Katie says:

    This is the DEAL I’ve been waiting for!!! I almost caved last night and bought it for $160. SO glad I waited!!!

  • Kristen says:

    I have a regular Kindle with special offers and I’m glad to have them!! The ads do show up when my Kindle is “asleep,” but since I have a cover on it I don’t even see them, and if I turn the Kindle fully off there are no ads. I have gotten some good deals via those ads, including 50% off my cover :) Other deals were a free audio version of a particular book and select Kindle books for $1.

  • kidsallgone says:

    Is this the kindle fire?
    And does this do the same thing as an ipad?
    I’m so confused about all the tablets :( & would appreciate any advice on which is best for surfing, emailing, but not for reading books, listening to music, or watching movies . Thanks !!!

    • Lindsay says:

      The Kindle FIre HD is the newest one, this must be the first one

    • Saurus says:

      if you want something good for anything but reading, I suggest a full tablet. I don’t personally own a Kindle Fire, but a friend says it’s not made to do anything other than reading as well as a tablet. And with a tablet, you can download multiple reading apps (I have ibooks, Kindle and Kobo all on my ipad)

      • Stacey says:

        The KindleFire can be used for games, movies, music, surfing the web, reading. There are tons of apps…I use mine for my grocery list, calendar, etc. My kids use it for games and Netflix a lot. This KF does not have a camera, so cannot be used for Skype, but the new version can. The KF is NOT just for reading.

      • nikki says:

        Great. Thanks Saurus! Any tablets that are under the $300 mark as an iPad is just too expensive for us right now.

    • nikki says:

      Trust me. I am confused just as well as you are and not sure what the difference is! I am in the same boat as you, want one for surfing, emailing but not for reading (maybe sometimes not really), I do want one that watches movies or music (but wont use it as much as surfing and for school). Does it have flash? Or great apps?

    • MommySpendsLess says:

      The main difference between tablets is their operating system. There are three main operating systems: iOS (Apple products e.g. iPad), Android (made by Google), and mobile versions of Windows (Microsoft).

      The Kindle and Nook are, at their heart, Android tablets. The Kindle and Nook have special software to encourage you to purchase and view entertainment provided by Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Both can be “rooted” (basically reformatted and reinstalled, not sure what it does to the warranty) to be regular Android tablets.

      I was looking at a cheap (under $100) Android tablet for our 3 year old for Christmas – my husband warned me that not all Android tablets are created equal. Android – the software – is pretty standard but it’s open software so any company can make a tablet – the hardware – and put Android on it. As a result, you end up with a lot of generic (usually foreign) tablets that may not work well/long/etc. He actually told me that he would rather get our daughter a Nook, Kindle or Galaxy Tab (made by Samsung) and root it than get a cheap tablet from HTC or the other unknown brands I was looking at on It’s kind of like buying a TV – most will hook up to cable or your DVD player but Sony may be higher quality than cheap Brand X.

      • nikki says:

        Makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the explanation! I was thinking of the Samsung Galaxy Tab as I have heard great reviews, but not sure how to go the “root it” way. :(

        • MommySpendsLess says:

          I don’t know either – that’s hubby’s department – sorry. If you’re tech savvy enough to follow instructions, you might try Googling “Galaxy Tab root.” I just tried it and a lot of good looking links came up, including YouTube videos.

      • kay says:

        Wow thanks for explaining all that! I’m so NOT tech savvy and I tried googling different tablets…BIG mistake :( Everything reads like stereo instructions in a foreign language. This will be my daughters’ Xmas present and all I knew about it was that it could be used to read books 8)

  • stephanie says:

    I CANNOT get the code to work for me is FIREDEAL

  • Kim says:

    UGH! I was really hoping for a Fire HD deal today. I want to get one for my son to play games on, but it would be nice to have the camera on it so he can Skype with his dad in Afghanistan. I guess I should jump on this while it’s available, though.

  • Andy says:

    I own both a kindle fire and an iPad. My husband uses the fire for reading, games and you tube, I use the iPad for everything. It just depends on what your uses will be. I understand that the newer kindle hd is suppose to be great and with the addition of the camera it widens it’s functionality, I am going to get the newer HD for my husband and give the older tablet to my grandson. I love my iPad but I will be waiting for the iPad 4 with the new A6 chip, no sense in buying one now when it will already be out of date.

    • kidsallgone says:

      What is the ipad4? I ordered the ipad 16gb (i don’t do reading, movies or music) w/retina display from best buy the other day. Reg price was $500 (yikes!!) & it was on sale for $460. I had $45 in rewards and a $25 gc so it brought it down to $390. It’s waiting for me to pick it up but i wanted time to decide if i should get a different and/or cheaper one on cyber Mon. Decisions! Decisions!! Any other tips? Thanks so much to those that already left theirs :) :) :)

      • MommySpendsLess says:

        The iPad 4 is the next one coming out. The iPad with Retina is the iPad 3. The first iPad that had cameras is the iPad 2. I still have the original iPad 1 and it works fine for email, web surfing, streaming Netflix and simple apps…but I can’t get the lastest version of iOS and there are already apps that I can’t download and older apps that are providing updates for the Retina display, which mine doesn’t have (I’m still running iOS4, I could get iOS5 but it sounded like a hassle and I can’t get iOS6). I’m hoping to upgrade to an iPad 3 or 4 after Christmas and then I’ll probably give the iPad 1 to my 3 year old daughter.

  • Amber says:

    I planned on getting my Mom a basic tablet for Christmas. She has good computer skills, but is not overly tech-savvy. I was looking at the Kindle Fire HD or the Google Nexus 7, but for $129, does anyone know if the 1st Kindle Fire is a good option? I want something that she can use to browse the web, access email, download books, watch movies, etc. Is basic web browsing on the Kindle Fire good? Thanks!

    • Megan says:

      The only thing the HD has above the regular Fire is a camera.. and maybe better “HD” graphics. I have a regular Fire and LOVE it.. super easy to browse the web, play games, read etc..! My 5 year old can navigate it! Also sometimes if my computer is slow, I pull out the fire and it pulls stuff up! She will need Wi-Fi to browse the internet!

      • Amber says:

        Thank you so much! She has wi-fi in her home, so this Kindle Fire may be a great option for her. Not to mention the fact that I would love to save $70!

  • Norma says:

    Kindle cords to connect to your computer are USB on one end, meaning they’ll plug into your computer or an adaptor you pick up at Walgreens! We use our cell phone chargers to charge our Kindles… honestly it’s a very common, small style USB port (like a thin 4 pin USB I believe). I recommend not buying another charger until you get it and check your supply of cell phone chargers to see if you have one that fits! My cell phone is like a blackberry, my husbands is a basic flip and both charge the two Kindles in the house.

  • Elizabeth says:

    This was on the list for my daughter, I didn’ t think I would be able to get it on sale. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  • Tiffany says:

    All I wanted to say is beware…if you are getting this as a gift for someone who lives in your home. It comes in a box no bigger than the item itself and says right on it what is in the package. I have never ordered anything from amazon that tells what it is on the box.

  • katherine says:

    I bought the Kindle Fire a year ago for $199 thru Amazon and wouldn’t trade the Kindle for anything! The kids and I can youtube, play games (fruit ninja is a blast!), watch movies, read, browse the net.. it’s just the perfect tablet for our family. The kids use an iPad at school, they haven’t mentioned once how the like one table over the other. Oh and as far as the wall charger goes, our household all use Droid phones from Verizon and their wall chargers/car charger work perfect with the Kindle.

  • Kelli says:

    oH GREAT tIFFany. I guess my christmas surprise is ruined. Can I contact Amazon to change the shipping address?? I alread\y ordered it.

    • Melissa says:

      You can go back into your account where you placed the order and update the shipping address.

    • Julie says:

      I just got mine and it came in a yellow envelope that had amazon written all over it, it didnt say what was in it, if that helps.

    • Ashley Marie says:

      It asks if it is a gift during check out. It explains that the Kindle comes in it’s original box, but if it is a gift they will box it into something else. Hope that helps a bit.

  • michelle says:

    I saw a deal posted on another site for a case for the Fire at Staples for $4.99…free shipping. Looks like a good deal to me!

  • Jen says:

    ARRRRR! I just ordered this for my son YESTERDAY! I should have waited. It already shipped. Does anyone know if I can contact Amazon and get the $30 credited? Or would I have to reorder and send the first one back? So frustrating!

  • Brenda says:

    The Amazon Local Deal of the day is 30 PERCENT off certain Kindle accessories. It might come in handy to anyone purchasing the Kindle reader deal.

  • Bobbie says:

    If you want a Kindle Fire and have a Fred Meyer you can score one for $139 when you factor in the $20 gift card.

  • Joy says:

    I see that the Kindle Fire has more storage, possible better sound, the camera and obviously the HD. Is the HD worth $70 more. The HD is on my list but if I get enough feedback saying the regular Kindle Fire is enough I will go that route ;)

    • michelle says:

      I think it depends on what you are going to use it for. If you don’t plan on using the camera option very often or have a smartphone with a camera then I personally wouldn’t spend the extra $$ but then I am thrifty. Without the camera you wouldn’t be able to use Skype if that’s something you use. I have a first generation Fire already & use it for playing games, apps, reading and plinking around on the internet. Suits my purpose just fine. The sound isn’t that great for watching movies though so if you do watch more movies you’d probably want the HD with the better sound. Just some ideas. I had a gift card balance of almost $100 from doing surveys so I ordered the regular Fire so I won’t have to fight over the one I have with my son, LOL. Made it a great deal for me.

  • Jeralyn says:

    My kindle charges on my Nikon Coolpix charger. Toddler is 2 1/2 and LOVES our kindle. I bought this when it was on the lightning deal a month a go without ANY regrets. The child-lock feature is awesome.

  • chris says:

    is this good for a 4 yrs old

  • Kara says:

    I ordered this last month when they had their lightning deal and I cannot recommend it enough! It is essentially a tablet…fully able to operate apps of all kinds such as Angry Birds or any of your favorite apps, plus surf the web easily (NOT like a phone which I hate using to surf the web!). The best is Kindle Freetime, where each child can have their own tab. Once in “their” Freetime, they can’t order anything, go online, or access any apps or books that you haven’t allowed. They also can’t accidentally exit it without putting in your passcode.
    It has a great touchscreen and you can easily find cases for 5 bucks or less (I think they are labeled used but i got mine and if it was you couldn’t tell, it’s great!). I agree, I don’t get the big deal why everyone “hates” the offers, it’s literally just on the locked screen for 1/2 second after you turn it off sleep and before you slide the lock key, they don’t show up anywhere else.
    It connects well to any wi fi and if you have any books or movies loaded onto it you can access those anywhere. The only negative was Prime stuff you can only watch when you have wifi, which i guess would be the case with any tablet, we just didn’t know that so we won’t renew after our 30 day free trial.

  • Tarri says:

    I got this for Christmas last year, I told hubby I wanted it and he tells me I prob won’t use it, well I proved him wrong. He asked me if I wanted the Kindle Fire HD this year for Christmas. I think he is try to take my reg one ;)

    I love the Kindle Fire, it is a little heavier than I would like but love on the options mentioned above that are available on it.

  • Momof6 says:

    Awesome! I needed 3 of these to finish off my Christmas shopping, so I was very happy to see this! There is a limit of one per customer, so I had to call in some favors from friends, but it is well worth it to save $90 total!

  • kidsallgone says:

    OK, so great price and great item but any thoughts on getting this for an old woman (me :) ) of 60 whose favorite past-time is not reading books or watching movies or downloading music? (yes, I do have other hobbies lol) I love surfing the web and have ordered the Ipad (waiting to be picked up at Best Buy) but if this Kindle will do everything that an Ipad will do, then I will get the Kindle instead. It sure will save me some $$ but I’m willing to spend more if the Ipad is the better item for me (no kids, only some old guy I live with….for 36 yrs ;) ) :) :)
    Thanks for any (more) feedback. Sorry I’m being a pain asking so many times :(

  • anu says:

    would you recommend the kindle fire vs. the nook one? I’m still undecided between the two. Any feedback would be great. Thanks.

    • Keisha says:

      My mother hates her nook color and kindle had better apps where As the nook only has 50

    • Angela says:

      I have a Kindle & prefer it to the Nook because of all the free books you can get with Amazon (they have a list of the top 100 free books daily). Some books are free for just a day, but I’ve got quite a collection whenever I find time to read!

  • swirlypop says:

    I need an intervention. Too many deals today! Step away from the computer. Do not check hip2save……..

  • kendal says:

    i had $30 in my savingstar account, so i cashed in for an amazon card. anyone know how long those take to show up in my email? i was hoping to get it soon enough to use on this, but i don’t want to wait around and this thing sell out by tonight.

    oh.. and if you apply and are approved for the credit card, you will get a $30 credit that you can use towards this deal as well. (in case anyone didn’t know that already)

  • Lindsay says:

    If you have a Discover Card you can use your Cashback Bonus towards this, I got a suprise $8 discount :) it’ll show up in the checkout process after you add your card to the payment selection and then click “Apply”

  • Betsy says:

    So do you need to get anti-virus software on these tablets? I am assuming you do since they act like a laptop and access the internet?

  • Lisa K. says:

    Thanks for the tip! I so wanted to get a Kindle fire for my stepdaughter for Christmas and this made it within our Christmas budget! Thanks a million for all you do to help us save money Collin! :)

  • melissa says:

    i waited in line for 4 hours on thrusday night at walmart to get 2 Nabi 2 tablets for my autistic sons (4 and almost 7) despite leaning towards the Kindle Fire for my older son. I just couldnt pass up the deal of $129 vs the original price of 200 for the Nabi 2. I opened one up the other night and not only did it not come with ANY instructions but you cant access the educational programs which it devotes a whole screen too UNLESS you subscribe to a mthly program (aka mthly fee). I returned one today after seeing this deal and now have a Kindle Fire on its way for my 7 yr old son, as planned! I have to admit im sllightly jelaous and would like to upgrade my tablet to one as well. :)

  • loan calculator says:

    I enjoy, result in I discovered just what I used to be taking a look for.

    You’ve ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

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