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Amazon: VTech – InnoTab Learning Tablet 50% Off (+ $10 Off $25 VTech Software Purchase!)

10:20 AM MST
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If you are in the market for a VTech – InnoTab Interactive Learning Tablet, now is a great time to buy one! For a limited time, Amazon is offering up the VTech – InnoTab Interactive Learning Tablet (in Pink or blue) for 50% off, priced at just $40 (regularly $79.99!). Plus, score FREE shipping with Super Saver Shipping or Amazon Prime.

Product Features:
* 5″ color touch screen and tilt-sensor for educational gameplay
* E-books, educational games, creative activities, learning apps and more available on cartridge or as downloads from VTech learning lodge navigator website
* 4 different media players e-book reader, MP3 music player, photo viewer and video player
* 64MB onboard memory and SD card slot for memory expansion
* Learning toy connects to PC/Mac with included USB cable (note: USB cable is only for data transfer and does not power the Innotab)

You can also score $10 Off Select VTech Software and Accessories When You Spend $25! Sweet!

(Thanks, Heather!)

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  • Teresa says:

    This is a pretty good deal, but on black Friday at Kohls they had the innotab2 for $75. They let me use 4 coupons. 2 $10 off 1 $5 off and a 15% off. So it ended up being about $45 after tax for the brand new one. I was pumped. Love Kohls.

  • rosa says:

    Anyone looking to upgrade and get rid of a leapster2 or have an extra one from the recently posted deals I missed. Please email me if you are willing to sell one, my grandson would love it!…

  • Dawn says:

    FYI- This is not the Innotab that has a camera.

  • Chrissy says:

    I need to get informed on all these kid gadgets. My daughter is 4.5 yrs old and I have no idea about V-tech vs Leapfrog and then there’s 1 and 2 of these. I got her the Leapster2 for $12 but now after all the comments, I’m thinking she may not even like it although she is NOT getting a DS yet. I think too young and I can’t spend $130 for that. Can anyone share thoughts on Vtech vs Leapfrog? I also have a 26 month old son. TIA!

    • Ebony says:

      my 4 year old loves his leapste explorer, kids will play with anything really lol. The camera option sounds fun but I’m not ready to upgrade my sons yet he still gets plenty of use out of the one he has.

      I know there was talk about the leapster2 games not working with the newer versions but if u get a couple of games she should be content

    • Kristin says:

      My son just turned 5 and he LOVES his leapster 2!

    • Joy says:

      I am interested in knowing some info as well everyone.. my granddaughther is 4 years old.. has no electronics of her own.. her parents pretty much have let her try to learn from hands on materials; books, puzzles and other non electronic devices..she does like to play a couple of games on her moms smartphone though.. I just am lost on this.. I was looking at the Vsmile.. my neighbor has tons of cartridges for that for $1 each.. but I would have to buy the Vsmile itself.. I was also looking at the Mobigo and Mobigo2. I see that the Mobigo you can buy a cartridge to download 30 games or more.. but the Mobigo2 is more interactive w/ new features but can’t use the cartridge that downloads games.. I am lost..any help? Does the Mobigo2 house the downloaded games inside the game itself ? thnx for any help..

  • Tina says:

    Don’t waste time or money on anything but the innotab2s. Just grabbed it at kohls today on line. Got the bundle pack. The case is very sturdy and comes with a car charger. They sell for about $20 each. Got everything with 20% off cyber Monday code and free shipping for $103. It’s the best deal. Can download games and has wifi and camera which my daughter loves to take pictures. my daughter can go on her favorite games and I get my phone back!

    • Joy says:

      Tina.. what is the difference in the two? Would a 4 year old enjoy this..or would it be too difficult for them..too much to deal with?

  • Tina says:

    Joy a 4 year old shouldn’t have a problem learning it. I’m buying this for my 3 year old. The main difference is memory the 2s has a larger internal memory 2gb vs 26??mb. They both have the option for a sd card. The 2s has wifi so you can download games and access the vtech site could save on having to purchase multiple games. The 2s has a camera (my daughter loves taking pics with my iPhone). I’ve read they go thru batteries quick so the 2s bundle does come with a car charger. I hope that helps. Good luck.

  • Lynn says:

    I hesitated and missed these yesterday; by the time I tried to purchase the pink was gone. I need to get a gaming type tablet for my 6yo daughter. If anyone sees these on sale cheap again, please contact me at Thank you!

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