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  View changes → *HOT* $50 Off $50 Promo Code

10:03 PM MST
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Wow! Thanks to reader, Ashli, for emailing in about this… is offering up $50 off a $50 purchase with coupon code 3777 during checkout. Yep, just add $50 worth of stuff to your cart and use the coupon code 3777 to get $50 off! Note that you will have to paying shipping which came to around $8.99 for me.

I sagged a pair of slippers for $32 and a pair of sandals for $19, so only $1 (after the $50 off code) + $8.99 for shipping! Not too shabby! :) Also, you can opt to pay with PayPal which is nice.

Keep in mind that a ton of items are already sold out. Also, note that reader, Ashley, received the info on this promo code in her mail so I am assuming it’s valid. However, they could always cancel orders, so just keep that in mind before ordering.

(Thanks, Ashley!)

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  • Carissa says:

    said invalid code when I tried it :(

  • Patricia says:

    Mine is coming up with promo code invalid????

    • Danae says:

      I used the code on two orders. It says maximum use is twice!!! Got jeans. Two pairs of shoes. Bracelets. Underwear. Less than $20 :)

  • Ana says:

    no longer working
    it worked 20 minutes ago but when i tried to do another order code is invalid!!! :(

  • Amanda says:

    Not valid. My work computer too slow. :(

  • Karen says:

    The promo code is not working…says invalid.

  • Barre says:

    I tried twice, each time my card was declined, which I thought was strange. I have plenty of mine in the account. I gave up, went to bed, and then received a call in the morning from my bank asking me about unauthorized charges. They declined my card because the web site I was attempting to buy from has been linked to fraudulent activity. So, all I can say is ..BE CAREFUL!

  • Snizqau says:

    I spoke to them and they said they weren’t honoring this code, but instead substituting it with their own 30% off promotion (but the change only showed up after I completed the order! So I called and cancelled).

    • Carol says:

      Are you saying everybody’s orders were switched to 30% off instead of the $50/$50, without notifying any of us? Do we need to call and cancel???

  • Jenny m says:

    Didn’t see the warning at the top until I got on my home computer. It doesn’t show up from the mobile site. My cards been charged. I should’ve used PayPal. Hopefully all works out. I didn’t realize that some deals posted are questionable.

  • Erica says:

    I get this awesome catalog in the mail. But im only a size 6 so i can’t wear the clothes. My sister orders from this site ALL the time (she’s an catalog junkie). She had just got a new order in yesterday and was showing me her new purchase( a lovely blazer and skirt). Not too soon after she left I saw this post and sent her the code. She texted me this morning saying that she used the code with no problem to order a sweater. She was very happy. Thanks for sharing this code! :-)

    • Carol says:

      I had already ordered when I realized the sizes were large. I’m a size 4-6. Surely the slippers will fit and the 2-pk of t-shirts I ordered were a size 6. Hope that was a regular size 6.

  • barbie says:

    not working for me either:( oh well on to the next deal!

  • Lindsay R. says:

    They have cancelled my order from this morning.

  • Annie says:

    Glad i did not ordered !! :)

  • Julie says:

    I randomly tried the code 3775 and it gave me 40% off plus free shipping on my order! I wasn’t expecting that, but maybe it will work for some of you too! ;) good luck!

  • Meme says:

    Update: I just got an email with a cancellation of the bag but i still got the pom pom hat and they charged me $12.06 for it, which was fine since my total purchase before the cancellation was $17. Oh well. The hat was still cute so i kept it. :)

  • Lisa Allis says:

    All done I guess. Code is invalid now.

    • Julie says:

      randomly try other codes. like 3773, or 3775. 3775 gave me 40% off plus free shipping on one order. Then I did another order and decided to get sneakers for my sister. They were on sale 19.99 then with the code 3773. My order total came to 7.98!

  • boxbot says:

    Julie your code worked for me, too! I’m a little nervous to order after the comments above though. Might use paypal They have gold and black glitter belts that is exactly what my daughter is looking for! although size 8/10 might be a little big we can probably add a hole.

  • mo says:

    Code is not working it says invalid.

  • Gwen says:

    I was able to use code 3775 for my was $52…I paid $21 including shipping…not bad for a nice sweater

  • ana says:

    try using 3776, then 3778, then 3779
    it somehow combines codes
    i was able to get around 50% off it did 30 +40 % and free shipping

    and i got conf. released for shipping on 2 orders 1 50/50 and 40+freeship

  • Yolanda H. says:

    Beware!!! Just want everyone to know that this site declined my card. Had to call the bank because they had put a block on it. Turns out this company is out of London, and linked to fraudulant activity. Although the code worked for me, I will not be giving this another go. Great deal, but not worth the risk of losing my idenity and all of my money right before christmas!

  • Mandy says:

    My Order got canceled…..

    • roxanne says:

      when did u place an order?? i placed an order at like 4:30 in this morning and my total ended up being 70cents and they still havent canceled mine and i keep reading every 1 comments im scared they are going to charge me way more then they are suppose too. Omg this is turning out to be such a headache :(

  • ILIANA BLAIR says:

    Why would paypal be safer than using a credit card which you can dispute charges?

  • Sheila S says:

    At this moment the charge via PayPal is still correct, and the items are listed as “Released for Shipment”. Let’s hope some of our orders actually go through!

    • says:

      That’s exactly the situation with me. “Released for Shipment” and paypal has charged $14.99. Sure, I’ll pay that for a purse regularly priced at $116. Fingers crossed.

      • Niccole says:

        I placed my order around 1:30am and my husband placed one as well at the same time (he leaves in another state) we were able to use the $50 off $50 purchase, i have been reading all the comments thru the day, and even dough we were only charged once what we were supposed to i called their customer service to ask a few questions and here is what the very very nice and polite agent told me:

        1-Most of the bad feedback going on online is due to the fact that they are located in london and shipments take a little longer than expected. (Which to me is ok because we need to remember is international shipments)

        2-because is an international shipment custom might charge some duties, never more that $10 to $20 depending on how many items are in ur order, and after you pay this all you have to do is fax them your customs invoice and they will reimburst you the full amount thru paypal or by mailing you a check. (Which i think is awesome!!!)

        3- she said that the orders that got cancelled was because of the overwelming amount of orders they ran out of many items and some were over sold, so they have to cancel some of those orders.

        At the end she told me everything that was in my order, she even mention the $50 off i used and the $12.99 i paid including shipping and said that my order should arrive between 7 to 10 business days after is shipped.

        Am confident that everything is gonna go smoothly, i understand some ppl are freaking out because of some comments, but like this lady told me from we are a british company trying to start business in the united states, it will take time until we are able to get the confidence nd trust from our american customers, due to the fact that americans are not used to buying online from international sources.

        Hope this info is helpful to some of you guys.

  • Amy says:

    I ordered this morning, then looked at all the warnings in the comments. I called them 10 minutes after submitting the order to cancel. They said they would “try”, but the items “prepare for shipping really quickly”. A few hours later they sent an email stating they could not cancel my order. I then called American Express (the card I used). I will stop payment with AmEx. Be careful….

  • Asia Payne says:

    I still haven’t received an email stating that they’ve canceled my order….But I’m freaking out about them fraudulently using my card!! That is SUCH a hassle!!!!!!
    If anyone does actually get their money stolen (by over charging or by not receiving their ordered items) PLEASE post it here!!! :( :(

  • Christie says:

    I am using the code 3777 but it’s not working. I found another code for 30% off but the $50 off is better and I would prefer to use it. Anyone have any suggestions?

  • Jessica says:

    code 3777 didnt work for me but code 3776 gave me the 40% and free shipping. Thank you Julie for sharing the the great deal!!!

  • Ms. M says:

    I have worked with this company before — I am a journalist. They don’t commit fraud or do anything shady, but many customers experience major shipping delays and customs charges.

  • Kelli says:

    I paid with paypal and half my order was cancelled due to no stock. I called and they quickly refunded my shipping (its in my paypal already) and I’m still getting the other half of my order for FREE!!

  • Nicole E says:

    I’ve read through all the comments and the best deal I can get is 40% off with free shipping using code 3775. My order total is $61 (before coupons). Are there any other codes out there for $50 off $50 purchase??

  • Carol says:

    I placed an order with the code 3810 $50/$50 and the items showed they were in stock, but they canceled my order anyway. So I placed my order again because the items were still in stock and they canceled on me again! I don’t know if it was the code they didn’t want me using or the items really were out of stock.

    • daneille says:

      I’m sure that their website just hasn’t updated their quantity in stock. The items you are trying to order most likely are no longer available.

  • Jessica says:

    My $50 off $50 order shipped today!! I’m surprised. I got men’s boxers and a scarf. Was $7 over + ship! Pretty good deal!

  • Carrie W says:

    I got an email today that my order has been shipped!

  • lynne says:

    Got my shipment notice today. The pom pom hat shipped. The fingerless gloves backordered, but will ship as they get them. yay!

  • Carrie w says:

    Order (4) bras today and used coupon codes 3806 and 3816 total came to .80 shipped!!!!!

    • Carol says:

      How did you get free shipping?

      • Carrie w says:

        It was one of the codes. I believe it was the 3816 code.

        • Carol says:

          Thanks Carrie – I had to create a new account for my husband and order through him and the codes worked! I got a size 6 navy blue velour hooded zip up jacket and matching pants for $9.90 shipped! Hope that’s a regular size 6. That’s something I could really use. All their stuff is soooo expensive I don’t know how you found 4 items for thirty something? I hope they don’t cancel my order. They’ve already done that to me twice, but one order was actually shipped so I’m hoping it will come any day now. :)

          • Carol says:

            I just realized I accidentally ordered 2 pair of the navy velour pants! So $9.90 shipped for 2 pants and the matching zip up jacket!

          • Carrie W says:

            your welcome! I had to sit there and play with it for a awhile. kept switching the codes around but got my second order for .70! I got 4 pairs of panties @ $5 each and a bra at $11

      • Reenie Wood says:

        3816 gives you 30% off + free shipping & it can be stacked with 3806 wich gives you $30 off, but it may only work for new customers.

  • Clare says:

    I just got an email this morning saying my order was shipped. Everything went fine for me. My total through Paypal was correct.

  • Daria says:

    I received an email saying my order was shipping on the 29th….hopefully it gets here soon and there is no headache with customs!

  • Angel says:

    I just received my cozy slippers and jammie pants in the mail today!!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You reader Ashli & Hip2Save!

  • Emily says:

    I just received my SImply Be order and the material is fine – it runs a little small because I am normally a 6 top and I ordered a 10 and it just fits. I am happy with my purchase since I paid $15 for it. It is just as pictured and I didn ‘t have to pay customs. I don’t think I got a great deal because I ordered a sweatshirt – but you live and learn.

  • nicolescompletecouponing says:


  • Dawn says:


  • holly says:

    i got my order today too, and i had no issues at all, i didnt have to pay any thing extra

  • FOOFROO says:


  • JOJO says:

    got my stuff today too! there’s a sticker on the package that shows a $52.00 customs charge, but it was delivered to my home and i wasn’t asked to pay it, so i dont know if this waived or if simply be pays it…it wasn’t charged to my credit card so either way it’s all good! :)

    • JOJO says:

      oh btw there are a few “fees” that i see on my CC statement, but they’re only for 22 cents and .10 cents, (i made 2 orders) i’m guessing b/c it’s an international order. not a big deal to me for over $50 worth of clothes for free. yay! :)

  • Gayle Marie Jones says:

    I just wanted y’all to know I got my 1st of 2 orders. I got a dress and pair of leggings (in tall, which is a HUGE deal). Total including shipping was $15, which is way less than I would normal pay for 1 pair of leggings with a long inseam.

    The dress is really cute and the leggings are same quality as I have gotten elsewhere. Yay!!!

  • Maggie says:

    My order arrived today with no problems! Only fee I paid was .10 to my bank because it was an international charge. :) Two pairs of shoes for 10 bucks! They’re a tad roomy but you cant beat that deal! :)

  • says:

    I just came to see if anyone had actually received their shipments and am glad to see some have! Hoping mine is there today!

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