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Dollar Tree: FREE Cepacol Lozenges

6:41 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

As I mentioned early, there is a $1/1 Cepacol Sore Throat Product coupon (excl. 4 ct lozenges) available here! Make sure to print this coupon while it’s available. Plus, if you have a Dollar Tree nearby, you may be able to score these for FREE (note that product selection does vary from store to store)…

(Photo Credit: Coupon Clippin’ Daddy)

Cepacol Sore Throat Lozenges 16 ct. $1
Use the $1/1 coupon found here
Final cost FREE!

(Thanks to all you readers for leaving comments about this on the last post!)

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  • bfam says:

    Not exactly excited to go try a coupon at Dollar Tree after that news story when a Dollar Tree manager physically assaulted a couponer for bringing in “too many coupons!” The customer smartly hit record on her phone and got it all on tape!

    • Janel says:


      Makes me think of today. I used kind of a lot of coupons at Target and had a hard time (as did my mom who was in a seperate line). The girl was pretty polite and did all my coupons but let me know that in the future I’m probably going to have problems because Target is cracking down on coupons on the future and she kind of made it seem like she was doing me a favor by actually taking all my coupons.

      I can’t figure out what “cracking down” on coupons has to do with couponers who legitimately buy everything and use all correct coupons. It was kind of frustrating and embaressing.

  • VictoriaF says:

    Someone left a comment previously about dollar tree manager physically assaulted a couponer. This story is all over the news now. Hope this manager gets what she deserves.

    • kelly says:

      I have been having a hard time this past week at the Dollar Tree. I went to use coupons that I all used in the past with no problems and now they are telling me they will only take one. They keep saying because it says “limit one per purchase” that I can only use one instead of the “4 like coupons in one transaction” It’s so frustrating. I left twice this week leaving all my stuff at checkout. I hate doing it but they sit there and try to make me look stupid. The one lady asked me “can’t you read!?” ugh

  • Katelynn says:

    I just came back from dollar tree and I used a lot of coupons without any trouble! They people were very nice, I guess it just depends on your store if you have trouble or not.

  • C says:

    The last time I went to dollar tree the manager didnt seem happy at all that I was using coupons. I only had 2. She told me that they don’t accept printable coupons, which I know isn’t true. I still shop at dollar tree occasionally but I don’t use any coupons.

  • Deidre says:

    They sell these in the Raleigh area Dollar Trees. I haven’t had issues with coupons at any of the Dollar Trees I’ve been to, they all have the coupon policy posted at each register and I just make sure I follow it exactly.

  • mary says:

    I had a hard time using coupons today as well. I was even accused of coupon fraud! i hate it when employees don’t know the coupon policy for the store where they work and make me feel like i am doing something wrong.

  • DianeNC says:

    The manager at one of my local Dollar Tree stores was told that he wasn’t allowed to accept Internet coupons. When I got home and read their store policy stating they do, in fact, accept Internet coupons (two per transaction,) I called the store and spoke with the manager. He was apologetic, but said that was what he was told. It’s bad enough when the store employees don’t know their own store’s coupon policy, but even worse when the store manager doesn’t either. Am planning on carrying a copy of the policy with me next time, LOL.

  • Melissa says:

    these were on Clearance at Walgreen’s for $.59 In JC NY

  • Gina says:

    They are $.99 on clearance at Walgreens in TX.

  • LTown says:

    It seems like 2/3+ of the the great buys with q’s that come up at $ Tree the product is not in our local stores. Kind of tired of “a great buy”, only to find out they never have carried the item. Are other finding this out, too? Does anyone know a way of finding what product is availalbe without calling on each item or going to the store?

  • Sally says:

    Wow, I just searched the news for Dollar Tree and watched the video. It is very sad to see this happened.

  • Susie says:

    did anyone try these? I couldn’t keep them in my mouth for more than a few seconds. they taste nasty! wouldn’t take them even if someone paid me

  • Laura says:

    My local Dollar Tree also has given me trouble two times when I tried using internet printed coupons. The first time, they read the coupons word for word – I mean ALL the detailed writing underneath. They did take them, but seemed suspicious because there is a date printed on the coupon in the detailed writing which is the date it was printed off the internet & they thought that was the expiration date, and so they thought it was fake since the actual expiration date didn’t match that. Or they thought it was expired. So strange. They finally accepted those ones, but that was a month or so ago. Then a couple weeks ago, I was there, and I had 2 internet printed coupons & the cashier said they no longer accept internet coupons. I asked when that started & she said she didn’t know, but that they were told that they no longer accept them because the companies won’t reimburse them. I don’t know why it would be different than regular coupons. So, that night I looked on their website to see if the rules had changed, and it says they do accept them. I emailed them & did the survey on the back of the receipt, and I never got a response email. When I print the coupons off & go hunt down these things in the store, matched up with my coupons, making sure I get the right things, etc, and then they won’t take them, it’s really annoying & makes it not worth it. No other store has ever given me this much trouble with coupons. Ugh!

  • teetee says:

    It seems like there is a bunch of stores “cracking down” on couponers. Don’t they see the signs, the more people couponing at the stores, it is showing that we NEED to coupon to get food and supplies for our families? Prices are up and people are out of work. Why wouldn’t the “big stores” try to help out the middle classers trying to stay afloat? I believe most of us coupon because we need to save money. It surely isn’t the joy spent from countless hours cutting, clipping, looking through flyers and blogs trying to find the cheapest price. There is a lot of time spent couponing if you are doing it right, and it is very frustrating when the stores do not comply to their own rules/ policies they have made! Maybe they should comply and do us all a favor and drop prices and make the neccessities like fruit, vegt, meat and dairy cheaper. After all that is really what we couponers are trying to do when we spend 20-30 hours a week trying to make breakfast, lunches for our kids, dinners, and healty snacks for our families around the sale items and our coupons. Crazy world we live in. I used to be emabarred by rude cashiers, not any more. My kids need to eat. As long as I know I am abiding by the rules of that store, I will take my order to a different cashier or a manager. If they still do not realize their policy, I will have them void it off and leave it there politely.

    • Janel says:

      I agree. I had trouble at Target yesterday and all my coupons were valid for the correct items but they kept sighing and telling me they didnt want to get in trouble for taking my coupons and that in the future if I try and use so many I’ll probably have trouble.

      It makes no sense!

      Then when my mom used coupons the guy tried to tell her she couldnt then when her total went from 40 something to about 4.60 because of her coupons he sighed and shook his head and tells my mom “i’m pretty sure coupons arent supposed to work like that”

      and she politely told him that was exactly the point of coupons. It’s getting so difficult to use coupons sometimes.

  • Lynn Perry says:

    I watched the Dollar Tree video and it sounds like she was trying to buy 25 of the same item with coupons which if I remember their coupon policy is not allowed. The store manager was wrong to hit her when she could have pulled out policy and pointed out limit. It is difficult to use coupons there because they read every coupon and check to make sure you bought item. They will also only take coupons for $1.00 or less which I learned when I had a $2 coupon.

    • couponteen says:

      i went last night and the woman would not accept my coupon for 2 dollars off but she accepted about 25 printed coupons in one transaction which i know is against their policy i had all of my transactions split with the coupons so i could follow the policy but the woman didn’t seem to care and as long as they accept my coupons it is just fine with me

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