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Hip2Save This Holiday: Homemade Advent Calendar

Hip2save This Holiday Series¬†Guest Post Submitted By Reader Heather…
I have always wanted to have advent calendars for my kids, but I’m not crazy about the cheap chocolate that comes in many of them. So this year, I made my own (I got the inspiration from¬†this blog)! I used old Christmas scrapbook paper I had lying around to give it some variety, and folded 50 little boxes. Then I put number stickers on them I bought at JoAnn’s using a 40% off coupon. I’m excited to fill them with fun things come December. I am planning to put a mix of both candy and small toys inside, like Squinkies I got on clearance at Kmart for just $3.50! I have also heard of putting activities inside the boxes, such as “Drive around and look at lights” or “Go see Santa at the mall” and may throw a few of those in there as well!

If you plan to make these, you can find a tutorial on folding the boxes here. Since the tops and bottoms are all the same size (a 6″x6″ square), you might have to squish the bottom a little to make it fit.

For more information on my new Hip2Save This Holiday series and to learn how you can participate in the fun, click here!