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Tanga: K-Cup 27-Cup Spinning Carousel Only $14.99 + $4.99 Shipping (Highly-Rated Product!)

12:18 PM MST
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Calling all Kuerig Brewer owners! Head on over to where you can snatch up the chrome K-Cup 27-Cup Carousel for just $14.99 + $4.99 shipping. This carousel allows you to display a variety of 27 assorted coffees and tea for your family or guests. Featuring a lazy-susan base for simple rotation, it measures 8 by 8 by 10 inches and can easily be placed next to your Keurig Brewer on the counter or can be stashed away in a cabinet.

This same carousel sells for $24.99 on and is rated 4.5 stars by over 300 reviewers. Check out some of the reviews…

I searched all over for a k-cup holder to display a variety of coffee and tea. The carousel is better than what I had in mind. It’s nice to grab a k-cup from the carousel, and not have to route through various boxes. It seems to be well made for the price and is an excellent value.

This Carousel is very nice and attractive. I placed it on my kitchen counter and fits right in with my small appliances. Nice product.

This cute carousel will help you to organize your Kuerig cups on your counter and keep them handy. My daughter is using one for her coffee and it makes me feel like I am in a coffee shop, with a huge selection at my fingertips. Nice looking and convenient.

Do you own a K-cup Carousel?! If so, do you feel it is worth the investment?

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  • K says:

    I am the only person in my house that drinks coffee so it was well worth the investment for me.

  • Stephanie says:

    We love ours! I drink decaff & my husband drinks bold coffees and neither of us want to drink the others. This is why we have a Keurig. I love the convenience of putting the k cups in the carousel. I just keep a variety and then we can choose without having to dig through the cabinet and the different boxes. I keep all the boxes in a pantry in our basement and just refill as needed. This is a blessing for our little kitchen.

  • jennifer says:

    I love my k-cup carousel. I can keep a variety of coffee in the carousel and not have to dig through boxes every morning when I make a cup.

  • Brit says:

    I have it and I like it just fine. My only problem is that I still have to store all my other kcups elsewhere. But it’s nice if you have a lot of guests or have more than one variety of kcups.

  • allie says:

    I found a similar very nice bamboo carousel for my k-cups at Ross for a steal (can’t quite remember the price though, i wanna say 8.99?) If you have Marshalls, TJ Maxx, or Ross around check these stores out first =)

  • IndianaAnna says:

    I bought a cute oblong short basket at dollar tree for $1 that I keep next to my Keurig with k-cups in it. It fits at least a dozen cups neatly and I can easily see the choices available and grab one. I totally don’t get the point of the carousel.

    • trailmixdiaries says:

      I’m with you. While I love my Keurig, I can find something better to do with $20… like buy more KCups lol I have a 2 tiered basket next to my keurig…. fruit on the bottom, KCups on the top. Works for me!

  • Colleen Bell says:

    We have this, I like it, but I am constantly refilling. I wish we would have went with the drawer option for space saving purposes..

  • Michelle C says:

    I really like mine. It makes it nice for guests to choose what they want easily.

  • Pamela says:

    I had this carousel and it did not work for me. It had to be refilled too often and I felt it was a waste of precious counter space. So now I have the mesh drawer that I keep in the otherwise wasted space between the top of my countertop microwave and the bottom of the kitchen cabinet. It holds a lot and prevents me from leaving clutter in that space.

  • Sarah says:

    I much prefer the drawer that goes under the Keurig, holds 36 K cups and one less thing cluttering up my countertop. Glad I waited to find a sale on the drawer.

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