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Nov 28 2012
4 years ago
8:51 PM MST

Hip2Save This Holiday: Small Change Means BIG Savings

Nov 28, 2012 @ 8:51 PM MST
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Hip2Save This Holiday Guest Post Submitted By Reader Gill…

The holidays are all about giving and receiving but sometimes the money you saved throughout the year has vanished due to unexpected events. To provide you with a little perspective, I will share my personal story. Last year, my husband and I had to use our holiday savings to purchase furniture for our new apartment. I so desperately did not want to use it but we really had no choice. I’m a girl, so we are all about gifts, but for my husband, giving him a kiss and a hug would suffice as a gift. (I know, too cute!) I can’t help myself when the holidays approach, I mean who can? It’s once a year and all about making family and friends happy. I was on a mission to solve the problem of coming up empty handed so I had to think fast and smart.

I decided every night my husband and I would empty all our change into a jar and not touch any of it until the holiday season. It would surprise many the amount of change we carry and the amount we drop but might never pick up. We live in DC and dollar coins are everywhere but we never seem to use them.

It may seem small and not very substantial but when changing the coins into cash, it really puts a smile on one’s face. Roughly four months after doing this, my husband and I collected $275. To many it may not seem like a lot but think how much can be collected over a year’s time! It really is a great way to accumulate money for the holiday season without trying too hard to save or squeeze.

Plus, I sold a few textbooks/books online at The site is a subsidiary of eBay, where sellers can only sell books, movies, CDs, and video games with a UPC, ISBN, or SKU code. The best part is that there is no charge to post on their website, however they do take a nominal fee depending on the price the item is sold at. It really is a great website to sell items that we will never use again. So, by collecting coins and selling a few items our total rose to $600. Not bad, especially when we added our work bonuses. We really saved ourselves last year and we look forward to seeing what our coin collection has brought upon us this wonderful holiday season! I’m feelin’ lucky!

For more information on my Hip2Save This Holiday series and to learn how you can participate in the fun, click here!

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