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  • Leng says:

    Tried three times to order DVD/CDs from baby genius. Would not work. So much for that GREAT offer!

  • Colleen Kovacs says:

    I am having trouble getting to order the body shop and the waterford glasses.

  • Gai lLeMay says:

    Waterford wine glasses slod out right away. Is there any way they will restock?

  • Gai lLeMay says:

    Any chance they will restock?

  • Jeano says:

    sites like this one that give me problems, i drop them. hope jill’s steals and deals people are reading these and the above ‘comments’…………..
    good bye

  • valerievalera says:

    I have the Onna Erhlich bag from the last steal and deal and it’s worth every penny and then some. I really want this bag but I think I better think Christmas for others instead of me :( But I wanted to let everyone know the quality of their purses are wonderful. People stop and ask where I got my bag from.

  • Cyndi says:

    I think this website is a scam. I tried ordering, got all of my information in for my order and when I tried to submit order I got an error message. Tried to go back in and submit the order again and continue to get error messages. I tried to call the customer service number and get disconnected before the phone even rings.

  • Cyndi says:

    Guess its not a scam. Just did get an e-mail message confirming my order. Hope to receive soon.

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