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Groupon: EkoBrew Single-Cup Brewing Pack as Low as $6.33 Each Shipped ($16.95+ Value!)

11:30 AM MST
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If you recently snagged a great deal on a Keurig brewer and would love the freedom to brew any coffee bean flavor of your choice, this deal is for you! Currently, Groupon is offering up a EkoBrew Single-Cup Brewing Pack for only $8 ($16.95 value!). Or you can choose to buy 2 EkoBrew Single-Cup Brewing Packs for $13 ($28.95 value!) or 3 EkoBrew Single-Cup Brewing Packs for just $19 shipped ($41.95 value!). When purchasing the 3-pack, it makes each EkoBrew filter just $6.33 each!

You’ll also have the option to snag one stainless-steel Elite EkoBrew single-cup brewing filter for only $13 ($24.95 value). Or choose the starter kit which includes one single-cup reusable filter, one stainless-steel coffee scoop with bag clip, and one stainless-steel lined travel mug all for just $15 shipped ($25 value).

With an EkoBrew Filter, it holds all the grounds necessary for a mild or dark cup and can be easily washed clean until you’re ready to brew your next cup of coffee! And as a price comparison, a single brown EkoBrew filter is currently selling for $9.99 on Amazon, so this seems like a great bargain!


*Reusable single-cup system-styled filter cuts down on waste
*Deep chamber for mild brews or cups stronger than bathtub gin
*Heat-resistant grips
*Heavy-gauge, stainless-steel micro-mesh filter
*Durable silicone seal prevents grounds from infiltrating mugs
*Low-tamp dispersion cone for heightened flavor
*Allows for use of any coffee
*Click here to see compatible brewer models

Fine Print:
Limit 2 per person, may buy 3 more as gifts. $2 flat-rate shipping fee for purchases less than $15. Free shipping for purchases of $15 or more. Does not ship to AK/HI/Canada/Puerto Rico. Most orders are delivered within 2 1/2 weeks from the purchase date. Does not ship to PO boxes. Free returns on all orders.

(Thanks, John!)

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  • Lisa René Dunlap says:

    Thanks got the 3 pack think I will get the gift pack to{as well} you have to order 1 at a time so I am going back in grin. they sold out of the stainless steel one really liked that one…

  • Jenn D says:

    I am so excited for this – just purchased a Keurig for my daugther and this will be a great addition – thanks!

  • Pam says:

    Anyone use these with their regular Folgers or Maxwell House coffee? How well do they work? My one complaint with the Keurigs are the cost of the K-cups even with great deals vsth the cost of using my perculator.

  • loveit! says:

    Has anyone used these? Is the stainless steel better than the plastic one? Thanks

  • Kim B says:

    I use them all the time. They actually have a 4 pack of these (Not this brand) at Rite Aid in their “As seen on TV” display-for $9.99…maybe some of you that bought Keurig’s for gifts could split the package with a cute Mug as a gift idea?

  • Ann says:

    This is great, i just walked in the door with a New keurig fo rmy hubbyfor christmas, got a steal at Food Lion. $59.30 for a Keurig at Food lion today!!! I knew i went in for something!!!! It was just marked down today and the last one!!!

  • Kim says:

    We love ours. It’s easy to rinse and clean and is much better than the Keurig filter. We use it will all brands of coffee and haven’t had any problems.

  • Valerie says:

    I’m confused. Is it a one time use or can you re-use it over & over again?

    • Michelle says:

      You can use it over and over again.

      • Valerie says:

        Thanks Michelle. I have the My K-cup reusable filter but don’t care much for it. Is this one the same idea? Why would you need 3 or 6 or 9 if so?

        • michelle says:

          I’m not the same Michelle, but the after market filters do seem to work much better than the one made by Keurig…weird I know. I bought the one from Keurig & it sprayed grounds & hot water all over my counter. People like to pre-fill them which is why they purchase more than one. If you have guests that prefer decaf over regular or flavors, etc. It’s easy to get another one ready to go while one is brewing….make sense?

  • Vanessa says:

    You can wash it and re-use again and again. My mom has the keurig filter and this one. She much prefers the ecobrew!

  • Ann says:

    which one is better, reg or stainless?

  • Helen says:

    I’m enjoying my first cup of coffee using an Eco brewer I bought today at BB&B! The Keurig one is garbage I bought and returned that one its called Solobrew and with a store coupon came out to be $12. It’s $14.99 and brewed a perfect cup of coffee for those who don’t want to wait for shipping.

  • HEIDI says:

    Can you not buy it through Ebates? Is that because it is a “Groupon Goods” item?

  • Mar says:

    We have 3 of the plastic ones. They are great! WAY better than the Keurig filters (which we will never waste our money on again). We have used a variety of coffees in it and have had no issue.

  • Honeybooboochild says:

    Ehhhh… I would think twice before buying these. I bought one last year and I really don’t like how it works. It makes a weak cup of coffee and I like my coffee to be strong and rich. I tried putting different brands of coffee into it, as well as filling it up to different levels and the joe still came out like crap, IMHO.

    • michelle says:

      I found that the Solofill works better than the Ecobrew…just my 2 cents, LOL. I found the Ecobrew to leak sometimes even when it’s seated properly in the brewer and the coffee does seem to be weaker.

  • Koeller says:

    It looks like the stainless steel ones are sold out, so really no decision there now.

  • pharmchick says:

    i bought one of these from amazon a while back and i dont like it at all. maybe im using it wrong? i add a tablespoon of ground coffee, and it still barely brews a good cup.. its so watered down. i tried packing the coffee in the ekobrew and i left the coffee loose… but that didnt work either. im not sure exactly how youre supposed to put te ground coffee into it to brew an even flavored cup of coffee.

  • Heather J. says:

    I don’t like mine either. No matter which brand and/or type of ground coffee I use, it overflows and I’m concerned it will damage my Keurig. Anyone else have a similar experience? Ideas?

  • cindy says:

    I love my eko-brew!!! I have a plastic one and use it every day. It’s very easy to load and easy to clean out afterwards. My only tip would be not to pack the coffee too tightly or fill it too full otherwise the water has trouble flowing through it.

  • Roxie says:

    I bought the kit from amazon and mine works great. Coffee is perfect eveytime.

  • candace says:

    I just bought 2 and used my $5 credit (previously earned) paid $10.81. I’m so happy because I recently bought and received today two Keurig machines and was going to buy a EkoBrew cup for my mom. Now I have one for myself! Thank you Collin, you are a lifesaver for most of us especially during the holidays when we really need to stretch our dollars.

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