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  View changes → LeapFrog LeapPad1 Explorer Tablet, Download Card, & Game $75 Shipped

9:40 AM MST
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WooHoo! If you’re looking for a great deal on a LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet, here’s a pretty sweet bundle deal you can score from! Head on over here where you can snag the following items for just $75 shipped to your door:

*LeapPad learning tablet – features a touch screen, stylus and built-in camera/video recorder
*LeapFrog LeapPad1 & Explorer App Center Download Card
*LeapFrog Explorer learning game (Note – some games have an additional charge)

This seems like a pretty sweet deal as the Tablet alone is priced at $69.99 on Amazon!

(Thanks, Clip and Follow!)

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  • Mrs. Kelley says:

    Anyone know of any really great deals on the LeapPad 2?

  • RH says:

    same here…looking for leappad 2…

    • Nicole says:

      Wondering the same thing, if there will be any deals on the Leap Pad 2 although I am not quite sure of the difference between the two, very tempted to snatch a Leap Pad 1 up as there hasn’t been a lot of deals for the 2 and actually I have missed out on all the deal on the Leap Pad 1 !!!!

      • ketsy says:

        The $20 app card doesnt go for cheaper on the sale… putting the game at $12.50 which is the cheapest druing blackfriday that leaves you the leappad at $42 great price. If considering the explorer think it doesnt included the camera so you would have to buy it separate.

  • RH says:

    tempted to get this one though, that’s a good price…

  • Allison says:

    If you go for the LeapPad1 you should definitely invest in some good quality rechargeable batteries, at least 8 AA. We read the reviews on eating battery life when we received my son’s LeapPad last year so we just always have 4 batteries charging so we can switch them out when needed. I think the plug-in feature is one of the biggest improvements of the new LeapPad so this is one way to get around it with the original model.

  • nonebetter says:

    not 100% of the difference between the 2, but my daughter LOVES her leappad 1..i am SO jealous seeing all these amazing bundle deals that were nowhere to be found last year this time

    • Erin says:

      Don’t be too jealous. With LeapFrog products, you really want to have the absolute newest systems because they are continually upgrading software, games, and apps, and the upgrades often cause issues with the older systems. When they are clearancing out older models (every.single.year!) they don’t really care much about backward compatibility.

    • ketsy says:

      I always hold off on the newest item out there… people were going crazy making a line for these items last year and so did I for the first time ever. 4 per Target each week and you had to be there before opening to grab one. On the way out, someone offered me twice as much for it and I took it. Sad how some people take their need for a toy so serious that they are willing to pay outrageous prices for them. Needless to say, I got her the explorer and waited out and look I got it for a third of the price than last year.

  • Becca says:

    How does this compare to the Leapster Explorer deal on Amazon? I’m not familiar with Leapster stuff yet! Thanks

    • Jill says:

      I’m wondering the same thing- Considering something for my 4 1/2 yr old daughter and would love any help understanding the differences between the options!

      • ketsy says:

        The explorer is a handheld… camera not included (camera price ranges from 15 to 34 if depends if you can get a deal). The leappad is more like a phone with the little buttons you can press and a camera included. The leappad you can buuy online games too, has a bigger screen and makes your child stay away from your phone and or ipad… :D

  • Kate says:

    Is there a way to pick the pink one? I only see the green option. Thanks.

  • Rose says:

    Allison what kind of rechargeable battery unit did u buy? I need one and im not sure what is good and what is not. Thank you!

  • jenn says:

    My 3 yr old daughter didn’t like the Leapster…I’m hoping she likes the Leapad :)

  • Kelly says:

    Would my almost 6 year old like this or would I be Better off with a iPod??

    • Erin says:

      I would not get this for a six year old. I have a six year old and I got him a Nabi. LeapPads are really preschool-type toys, and the app and accessory prices are ridiculous. You’ll invest way too much money for the amount of time your child is actually interested in it (if at all–most kids who use “real” video games and computers aren’t all that interested in LeapFrog’s toy versions).

    • RH says:

      Get teh 6 yr old a ipod…. so many apps you can download for FREE —- My daughter was 6 when I got her one last year and LOVES IT!!!

  • Diane says:

    I’m hoping my daughter likes the leappad2. I was able to get it at TRU, the crayola bundle pack. They had 10% off when you spend $125 or more plus I had the groupon deal, so it made it about $100. I just found out a relative bought the leapster GS but I think my daughter might like the lappad better.

  • Reb says:

    Any deals on the Leapfrog TAG pen? (not the junior)

  • Marissa says:

    Great deal, thanks for posting!

  • ashley says:

    If you happened to go to the website and it says “OUT OF STOCK” check back every 15 or so mins and it comes available again but is sold out within 5 mins!!! I got mine for my 4yr old!!! :}}}}

  • Elise says:

    Just got an email saying the LeapPad is on backorder – and they split the charge, so just the LeapPad was 49.04.

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