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Ace Hardware: Stanley Tools & Accessories Only $1.99 After Mail-In Rebate

12:11 PM MST
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Woo Hoo! If you’re looking to stock up on tools or need to stuff the stocking of the handyman or handywoman in your life, check out these Stanley Tool deals that you can score online at or at your local Ace Hardware Store (valid through December 3rd). Combined with the different December Rebates found here and the FREE Site-to-Store shipping option, and you’ll have some great buys on popular tools.

Stanley Professional Top Read Aluminum Level $6.99
Submit for the $5 mail-in rebate (limit 1 rebate)
Final Cost $1.99!

Stanley Utility Knife $6.99
Submit for the $5 mail-in rebate (limit 1 rebate)
Final Cost $1.99!

Stanley Tape Rule $6.99
Submit for the $5 mail-in rebate (limit 1 rebate)
Final Cost $1.99!

Stanley Knife Blades $6.99
Submit for the $5 mail-in rebate (limit 1 rebate)
Final Cost $1.99!

Stanley Stanley 10 Piece Screwdriver Set $6.99
Submit for the $5 mail-in rebate (limit 1 rebate)
Final Cost $1.99!

Stanley 3 Piece Wood Chisel Set $6.99
Submit for the $5 mail-in rebate (limit 1 rebate)
Final Cost $1.99!

Keep in mind that you will need to use your Ace Rewards Card at checkout if you plan to submit your rebate online; otherwise, you will need to physically mail the rebate form.

* Go through for 3% cash back or go through for 3% cash back!

(Thanks, Short Cut Saver!)

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  • Katie says:

    I have a $5 off $10 in-store coupon. Would I still get the rebates?

    • irene says:

      I get coupons in the mail good on regular-priced items only. I have a feeling these are sale items so you may need to check both. Great deals, huh?

    • Jess says:

      As long as the coupon doesnt say anything about not using it on sale items, you will still get the rebates. (I am a manager at an Ace store and most of our coupons that we send to our rewards customers always allow the coupons to be used on sale items, but each store differs :/)

  • Ashley says:

    Awesome deal thank you! I just bought my husband a huge tool chest on black friday and he would love new tools to fill it with!

  • faith says:

    Are there any printable coupons out there to combine with these?

  • amy says:

    Looks like one rebate per household so we can choose tool, right?

  • kelsey says:

    i just bought the level, screwdrivers, & measuring tape. i can list those all on one rebate form correct?

  • Rachael says:

    These are not on sale at my local Ace store near St Louis MO. Guess I will have to order them.

  • kelsey says:

    I made my order online instead of in the store, what do we send in place of the original cash register receipt since I wont have one. It doesnt specify on the rebate form anywhere. Does anyone know? Thanks!

    • Jess says:

      Did you get an electronic receipt? If so, you can print this out and send it with an actual rebate form if you have one. If you used your rewards #, you do not need your receipt to do the rebate online.

      • Kelsey says:

        What exactly is the electronic receipt? I printed out an “order receipt” that has my ordered items, total, the site to store address, etc….Is that the same thing? It doesn’t have the date on it anywhere except across the very bottom where my printer always puts it. I called the rebates #, the rep said that my rebate would be declined:-/ what do I do now? Thanks

        • Kelsey says:

          Unfortunately I’m not a rewards member, this is my first ace purchase. I have to do it by mail…can I send my invoice that will be in the box? Is that enough or will they decline that form as well?

          • Kelsey says:

            Jess- I just read that you work at ace. With reading my other posts, can you tell me if you think I’d be able to return and re buy them at the store theyre being shipped to in order to get a receipt so I can submit my rebates? I even called back into the rebate # and talked with a manager, she said my rebate would be denied because its not a receipt with a date for them to verify that I bought it in between the qualifying dates! If they won’t let me return & re buy, do you think they will at least let me return everything? If I can’t get the rebate, I don’t really want them. Thanks again:)

            • Jess says:

              If you are getting them shipped to your local store for pickup, that store will get a “receipt” that you must sign saying that you picked it up from them, and you will get a copy and they will keep a copy. This has a date and order information, so you can use this receipt and pick up a rebate form from that store. You shouldnt have any problems, but if you happen to have ANY problems with getting your rebate, all you have to do to call that local store and the managers have every online order on file that was shipped to that store. They can easily call and verify your order to the rebate center within that time period and they can order the rebate center to send you your check.

  • Yvette says:

    are these actual rebates like checks you can put back in your bank or is it like a store credit????

    • Jess says:

      They are checks. Alot of our customers confuse them as store credits because it says ace hardware on them, but you can deposit them in the bank.

  • Sherry says:

    Is anyone else having trouble getting the free ship-to-store option to work? It won’t take off the shipping charges for me even after selecting my local store.

    • Samantha says:

      I had the same problem and ended up having to switch to an Ace that was farther away from my house b/c the one near me did not offer this for some reason. Try switching to the next closest location.

  • Kara says:

    It says “Offer not available through mail order”, does this mean it will not work with online orders?

  • Samantha says:

    I just wanted to let everyone know that some stores will not have the same price that is offered online for these. I went to my local Ace today and they were charging anywhere from 10 to 20 dollars each before the rebate which does not make it a great deal. I was able to find it online though for 6.99 each. So, you may want to call the store before you go or just buy online and ship to store.

  • ajtheil says:

    Thanks for posting! These are great deals and will help to round out the toolbox I’m gifting to my young nephew this Christmas.

  • jennifer says:

    I got a postcard denying my rebate saying it was outside the rebate dates. Makes no sense!! Purchased everything on Nov 30.

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