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My Coke Rewards: $25 Walmart Gift Card 600 Points Today Only (+ More Rewards Thru December 12th)

5:22 AM MST
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Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 4.18.59 PM

Don’t forget!!

Starting today, December 1st through December 12th, My Coke Rewards is offering their 12 Days of Holiday Rewards and offering up great deals every day. Today’s offer is a $25 Walmart Gift Card for ONLY 600 points. Quantities are limited so be sure you snag your card now if you are interested!

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 4.26.17 PM

Here are the various offers that will be available:

December 1st – $25 Walmart gift card only 600 points (limit 1)
December 2nd – $5 McDonald’s gift card only 90 points (limit 1)
December 3rd – $10 Dominos Pizza gift card only 180 points (limit 1)
December 4th – $25 Nike eGift Card only 500 points (limit 1)
December 5th – $25 TJ Maxx gift card only 600 points (limit 1)
December 6th – $25 Best Buy gift card only 600 points (limit 1)
December 7th – 2 AMC movie tickets and 2 Drinks only 470 points (limit 1)
December 8th – $25 Home Depot gift card only 600 points (limit 1)
December 9th – $50 Southwest Airlines gift card only 1,200 points (limit 1)
December 10th – $50 Bass Pro Shops gift card only 1,200 points (limit 1)
December 11th – $20 Shutterfly eGift Cad only 200 points (limit 1)
December 12th – FREE 12-pack Coke coupon only 30 points (limit 4)

*Head on over to the My Coke Rewards Facebook page for more details.

(Thanks for the reminder, Hillary!)

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  • lrrotti says:

    WhooHoo got mine at 5am!! Holding out for the Mcdonalds, Pizza Hut and 12pks!! I almost cashed in my points last week sooo glad I didn’t!!

  • Vickie H says:

    Do you know what time the new day start?

    • Valerie L says:

      I checked last night at 12am eastern and the deal was live, not sure if that will be the norm or not. I seem to remember last year had diff start times every day.

    • lrrotti says:

      12:01 am But from what I have read the site is super slow then!! I had NO problem this morning get my WM card

  • Katie says:

    Got my Walmart card! So excited!

  • Jennifer T. says:

    Did mine at 4am. Got it. I recommend anyone who wants to grab these, that you do them early because it states quantities are limited. Thanks Hip2Save for posting or I wouldn’t have known to check this week- Happy Holidays ALL!!!

  • Tara Blanchard says:

    Got my card at midnite- that’s when it goes live! :)

  • rn30032 says:

    waiting for the Mcdonalds and getting my 4 FREE 12 pakcs, know those will go fast and paired with a sale, will make it even better

    • lrrotti says:

      I shop at Publix and they have a B2G1 and on rare occasions B2G2 sales!! So I hold out for these sales and get 3-4 12pks FREE using only 2 coupons!!!

  • Pamela says:

    I just got mine. Thank you.

  • Patricia says:

    got mine at 7:45 am EST.. Thanks Collin for the reminders!! your site ROCKS!! :)

  • Chrissy says:

    Got my card—Thanks for the alert.

  • Vickie H says:

    Thanks: I don’t have enough points for the gift cards, I have spent points during the year, because I didn’t know about the 12 days of Christmas, and my soda budget has been lacking. Thanks to Hip2Save I will be prepared next year.

  • Shelley says:

    Colin – thanks SO MUCH for posting this!! Got a Walmart card today and will be trying for SEVERAL others the next 11 days!! THANK YOU!!

  • Kristen says:

    Heyy I know this is off topic but I have a $10 gift certificate. But there are no restaurants I can use it at in my area! Would anyone like to trade it for a generic restaurant gift card like red lobster, Ocharleys, etc. Id appreciate it!!!!

  • lindsey says:

    Thanks so much for posting this yesterday and then again this morning! I checked out the rest of the deals and this was the best one for our family. So glad I snagged it this morning. This will buy a lot of presents!

  • luvtnco says:

    I’m not much of a soda consumer but, I’m glad Cllin posted these deals because I had no idea. But now that I do, I’ll keep adding points for the next 12 months and have plenty for a gift card next year!

    • lrrotti says:

      I get tons of points from a friend who’s Husband drink’s a 12pk of coke a day!! YIKES!! ( I gift him w/several 12pks a year that I get free)also get them from my SIL, and recycle bins around the neighborhood, and we have a place at a campground and I score TONS of pnts during the summer!! I would say 85% of my pnts are from “other” sources!!

      • Lis says:

        Love it, Irroti! I am not above dumpster diving in order to get a few coke points… It’s just a matter of how deep I will go. I’m with you. Too funny.

    • Frances says:

      You can buy Powerade, Minute Maid, Nestea and water if you don’t drink soda.

      • Joy says:

        That’s where my points come from. My teenage son drinks Powerade for his school lunches. So I write down the codes before I send him off to school with it. Unfortunately, I only have enough points for the McDs and the Coke next week.

  • Amie says:

    I had 602 points as of yesterday- I just squeaked by. I got a gift card, I’m going to give it to one of the teachers at my son’s daycare.

  • Savedbycoupons says:

    Yeah, got mine! I also want the Home Depot gift card! This is so nice!

  • Stacey Carter says:

    I got mine at 12:30. I think we took down the site for a few minutes. It was very slow and difficult to get on but it was worth it. Now to wait to receive it in the mail.

  • Jesska says:

    Has anyone done this before? I was just curious how quickly they get out the gift cards? I don’t have enough points for today’s item but will definitely be considering this option for next year for gifts. Can you get one each day.. It says limit 1 but I am just assuming each day, correct? Thanks in advance!

    • michelle says:

      When I submitted my order it said it would arrive in 8-10 days so hopefully that is accurate. Yeah, I would say the limit is one per day.

      • Kim says:

        In my experience, every time I’ve redeemed points for something on MCR, my item arrives quicker than I expect it to. MCR is fairly fast compared to other rewards type programs/ giveaways. For instance, a few weeks ago I redeemed points for a webcam, and it was in my mailbox 6 days later. That was faster than usual, but still usually get stuff within the time frame that they give you at the time of redemption.

    • mel says:

      You can get 1 offer each day, except the 12 pks, that’s 4. Last year I don’t remember them doing this type of daily promo, except for the reduced 12 pks and there wasn’t a limit the first round. It took months before I got my coupons. When i requested the WM gc last night, it said 8-10 days. Which is pretty fast turnaround considering it takes weeks for the other rewards (except for the e-offers)

  • mary kay says:

    i got mine at 12:00 and had no problems. a tiny bit slow but nothing major. there is one i want later in the week but wont be up at midnight due to work. how quickly did these sale out? i want to get the other one too!

  • mel says:

    I got mine a little after 11 (cst) last night, but now decisions decisions…. I have just under 700 pts, and idk if I should go for the best buy gc or amc tickets!! I maxed out adding pts this wk, so once I add pts Monday, i’ll have enough for the free 12 pks.

  • michelle says:

    Last year they had Best Buy $50 gift cards for 1000 points with a limit of 2. Now that was sweet. Was hoping they would do those again, but a $25 is OK too.

  • Dora says:

    I got mine woohoo giving it to my bf b/c he drinks coke .. I have no more points now :-( but it was worth it.. going to try for the free 12 packs

  • Kathy M says:

    How much is the upcoming McDonalds deal? Or does anyone know the rest of the 10days special items?

  • Kathy M says:

    duhh! Never mind! I just saw it up top :) Need more coffee…

  • Mary says:

    Thanks so much for the post on this. I need to be more consistent in entering my codes! I fell asleep last night and forgot about getting the Walmart giftcard and was surprised to see it available yet this morning. Thanks again for all your hard work!

  • NNS says:

    got mine just now even though last night it was gone.

  • Wendy says:

    Did anyone get a confirmation email like we usually get? I got mine at midnight last night, the deduction in my points is there, but no email.

  • Angela says:

    They are out of stock now :(

    • Lis says:

      Angela, that was the early release of the Walmart GC. They were/are still available even this Saturday Morning. Coke did a great job on this one.

      • Jodi says:

        I would have to disagree with “great job.” I understand the limited quantities BUT I received the email this morning at 8:02 am and immediately logged on to get my gift card and they were out of stock. If you are going to have a promotion this big, than you should have an ample amount to at least be in stock for half the day. Another idea would be to do various times that they release more, as not all of us can stay up until midnight to log on right at that moment, I have a full time job & child.

        • GoMiNam says:

          I don’t know where you live but if you live in the west coast I believe it starts at 9pm. I live in California and I got mine around 9:30pm and was able to snatch this deal :)
          But be cautious takes around 5 min, their servers can’t handle that many people lol

        • felicia says:

          i agree:)

  • KJ says:

    Is it out of stock? Can’t find it right now.

    • Karen says:

      I can’t find it either……just trying to figure out how the program works and can’t even see a walmart gift card ~ even one that says “sold out”….where are/were these located?

      • Jodi says:

        The link is not working, these companies need to prepare for these things and furthermore have enough in stock if they are going to run promotions like this.

  • gina says:

    Why do people get so negative on here when they miss a deal? Jeez people… ya win some and ya lose some. Better luck next time.

    • VB says:

      I was thinking the same thing!

      I think that people will have good chances to get the other gift cards as it gets further into the promotion as people will be spending their points so as not to lose out in the great deals early on. I have been saving my points for this!

      I have enough points after the Walmart gc to get another $25 gift card and to get the free 12 packs. Kinda of not holding my breath on the 12 packs. Since it is lower points I am sure most people will have enough points for those. But am excited that if I don’t get the Nike gc I still have a chance at Best Buy!

      • Karen says:

        VB ~ I think you make a good point about people using their points and more opportunities to get stuff down the road……however, it stinks for people in EST as it starts at 12 midnight…..which is 9pm on the west coast. Kind of not an even playing field…..especially for working folks on weekdays…..

    • GoMiNam says:

      I agree with you as well . I have lost on many good deals but like the saying goes “you can’t win them all” :)

  • Shana Dey says:

    The link just goes in a big circle back to front page. It’s not working right now.

  • pharmchick says:

    i have 207 points currently… can i redeem for something right away or do i need to enter a code to qualify for redeeming for a prize?

    also if anyone can spare just 1 3 point code, i would be much obliged… thats all i need to redeem for what i want! thank you so much in advance!! i would pass the favor on in advance. qudz104 @ gmail . com

  • Rose says:

    Doe anyone know how long u can keep your points. Or do u need to uise them before a certain time. In other words do th y expir e if not used by the end of the year

  • Autumn says:

    Does anyone know if you need to enter a new code everyday to unlock that day’s giveaway?

  • Sheila says:

    Do you have to apply a code every day to “open” the reward? I got the gift card last night, but I have reloaded a hundred times and The Mcdonalds icon is not working. Is it only me?

    • flgulledge says:

      You have to log out and log back in if you were logged in before 12:00 EST and look under “My Special Offers”. That is how I was able to get mine a few minutes ago.

      • kelli says:

        thank you for posting that! I’ve been sitting here refreshing the screen for the past 44 minutes wondering why it wasn’t coming up! I followed your directions and looked under “my special offers” and sure enough, there it was! You saved me from having a panic attack! :)

    • Donna says:

      The Mcdonald code is not working! Just keeps looping round and round. I too have refreshed a hundred times. I didn’t know the points needed untill to late tonight. Otherwise I would have got the Walmart last night! I have 3000 pts. But I was waiting for the Best Buy and Home Depot. Last year those cards were $50 cards and 1200pts. Oh well I missed Walmart. Guess I’ll try for TJ Maxx, Best Buy, Home Depot and 12pks. I have been saving for a while, and I drink lots of Coke, so I want those cards! HeeeeHeeee!

      • kelli says:

        Donna, do like flgulledge said… it worked for me! Good luck using all of those points! I only had 190 to spend, so I was very happy just getting the McD’s one! Happy Holidays!

        • Donna says:

          Yep I just did, Thanks everyone it worked. Funny last night it wasn’t like that! Last night just clicked on the Walmart icon and it took me right there. But since I was waitning for Best Buy, thinking it might be 1200pts. I decided not to get it. Ugh, oh well I’ll get the others and still have some pts left for summertime! Love those beach towels! Got one the last two years, need one more for hubby next summer. Thanks for the HOT TIPS!

    • Vickie H says:

      I finally went to bed at 1:00 am cst (2:am est) not having any luck with get the McDonalds card. My son who is staying with me was going to keep trying until 3:00 cst. He didn’t have any luck either. When I got up at 5. I came to hip2save to see what I was doing wrong. I finally got it!!!!! So I went to my sons account and try to do his, but I couldn’t get it to work so I just copied the address the McDonalds card was on and pasted it. Finally I got his. So Thanks Everyone

  • Rachel says:

    I got the McDonalds card and it says I will get it in 8-10 weeks. This is my first time doing the Christmas offer, I wonder if it was a misprint or do they not come in time for Christmas? Does anyone know? Thanks in advance!

  • Donna says:

    Just a tip…For those of you who need a few extra pts..If you have an ebay account you can purchase pts there. Since you need them right away, look for sellers who will email them to you normally within 24hrs. I have done this several times when I needed just a few extra pts fast. If you purchase ones that mail them it will probably be too late for this promo, but you can always use them later. Just search my coke rewards points or codes. Hope this helps! Good Luck!

  • Crystal says:

    My link for McDs is greyed out. :-(

  • pharmchick says:

    thanks to those that pointed out what i did wrong! snagged the mcd card woo hoo! i hope i can get the coke 12 pk coupons too, then i will have considered the use of my points well worth it, lol.

  • Sarah says:

    Really hoping to snag the Home depot gift card. Baby #2 is coming in March and it can help to buy the paint for her room. Awesome!

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