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Cost Plus World Market: Torani Syrup Only $3.99 From 5PM-8PM (Regularly $6.99!)

1:02 PM MST
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Looking to snag some sweet gifts for family, friends, teachers or maybe just to have on hand to sweeten up your coffee or hot cocoa?! Then you may want to pop on over to your local Cost Plus World Market where you can snatch up the large 750 ml bottles of Torani Syrup for just $3.99 (regularly $6.99!) today only from 5PM-8PM.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to show the cashier the $3 off coupon found here (or you can show the cashier your coupon on your Smartphone). You can also take advantage of these savings online from 5PM-8PM today with code NOEL, but you will need to pay shipping costs (be sure to go through for 4% cash back!).

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  • Ann says:

    Does Cost Plus take manufacturer’s coupons?

    • Jenn M says:

      They took mine for the Torani syrup, the weekend of Black Friday. Now I must go get more at a super cheap price. I would just call store to see if they do so you do not waste gas. GL Ann

  • Misty Marroquin says:

    If you are interested on snagging up a few of these, I recommend getting there as soon as possible. I have gone to a few of these flash sales and they tend to sale out quick. I was able to get a turkey platter (normally, $20) and a table cloth (normally, $39) for only $20.41. Yay!

  • Carla says:

    In the 11/18 SS there is a $1 off coupon making them only $2.99 each.

  • Wendy says:

    I got 2 full size bottles of these from SheSpeaks. Not sure how to use them! Do you just add a little to your coffee? Do you guys use a non-flavored creamer when using them? I received peppermint & salted caramel.

  • Danielle Hull says:

    Be careful at check out. It offers another place for a coupon code, so I entered a 10% off code from an e-mail, and check out. Woops! That 10% off knocked off the NOEL code :( I had to call customer service; you cannot use two codes!

  • Thia says:

    I wish they still had this store by me. So many great gift ideas!

  • Stephanie H. says:

    I bought three bottles and used three $1 manufacturers coupons as well as the 10% off coupon that was in my paper. My total was $7.77!! That is a great price. I went at 6:30 and I will say the stock was getting thin. The lady in front of me was buying around 30 bottles. The limit is 6 but she did multiple transactions. I think it is a shame to take so many. I pity the poor person who came to my store at 7:45 looking for Torani!

  • cespringer says:

    I used the coupon from the flash sale, plus another 10% off that WM sent me at the same time — it’s a shopping pass that’s good through 12/24 on ANY purchase, plus I used the Torani manufacturer’s coupons from a recent newspaper. They do take manufacturer’s coupons. With Torani syrup, most of the printables I’ve seen say “This coupon is only valid at Wal-Mart” so you can’t use them there.

    I got five for about $2.60 each. I didn’t have six coupons and I figure five is enough to last me until next year’s flash sale at WM.

    I’m hoping for an olive oil flash sale sometime in December too — we stock up at that sale.

  • a says:

    darn missed this one! just catching up on the blog and this one is soo important. my daughter will NOT DRINK PLAIN MILK. she only drinks vanilla milk so we go through a lot of sugar free torani at our home….otherwise she wouldn’t drink milk at all… yes we have tried almost anything else but she is very very particular on what she drinks and eats. my son has done “tests” on her and she can taste the difference between organic, fairtrade, and regular bananas! she is only 3 :)

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