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Hip Hip Holiday Giveaway Extravaganza Winners (One Hour to Claim Your Gifts!)

7:39 PM MST
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UPDATE: Good Night from Santa! See you again in the morning! :D

Have you entered the Hip Hip Holiday Giveaway Extravaganza?! If so, be sure to check out this winner announcement. If you recognize your name and email address below, you have exactly one hour (until 8:39PM MST!) to email Please write “Hip Hip Holiday Giveaway Winner” in the subject line and provide your full name.

Stephanie R. stephanierosenh… CLAIMED :D
Patricia P. pmmotorsport… CLAIMED :D
Deanna R. dmcglo…
Kristin W. ktwhe…
Russ S. russ-simm… CLAIMED :D
Darcy L. darcypasso… CLAIMED :D
Tracy F. tracy… CLAIMED :D
Dana G. danish…
Brittany L. britt…
Tracy C. Camerot…

Not a winner this time?! We will continue to pick winners at random times throughout this week so keep checking often as you’ll only have one hour to respond and claim your prize. Good luck! :D

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  • didijojo says:

    Seen a Deanna on the list and my heart literally skipped a beat (lol), but it wasn’t me. =( Congrats to all these lucky winners!

  • Sarah says:

    Can I still enter or is it closed?

    • Stephanie says:

      You can still enter! Click on the hyperlink in her post. It says, “Have you entered the —>Hip Hip Holiday Giveaway Extravaganza<—?!" Click between the arrows (my doing!). Make sure to check the site often because it's random!

  • Jannel says:

    Congrats tp all the winners. Hoping to see my name tomorrow! :)

  • Rhonda Gilbreath says:

    I’m really hoping to win, but no luck so far. I keep checking. We are in a financial bind and already told kids no tree. I know so many are struggeling as we are this year. I just hope those with little ones can win. My kids are older and understand.
    Good Luck all!

    • Cerene says:

      I know the feeling of a right Christmas and no tree. I was a single mom to a 3 yr when I couldn’t afford a Christmas tree… Her and I made one out of material!! Sad for me, but she was excited. She’s now 8 and we still put up our homemade tree every year along side out fake one as a reminder of the tough times!!! I wish you the best of luck!!!!

    • Ashley57 says:

      For the many people who are commenting that their children will not have presents, please look into the Toys for Tots in your area. For my area, the qualifications are proof you live in that area, birth certificate and SS# for each child, and proof of one of the following: Medicaid, Medicare, WIC, SSI Disability, State Welfare, Staywell health card, Proof of unemployment, or Section 8 housing, Reduced or Free Lunches. I hope that you win Collin’s giveaway too, but I am guessing the potential for our names to be drawn is no higher than 25% or so, and then you have to see it. I donate to Toys for Tots because I do not want any children to not have a Christmas present. Good luck to you all.

      • marie says:

        Great information, Ashley! Also, call a church in your local area. Many churches distribute toys and goods to struggling families right in their own community. If not, they may be able to direct you to another local church or organization that will help you.

    • Em says:

      Go to JC Penny and get their buttons!!! I’ve win lots of free money! A $5/5 and a $10/10 their free!!

  • denise d says:

    Awwww shucks not me again! Phooney! But many contests to the hundreds of winnersvthis past couple days!

  • Jeff Walker says:

    I really need to win, because I am trying to help my friend get Christmas presents for her kids and I spent all of my money on my family.. Please Collin, pick me tonight or tomorrow. Really need this.

  • Tracey S. says:

    I see some Tracey’s but neither are me. :(

  • Darcy Lundt says:

    Oh my gosh, just got home in the nick of time to see this and claim it!!!! Thanks so much Colin!!!

  • sabrina says:

    Brittany l i am worried about u you were saying u were picked and u kept reading your name but it still doesnt say claimed. just looking out for u want to make sure u dont miss out.

  • sabrina says:

    Nevermind i read another comment of her saying it wasnt her i just was trying i hate when the people miss out!

  • Zosia says:

    Congrats to all winners and big cheers ti those who are keeping fingers crossed, like me :) and big thanks to Santa , good night !

  • Julie says:

    Congrats to all the winners! :)

  • dawnyel says:

    Is this the last give away of the evening? I’m 2 hrs ahead lol

  • Molly S says:

    Even though my name isn’t on the list, this is fun and exciting. Anyone feel like they are playing a little Secret Santa game with a twist? Good luck to everyone and Happy Holidays :)

  • ktwhelan says:

    So sad! I won, but it was over night here on the eats coast. Oh well.

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