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LivingSocial: Take An Extra 10% Off Any Deal = Great Buy on Harry & David Pears

9:38 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Yay! For a limited time, head on over to LivingSocial by clicking on the banner above, find a deal that you like, and then enter the promo code ELLEN at checkout to save an additional 10% off the purchase price! Combine this code with the great deals that LivingSocial already offers and you should be able to check another Christmas gift off your list (or snag a little something for yourself!).

One deal that got my attention was a voucher for a 5-pound box of Harry & David Royal Riviera Pears for just $15 (regularly $30!). So after the code ELLEN, you’ll pay just $13.50 for this voucher (+ shipping and tax). Sweet!

Come back to let us know what other great deals you find!

(Thanks, Emily and Amanda!)

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  • Elizabeth says:

    You MUST be a mind reader! Just an hour ago I decided to make a purchase of Harry & David pears for the family for the holidays, but after seeing the prices decided to find a better deal. Thanks so much!!

  • Tiffany Faro says:

    Right now, is offering 4% cash back as well for LivingSocial! If you are not signed up yet, you can do it here:

  • Jules says:

    And don’t forget to go through Ebates and save a little more!

  • Elise says:

    There is a settlement case for Livingsocial if you purchased any vouchers before Oct. 1st 2012.

  • Diana says:

    Anyone know what shipping’s like on these?!

  • Roxanne says:

    ordered the pears last year but the deal was much cheaper than this one and so i am waiting hope something comes up those pears were to die for!

    • Sunny says:

      I ordered these pairs for a gift one year and they LOVED them. I just purchased this voucher and am going to hold onto it for a while to see if any “free shipping” codes come available ;) This was my first time using LivingSocial so I had a $5.00 credit which made my total $8.50 for the voucher ;)

    • Carie says:

      I’m holding out too! I don’t remember the exact cost of last years; but wasn’t it around $30 for 20lbs shipped?!?

    • Dawn says:

      Me too, just this morning I looked up my receipt from last year and around Dec 14th I purchased 2 boxes for $22 including shipping! I’m pretty sure it was a deal Collin posted last year. I’m going to hold off! BTW, I’ve seen negative reviews, but last year I bought these at the sale price and they were still just as big and melt in your mouth juicy as the ones I paid full price for in past years.

      • Shelbey says:

        I need to figure out how to organize like you do! My receipts for past items are either trashed or lost in limbo between different drawers in my house. On another note, $22 shipped for 2 boxes?! I’m holding out in hopes of that. We’ve never tried the pears, but with this pregnancy I’ve been craving a good juicy pear. :)

        • Dawn says:

          Shelbey, I’m really not that organized, I just throw (electronically) all my email receipts into a “Receipts” folder that I created in my email box. That way if I ever want to look up a purchase I can search and find it. I thought about doing this Living Social deal, but when I read that I had to pay shipping I decided to hold off. I love these pears. I bought 4 boxes last year and gave 3 away. Everyone loved them. I hope I can get them for $22 again, keeping my fingers crossed.

      • Jenn M says:

        Dawn, you are in fact correct about Collin posting this deal because I researched it last night as I was wanting to order some this year for a relative. I am going to wait too as I hope they offer the deal again also. Fingers crossed and Collin if you read this, we hope to hear about another Harry and David deal. :)

  • couponsforc says:

    This is a great price. Their pears are exceptional – even someone who doesn’t usually eat fruit would indulge in one of these. Thanks for posting!

  • Emily says:

    I picked a name of the giving tree at work and the kid was into science. He wanted a microscope, telescope and chemistry set. We bought him some of those but also bought him a star from the star registry with the Ellen deal and some deal bucks that I had. I thought he’d enjoy having a star named after him. I know I always wanted one as a kid! I just gave him the entire voucher so he could redeem it and name it whatever he wanted. If you decide to get someone on your list a star (they’re $18 with the Ellen code) please use my link:

  • Emily says:

    Ordered the pears and other items in a tower set as a thank you gift recently. The receiver has been raving about how fabulous the pears are. Highly recommended!

  • Brenda says:

    I too have been waiting for a good deal for Harry and David but nothing so far compares to the deal I was fortunate enough to have last year. I sent gifts to four idividuals, three of which were on sale, and got an extra 20 percent off everything, free shipping, cash back from Ebates, which was double that day, plus my choice of a free magazine subscription or a $12.00 rebate. I chose the rebate. I’m not expecting a repeat of that deal ever again.

  • Rachael says:

    They also have a really cute Christmas tree that comes with lights and decorations for $18 after the code through pro plants.

    • Rachael says:

      Okay, so not so much of a great deal anymore. I called to have it shipped. They charged $15 for shipping. It wound up costing $33. It is still cute though.

    • eileen says:

      i ordered the redtop mountain christmas tree….when i got to the home that it was sent to, turns out another relative and I both sent the same tree…problem was my tree wasn’t what i had originally ordered. I would have been happy to see two of the same trees instead of the cheaper “cousin” of what arrived. I called the company up dec 24 and they credited me for my order since they were sold out of the redtop. Originally, i was very upset by the mix up and thought that if I hadn’t been there to see first hand what had happend, i would have been ripped off, but they did everything to make the error right . Because of a salesperson who took the time to be extra polite (CHASE) I will still order from D&H; however, next time i will make sure someone takes a picture of what i send to ensure what I order is what is received.

  • Jennifer says:

    I wasn’t able to enter two codes – the Living Social voucher number and a discount code. Anyone know how to get around this?

  • lara says:

    go through ebates or shopathome to get 4% back from living social, then when you redeem, don’t use the link provided, go to harry and david through ebates for 10% back or shopathome for 6% back (i think it works on shipping too) . just search “riviera pears” to easily find the 29.95 pears.
    i would love it if someone would use my links to join!

  • Lucy says:

    Perfect timing! I was about to purchase a local flight school class as a Christmas gift for my husband, but decided to pop in here first. What luck to find this post! It was $99, so I saved about 10 bucks with the code. Thank you!!

  • Brenda says:

    I was just on Facebook and a window popped up with a Harry and David offer of 20 percent off and free shipping on select items. I claimed the offer and had it sent to my email. Now to go check it out.

  • brittany says:

    how long is this code good for?

  • Brandi M says:

    Thanks Collin! Here is a link if anyone would like to use it for the pears:

  • Phillip M says:

    This is perfect for my grandparents that live out of town! Feel free to use my referral link:

  • lmwynn says:

    Has anyone redeemed their voucher yet? Does it go in the coupon code field or in the gift card field? Thanks in advance!

  • caroldawn says:

    Ok, I’m starting to panic here. I was really hoping for the $11.00 deal that happened this same day last year, but if I do this deal for $15.00 does anyone know if I can also use a Free Shipping Code or is this Living Social deal a Promo Code and H&D would then not allow a Free Shipping Code?

  • caroldawn says:

    Update, in case anyone is interested in the pears. I called H&D and they said I could get the Living Social deal and use a Promo Code for Free Shipping. I was so excited, not $11 a box like last year, but $15 a box, is still ok. I bought the Living Social deal and it would NOT allow me to put in a free shipping code. I was so mad. Since I had already bought the Living Social deal for $15 I had to go through with the order and pay $15 plus $8.95 shipping $23.95 per box, more than double what I paid last year! Prior to doing this I had found another deal online $17.96 per box plus free shipping, well I didn’t do it cause the $15 deal was better. Now I’m doing the $17.96 deal cause it looks like that is the best I’m going to get today. Should I wait, I don’t know what to do! I have 4 more boxes I need to order and need them in time for Christmas.

  • caroldawn says:

    I forgot to mark notify me of comments, so I’m posting again, sorry.

  • Beth says:

    I was so psyched to get this voucher, but I just tried to combine it with my free FB shipping code and they won’t let me do it because only ‘one coupon per order.’ Also, I had a terrible customer service experience on the phone when I tried to explain this is a ‘voucher’ not a ‘coupon’. Loved the deal, but trying to score a double deal did not make me love Harry and David.

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