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Target: *HOT* Coupon Valid for a FREE $10 Gift Card When You Spend $50 (Still Available!)

8:39 AM MST
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Don’t forget!!

If you missed this post yesterday, I am happy to report that this great gift card offer is still available! Just head to the Target Facebook Page and click on the “Get Offer” link or go HERE to print a coupon valid for a FREE $10 Target gift card when you spend $50 at Target, good through December 8th. Note that you can print the coupon directly from this link . Hurry – quantities are limited.

*Pair this up with all of the great Target weekly deals to make your money go even further! :)

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  • Sara says:

    Thanks! This saved us $10 on our baby formula and organic groceries.

    • Carrie S says:

      I used mine on Formula yesterday too and they are offering buy 2 get a $10 gift card on enfamil and with the coupon i scored $20 in gift cards on something i had to buy anyways :)

  • Heather says:

    I think it may be a reset :) I printed one yesterday & it allowed me to print another just now. Woop woop!

  • nikki says:

    Your Publix accepting Target Q’s?
    You’ve got yourself a great deal, or 2 ,or 3 or however many pc’s you cn print this little gem from :)

  • nikki says:

    Got another print again today!
    Glad you tried & posted, Heather :) SWEET!

  • tracy says:

    Can you buy a $50 gift card and still receive the $10 gift card?

    • Jesse says:

      It says on the coupon that GC purchases don’t count.

      • Lina says:

        You can’t use the coupon when you buy target gift cards or visa prepaid cards, but the coupon does work when you buy 3rd party gift cards, like Starbucks and Disney. So you can buy a $50 Disney GC and get the $10 target CG promo.

  • Julie G. says:

    Anyway to get this on a smartphone? My printer broke. :(

  • Brandimc says:

    I still can’t get my MAC to print Target coupons. :( Tried all the suggestions Collin listed. Anyone else have problems?

    • Aubrey says:

      I started having problems too. Had to reinstall Java. HTH

      • Kiki says:

        I have had problems too, I don’t have a mac but my regular computer won’t do it. It doesn’t show much on my phone except a clip it sort of area. I wonder if I show them that if that would work? I don’t have any code or anything.

    • Dana says:

      I can print Target q’s from my MacBook Pro, but no matter how many times I install Java, I cannot print theirs from my MacBook Air.

    • Ally says:

      What kind of Mac do you have ? Which browser are you using? I must be lucky because I have a MacBook and have not had any problems printing from Safari, though I do remember having to download something ages ago for printing coupons…

  • Jesse says:

    I did this deal yesterday, how sweet! I broke up my purchase into 2 transactions (it was a big one). So the first purchase was over $50, and I got an $8 catalina off my next purchase and the $10 GC. My next transaction didn’t print the catalina, but I got the second $10 GC. Pretty sweet! And it turns out I have to go back today (preparing for baby #1 in a week or two) so I’ll do one more transaction today with another GC! These GC are great to slip to your favorite mail carrier, barrista, server, or just cause to a stranger :)

    • angela says:

      Were you able to use the $10 GC on your 2nd transaction? Can you use the GC right away if you are doing another transaction?

      • Janel says:

        No I’ve always been told its for the next visit. It wont scan if you try to use it right away. apparently (according to the cashier) it can tbe used on the same register it was given out on the same day.

        • Jill says:

          That is not true. I work at Target and you can use it on your next transaction. That cashier didn’t know what she was talking about, or she might be new. You can also use it on the same register. :)

      • heidi says:

        Yes, you can. I’ve done it before =).

      • Jesse says:

        I didn’t try to use my GC on the second transaction (I’m keeping them to give away), so I’m not sure. Doesn’t hurt to try, all they can say is “no”.

  • Debbie says:

    Target sent me an email link to print the coupon. I did not have to like them on facebook. This was perfect because I can’t log on to facebook at work.

  • Nana says:

    I don’t think you can use it to buy gift card, but I used it for pre-paid phone card.
    And I did a price match at Target for one day sale for Philips Norelco 1150X 2D razor $45 (regular $89.99 at Target), and 2 Crisco oil to get the $10 GC, and the price for the razon just $45 with $10 gift card. Ya….

  • Tara says:

    You can use the gift card the same day. You can’t use it for the transaction you got in but can use it immediately afterward

  • Aubrey says:

    I used one yesterday and need to go back tomorrow to get a prescription. Anyone know if you can use this at the pharmacy?

  • Jill says:

    Thanks! I shop here a lot! So this is great for our family.

  • Chrisse says:

    I was able to use the GC on my second transaction. YAY!!

  • Elizabeth M. says:

    I received a new Target catalog with a $5 off $30 Home purchase coupon. Can you use them both in the same transaction?

    • Carrie says:

      I received a catalog with $5 off $50 purchase. I used that coupon after the $10 GC with a $50 purchase and they both worked. I don’t see why this would be any different. I would just make sure you present the coupon above BEFORE any that alter your total. HTH

  • Jenny says:

    Hey does anyone have 2 extra Starbucks $3/2 coupons from last Sunday’s paper?! We didnt get any. :(
    I would love to trade!
    Thanks Jenny

  • Jen says:

    I was curious if any of you have purchased the $50 used the $10 gift card deal and then used a different gift card to pay? I need to go pick up the IPod touch and want to use a gift card to pay and was curious if I could use this coupon to get the additional $10 gift card? (the ipod is giving a $20 gift card when purchased as well:)

  • Bryton Morse says:

    We totally used this coupon last night and got that $10 gift card for our Stocking Stuffer Tradition–every year we save all our change and keep it in a piggy bank. At the end of the year, we empty out the piggy bank and we have a half hour to pick out each others stocking stuffers in one store with just the money from the bank. This helped us so much money and get more for our stockings! Thank you!

  • MalibuBeachBum says:

    Wow! Thanks! I printed one yesterday and it worked perfectly. It reset for me because it allowed me to print another one just now. I like saving them up. Ha!

  • Nicole says:

    Mine didn’t reset :(

  • Marie says:

    I used one yesterday and was wondering if the reset ones have a different expiration date?

  • Michelle K. says:

    Hi, sorry this is totally off topic – but would anyone be interested in trading a Victoria’s Secret Reward Card (worth $10) for an Amazon credit/code for the same amount? Please email me if so…( Thanks!

    • Brandimc says:

      I have two victoria secret rewards that I would trade also! (brandimc@live(dot)com)

    • Michelle K. says:

      So sorry, I think when I wrote this earlier it sounded right in my head, LOL…I’m actually LOOKING FOR Amazon codes and I HAVE 2 Victoria’s Secret Rewards Card (worth $10 each) to trade. Thanks!!

  • Karri says:

    I was able to print two yesterday and two today I have two different computers.

  • Hazel says:

    Here’s a scenario that makes for $10 Money Maker using this coupon:

  • helpingmomssave says:

    just used one of mine and got back $8 off purchase of $80 or more target catalina that expires the 13th. should make for some good deals if i use $15 in gift cards I got today plus the coupon

  • yatri says:

    will this work if i buy a car seat worth 173$ online ??
    will i get 3 – 10$ GC from thius purchase?

  • Kelly says:

    Does anyone know if they would give me a price adjustment (the gift card) for a big purchase I made last week (a laptop)?
    I guess it doesn’t hurt to try but I always hate when something like this comes up after a big purchase is made :)

    • nancy says:

      I have purchased over $300 worth of toys for our adopt-a-child program at work. I would like to know that question too. Because I could get a few cards to spend more money on the kids..

  • Crystal says:

    YAY!!!! Thanks

  • Ashley says:

    Question I don’t shop at target much cause we dont have one in my area….so do they give you the gift cards or do you pick them out? Also if I match it up to some product that are offering a gift card if you purchase it (diapers) do I get both GCs or is there a limit?? Thanks for any and all help!

    • Jennifer says:

      Normally they provide you with the gift card from the register. It is a red gift card, and not the fancy kind like they sell for holidays and birthdays that are displayed at the register. You should be able to get both the $10 GC and the qualifying product purchase GC together without a problem.

  • Charity says:

    Checked out at Target today, total was $50.71, cashier told me that I couldn’t use the $10 gift card on $50 purchase coupon because the SUBTOTAL (before tax) was under $50. Was she right? (I added more items to get subtotal over $50). THEN I gave her the coupon FIRST ($10 gift card coupon) so the register triggered the gift card, and then I handed her manufacturer coupons (Hormel, Gerber etc) and she said that she couldn’t give me the $10 gift card because NOW my subtotal was under $50. Again, I think she was wrong. I remained polite and had to keep adding items. In the end I received the gift card, but now I think I should return items that I didn’t get to use coupons for, or ask Customer Service to use the coupons from that receipt. What do you think?

    • Melissa says:

      Yes, go to customer service show them your receipt and they should take your coupons that was not right of the cashier.

    • kathy dean says:

      The same thing happened to me that my total was $51 after taxes and under $50 before. So i added a couple dollar spot items. Then the cashier handed over the gift card. Then handed over my manufacturer coupons.

    • angela says:

      I think the total before tax has to be over $50, but as long as you hand the Q for the $50 first then the other ones should be able to take you under $50. I used mine yesterday my OOP was $22 and i got $20 in GC back.

  • Rae says:

    I ended up with an extra one of these last year and we saw that the people in front of us in line had spent over 50 so we gave it to them they were kind of in shock and didnt believe it was real. :) They even asked the cashier if she would take it lol.

  • Mary says:

    Can I use this if I purchase a Starbucks or other restaurant gift card? I need to buy a bunch of preloaded Starbucks cards for my kids teachers and am wondering if I buy over $50 worth of them if I can still take advantage of this reward?

    • Melanie says:

      I bought a $25 Starbucks card and a $25 subway card and it worked! Has anyone tried it on iTunes cards?

      • CW says:

        I read somewhere it would work on Entertainment gift cards. Not sure if that applies to iTunes. I got a $10 GC last night (1st coupon). Got another $50 giftccard today and got another $10 GC back. Then used $20 in Target gift cards to pay for a third $50 gift card….so that last one cost me $30.

    • Renee says:

      I had teenage boys still left to buy for who wanted Xbox points and gamer prepaid cards and I bought 2 of these along with some candy and was able to use the coupon.

  • Stacie says:

    I had a great time at Target today. Here’s what I got:

    2 Right Guard deodorants $2.99 (used two $1.50 Target coupons and one 3.00/2 manufacture coupon) = free
    1 Nivea shave balm $4.98 (used $3 coupon) = $1.98
    1 Pillow at $7.24
    1 Pillow at $10.00
    2 Threshold napkins at $3.19 each (used $3 Target coupons, these were the original ones before they changed it to no napkins or placemats) = 19¢ each
    1 Pencil cup for work $5.19
    3 Mio beverage enhancer at $3.84 each (used two $1.50/1 coupons, one 1.00/1 coupon and one 1.00/2 Target coupon)
    I received a $5 gift card for buying the Mio
    Denim jeans for my little niece for Christmas $12.00
    My total before coupons was $65.78
    My total after coupons was $40.78
    I gave her the Target coupon for a free $10 giftcard when you spend $50
    I did use a $5 giftcard I had.
    I received back a $10 Target giftcard and a $5 Target giftcard.

  • Susie T says:

    I just got their magazine in the mailer. Can i use the coupon for $5 of $75 or more on toys & electronics with this one as well? Also when I printed this one, half of the words are not printed and some are past the dotted line. Will they give me a hard time?

  • Lisa says:

    I was able to print 2 and also had a mailer for a $15 GC when you spend $150. I spent about $160, and got 2 $10 GC and a $15 GC back. I had also purchased a $50 ITunes card, so it worked on that! What a great deal!

  • Jennifer says:

    Is it possible to use a coupon for a free product to count towards the $50?

  • beccarayle says:

    So my trip to target was a total dud and I left without getting the items I had in my cart. First she said she wouldn’t take the coupon because it wasn’t in color (no where does it say it has to be color) then she accused me of using a Xerox machine to print multiple of all my other coupons. I am very disappointed and will not be returning to that Target.

    • Ally says:

      That is so lame! All mine were printed in black and white and the cashier had no prob accepting them. How frustrating !

    • mindy says:

      really? I used a whole bunch of black & white internet coupons and had no problem today. Don’t give up, go to customer service or have the cashier call the manager over. I had a cashier in the past at Petmart told me the coupons I had (2 of them) looked like copies, I told her they have different serial number on them if she looked before speaking and that I don’t copy coupons.

  • Srikarthi says:

    $ 50 should be before coupon or after coupon? Im planning to buy enfamil.

  • ryoko says:

    it only allows me to print once! and I tried just now but it says already printed!!! will it reset???

  • Brianna says:

    At my Target we printed out scan sheet so if a guest asks at the register we can give them the gift card.

  • brittany says:

    can i use this card at my local publix if they accept target coupons?!

  • JJ says:

    Went today and had to buy a vacuum and a bunch of other little things… asked if I could buy the vacuum in a second transaction since it’d be way over 50 and the sales associate said it’d be no problem!! She was talking about how she needed to use hers before it was too late! : )

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