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Hip Hip Holiday Giveaway Extravaganza Winners (One Hour to Claim Your Gifts!)

1:17 PM MST
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IMPORTANT NOTE FROM SANTA: This is the FINAL Giveaway of the Hip Hip Holiday Giveaway Extravaganza. However, we will be back with new and exciting giveaways next week (and maybe even later today!). Thanks so much for participating! For all of you lucky readers who were selected and claimed your $100 in gifts, please note that your packages may arrive in multiple shipments and may not all be delivered on the same day.

Have you entered the Hip Hip Holiday Giveaway Extravaganza?! If so, be sure to check out this winner announcement. If you recognize your name and email address below, you have exactly one hour (until 2:17PM MST!) to email Please write “Hip Hip Holiday Giveaway Winner” in the subject line and provide your full name.

Muhammad Q. hashim.musteh… CLAIMED :D
Lori C. L143sm… CLAIMED :D
Caryn C. epca…
Andrea A. alboh…
Barb T. barbsieshop…
Neva L. berryland… CLAIMED :D
Jennifer H. jlhig… CLAIMED :D
Terah B. terahbald…
Tracie D. tldio…
Amy G. lovescoupons2… CLAIMED :D
Sarah Q. hunchesquin… CLAIMED :D
Molly W. biggyfries…
Amanda Y. amb… CLAIMED :D
Kara R. krrtr… CLAIMED :D
Acngella L. donovankrommi…
Melissa P. beetlebu…
Cindy Y. yeh…
Kierra H. kierrahaer… CLAIMED :D
Stephen R. stephen.a.radf… CLAIMED :D
Emy H. emyjharring…
Suzanne L. suzanneda… CLAIMED :D
Desiree H. babygirl52…
Suresh K. sureshkum… CLAIMED :D
Lisa B. lisali…
Deborah S. jddsa… CLAIMED :D
Shawn N. natch1… CLAIMED :D
Maya B. bayl…
Sylvia M. Sylviam0…
Michelle B. mbrow…
Lori S. schla…
Kelly H. kbh… CLAIMED :D
Debbie T. debtro…
Chelsea P. junkfood…
Rachel H. rachram… CLAIMED :D
Krista W. kristawallo…
Richele S. brstr…
Melissa C. Macoul… CLAIMED :D
Carol W. goodgr…
Amy T. ameth… CLAIMED :D
Melissa S. motomomcoup…
Lori G. Lorigarza…
Tonia A. Misn…
Laura H. lmhei…
Teri K. tkyt… CLAIMED :D
Kerry K. kakell…
Chelsea V. superchelse…
Luh D. Ta_e…
Teri A. taaie… CLAIMED :D
Jenny P. Jpatere…
Valerie P. dvp… CLAIMED :D

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  • Amy says:

    Thanks for the generous giveaways and congrats to all the winners… maybe I’ll be one next time :)

  • kayla says:

    I didn’t win this contest; but congrats to everyone who did butit feel like I won something today because I got 2 of my secret rewards in the mail today and 1 was $10 and the other was $50. Giving it to my husband to buy me something for christmas

  • Tarri says:

    Congrats to all who one. Thanks Collin for the giveaways. I look forward to new ones coming up.

  • Michelle Cristy says:

    Am sorry i didnt win but during the course of this giveaway I was blessed with a call from a charity that has chosen my daughter to recieve presents from them so her christmas is taken care of thanks to az helping hands…..they are definantly on my donation list when i have money……i cannot thank them enough…..also a friend got some things from someone and gave them to my child because hers wasnt interested……so thanks to generous people my kiddo will have her christmas after all

  • kirk says:

    Maybe next time. This was awfully generous, thanks for the opportunity.

  • Serena Abdelaziz says:

    It really was generous….and I stalked the page and used up a LOT of time, but I am SOOOO happy for those who won!

  • Allison says:

    That was a huge list! Thanks Colin for being so generous..I am not even disappointed that I did not win because I had so much fun checking your website ALL the time..I mean ALLL the time! I got a little obsessive with it! Thanks for making me feel like a kid again! :)

  • bhw says:

    Congrats to all the winners and happy holidays everyone :-0

  • Tracey says:

    Congrats to everyone who won!! Maybe I’ll win next time. : )

  • Martha says:

    I won but wasnot online :(
    Oh well

    • Jessica says:

      I am sort of glad I didn’t win in the end! We were away as a family and I was just too busy to and kept forgetting about the contest. I think I’d be a bit sad to see my name and not claim it. Oh well, there are so many in need this time of year. I am sure there are some winners who are really thankful for this extra help!

    • Caryn says:

      Me too, I checked it every hour on the hour until Friday, when I had to rush my Mom to the hospital with chest pain, and that’s when my name was selected. I was really bummed until I realize the real winning was that my mom was OK. Congrats to all the winners that were able to claim it!!!

  • Heather kennedy says:

    Dang maybe i will actually win something one day

  • Kim Kelly says:

    That’s a lot of winners!

  • Janet says:

    Was excited NOT to see my name. Would’ve missed out because I was in the middle of a colonoscopy lol

  • superchelseald says:

    Awwww- finally my name and I missed it!!! I had company from out of town visiting for my twins’ 3rd birthday today and missed it!!! Oh well- congrats to those who saw their name and got their prizes!!!

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