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  View changes → Buy 1 Get 1 Free Barbie Dolls + FREE Shipping with Shop Your Way Max

12:07 PM MST
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Wow! If you have Barbie toys on your Christmas shopping list, here’s a great deal you’ll want to check out from Whenever you add 2 Barbie Fashionistas dolls to your cart, the price of one doll will be automatically be deducted at checkout! I spotted dolls as low as $10.99, so only $5.50 each after the discount! Plus, these dolls qualify for FREE shipping with your Shop Your Way Max membership! Sweet!

It also appears that you can also snag the same Buy 1 get 1 Free deal on Hot Wheels toys. However, keep in mind that the selection is a lot more limited on those toys.

(Thanks for the heads up, Mark!)

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  • Kelly A. says:

    I’m browsing right now too. Yesterday, I was sent an email that I had $3 rewards valid today, but when I went to the site and logged in to my account, I actually had $8. Nice surprise. *I just ran across the Strawberry Shortcake RC Car set for $5! My daughter already had this, but it is a great toy for anyone looking!

  • Kristen says:

    And the free item is based on the original price for the first toy, so I got a Barbie singing machine thing for $15.99 but was originally $30.99, added the Barbie Ultimate Fashionista Closet for $24.99 I think and paid $15.99 plus tax for both.

  • Cannielle says:

    Are they eligible for store pick up?
    I am not able to get to a computer now, can anyone look it up, please ?

  • Ann says:

    Got two dolls for 9.68!!! Thanks! They gave me 8 too!

  • May says:

    I guess I’m getting too old because all of those dolls look like prostitutes to me.

  • stacy says:

    I got buy one get one on the Barbie nail polish sets making it $6.99 for two and then used the free $5 credit from shop your way and wound up paying $1.93 for both including tax (and 7% back on that through ebates). Great, cheap stocking stuffers my girls will both love!

  • NEva says:

    Not sure if everyone got it but I got another $5 reward in my shop your way acct. That is the third reward w/in like a week. Yay!!

  • Liz says:

    Thanks for the promo tip! It’s a great way to spend the free reward cash :)

  • Lindsey says:

    Yes!! This promotion is on all things Barbie, not just the dolls. I just got my daughter the Barbie microphone that she has been wanting, plus a doll for $12 total. Thanks Collin!!

  • MIchelle G says:

    My mom got a message in her email from Shop Your Way rewards that said they loaded a complimentary $5 coupon into her account good for this weekend only. Check yours out!!!

  • Morgan says:

    I don’t know if anyone else is low on money, but I wanted to share, I did this and got 4 Barbie toys and 2 Matchbox toys, and paid $57. I used both coupon codes above, so saved $99 total. And since I’m broke right now, I used the layaway option, so I only had to put $15 down!! Super sweet!!

    • Ketsy says:

      Beware of layaway a online. Mine was showing at a higher price and I was told discounts didn’t apply. Have been arguing with Kmart over two weeks.

  • KP says:

    There are quite a few coupon codes on that can be used on toys. :)

  • mb says:

    it was just showing up b1g1 now its showin b1g1 50% boo was gonna order but not now

    • Jamie says:

      me too and its not cool. Dont bother calling cause they will say they have the right to do it! did it to me last year and charged me 4.00 more dollars and would not give it back.

  • shanshan says:

    Painful! Everything look fine then when check out it started to tell me this is out of stock, that is out of stock. Now it’s no longer BOGO but Buy 1 Get 1 50% off online! Waste of time!!!

    • shanshan says:

      Last time I bought something they ended up cancel some stuff after I paid. Very annoying! Maybe it’s better i don’t get to buy now only to have that happen again. Their online purchase sucks!

      • eliza says:

        AGREE!! I wanted to purchase the strawberry shortcake rc went all the way to the end apply my rewards and came up free so, I thought. Wrong!!!!!!! The screen shows out of stock but I was charged a $1 four times on my bank account for something I didnt get to purchase. Customer service was awful, said the 4 charges could end up to be more after transaction was finished. The$1 was for approval of something, but that it would go away in a week or so. I do hope so. I don’t want more charges for a rc that I am not getting.

    • Renee K. says:

      When I went this morning it said bogo. When I went back this evening it said bogo 50% off. I checkout and received my order confirmation and it was on half price, but full price that I was charged. And they are shipping the items separately. I am going to contact them now. Everyone check your order confirmation email, if you ordered online.

      This is the second problem that I had with Kmart, in regard to their Barbie promotions. The other day they had if you purchase any Barbie purchase $14.99 or more you get a free Barbie makeup kit when you use the promo code BARBIEGIRL. The item would not add to cart, and then the free item mysteriously disappeared from their site.

  • Clara says:

    I think they just changed it to buy 1 get 1 1/2 off. Not happy!!

  • Suzanne says:

    Yes are not bogo they are buy one get one 50% off!! I came home just to order these for all of my girls. This is their first year getting Barbie!

  • Jamie says:


    • Renee K. says:

      Contact the Better Business Bureau, it is false advertisement. Anyone who plans to take action make sure that you get screenshots of everything.

  • Because I Saw It On Pinterest says:

    Listen girls, KMART is the WORST store in the history of the universe. Save yourself a headache and pretend it does not exist.

    • shanshan says:

      Agree! I had $120 worth of Barbies, that went to $60, and I used the two codes (from first few commends on this post) to drop it to $40. And when checking out it went up to $90. WTH?????

  • Rachel says:


  • Tanya says:

    Kmart has the WORST customer service in the nation! Good luck!

  • Rachel says:

    Does anyone by any chance have a screen shot of the sale ? I just called customer services and they will honor the code if we have a screen shot

  • Stacy says:

    They said they were honoring the price if you already ordered

  • shanshan says:

    I’m buying my Barbies at Target now. According to Totally Target’s newest post, There’s $10/$50 TQ and $10 GC when you spend $50 TQ you can stack. The two dolls I want for my girls happens to be around $50 so will only cost me $30 (holiday barbie $31.99 + Mermaid tale barbie $18.99=$50.98). AND A LOT LESS headache than dealing with Kmart.

    Hope I can also stack with $10 Target GiftCard® with purchase of $50 or more TQ.

    • shanshan says:

      Oops never mind the two $10/$50 is actually the same TQ so of course can’t stack! Still $30 for $50 worth of Barbie is a good deal.

  • Mia says:

    Target will also price match! The cruise ship is $90 at Kmart, but got it got $60 at target after price matching amazon + $10 GC.

  • Kim Kelly says:

    Fashionistas all out of stock

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