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Kohl’ Fisher Price Imaginext Pirate Ship Only $14.95 (Regularly $59.99!) = Lowest Price

9:57 PM MST
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Wow! Here’s yet another sweet Kohl’ deal for ya! Hurry here to snag the Fisher Price Imaginext Pirate Ship on sale for just $21.99 (reg. $59.99!). Even sweeter, once added to your cart the price will drop to just $18.69. Plus, you can enter the promo code JINGLE at checkout to save an additional 20% off your purchase – making this highly-rated pirate ship only $14.95 (note that you will need to pay shipping charges of $5.95 unless you make a purchase of $50 or more in which case shipping will be free!).

This is a *HOT* price considering Amazon has this toy listed for $47.89 with awesome reviews!

…And keep in mind that you will earn $10 in Kohl’s Cash for spending $50+ (redeemable from 12/9 – 12/16)! Awesome!

(Thanks, Clip & Follow!)

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  • dana b. says:

    so glad this is back, i missed it the first time around but glad i was able to get it even cheaper!!!

  • Arwen says:

    Thank you for the heads up! I bought my little guy pirate themed Scooby Doo figures and this will go perfectly!

  • K says:

    Use coupon cactus for cash back (3%) too.

  • SY says:

    Bought one for 5 yr old nephew!!

  • Debbie says:

    Every time I add it the price drops to 18.69 but when I go to check out changes back to 21.99. What am I doing wrong .

  • krista says:

    Oh this is a fantastic toy. We’ve had this for years and the kids are still playing with it. I just bought one to donate to the angel tree at church. YAY! LOVE being able to give nice gifts on what my budget allows. :)

  • Kim says:

    Wow!! Thanks for sharing.

  • Rae says:

    Stop it with the great toy deals already!!! LOL!! I think LO is set for the next year and a half with toys for every holiday and his birthday. I would LOVE to order this for him but I can’t let myself. When he saw the display of these at Wal-mart he threw an absolute fit that he couldn’t just stand there and play with it.

    • Cara says:

      I hear you — I have gone through twice already, adding it to my cart and nearly checking out before going “No! We don’t need this!” She is already getting the space shuttle for Christmas, and she does loves pirates, but…oh man, it’s so tempting.

      • Cara says:

        Third time’s the charm;) Finally talked myself into it — we needed some birthday gifts for friends, so that helped me get to $50 for free shipping.

        • michellebelles says:

          I know what you are going through. My kiddos have winter bdays and they are set for Christmas and bday with all these deals. I think I need to put a halt on the buying – at least until I can wrap some of it that is taking over my closet! lol

          • Rae says:

            I just got my Little man the tool bench that was a Target daily deal the other day and I have not told my hubby about that one ;) . He doesn’t think I need to get anymore for our little guy because we have NO idea what the grandparents are going to do for him. I believe he told at least one set about these imaginex toys. I need to find a awesome deal on the games for the leap pad 1(since I missed the previous deals posted) or find some at a second hand store We have had the console since April(gift from Nana) and no games for it. But there aren’t many things that are geared for a 2yo and he LOVES playing with the Kindle Fire games so we haven’t had those as a priority.

            • Melanie says:

              Check amazon… I am not really familiar with the product or what prices are considered good but i just saw The LeapPad Ultra eBook Thomas and friends for 7.99 marked down from 19.99. A lot of others seem to be on sale too.

          • Sandy 'Elzinga' Harper says:

            I have 3 December birthdays, but this toy would be too young for my 13 yr old, to boyish for my 8 yr old girl, and too old for my almost 2 yr old. BUT I did snag this toy on black friday for $20 for either my 3 or 5 yr old boys. I just showed this toy to my 3 yr old and he said no I don’t want that toy, I want a rocket ship LOL! Lucklie I bought the spaceship as well!

            Michelle I hear you, I have toys stuffed in boxes on top of my shelves in my closet, in dresser drawers that I know the kids won’t go in. I have some toys in the attic, but it still gets in the 80’s here so no techie stuff can go up there. Last year I actually forgot a whole entire box up in the attic, until I realized they were missing some toys later Christmas Day!

            • Susie says:

              When my kids were younger, I ALWAYS forgot a couple of gifts! I would remember then in the afternoon, as soon as they were getting tired of the new stuff. After this happened two years in a row, my older son asked if I was doing this on purpose. I wasn’t be I think it’s a great idea. You know how there is always that lull in the afternoon, when the kids are tired, and kind of the post-Christmas letdown? That is the time to pull out a couple forgotten gifts. It is the PERFECT time for a family game too!

    • Tilla Ham says:

      order this for him! these are the best toys ever…honestly you will be able to hand it down to his children, spoil him, i dare you:) lol

  • Dorothy says:

    2nd one bough already Got one for 1 grandson on Black friday and now another 1 for the other grandson awesome

  • Em says:

    I got one of these for $5 at a garage sale this summer, woot!

    • resalemaiden says:

      That’s great Em !!! I just got mine for $6 with Kohl’s cash.

      • Em says:

        Strong work! I hate Kohl’s cash, I always forget to spend it! LOL!

        • Cyndee says:

          Most stores will accept it after it expires. My uncle even used expired Kohls cash on black Friday.

          • Em says:

            My store is a stickler! I tried to use some one day after it expired (unintentionally too, I NEVER try to use anything expired, I always feel guilty!) and the big head honcho manager put an axe in that idea. I really don’t enjoy shopping at Kohl’s in store anyway, so no biggie. They have to much crap piled into to small of a space and the lumpenproliteriat shopping there with their 56 unruly kids! LOL, atleast it makes me realize how lucky I am to have well behaved children.

  • Kris says:

    Thank You Collin ~ Just got over $140 worth of toys for $54. In addition saved the gas money and didn’t have to go out in the rain!

  • Megan says:

    Got some great deals on Playmobil sets along with two of these pirate ships. We love Playmobil (I think I do more than my daughter) and the little sets are $7.99 after the coupon (regularly $13.99) so a good deal. She has several of these sets already, but I couldn’t resist.

    They also have the game tins for $3.99 after the coupon. They make great gifts.

    • Cara says:

      I love Playmobil even more than my daughter too, although she’s starting to get into it more and more now:) I also got one of the $8 Playmobil travel sets — such a good deal! And I got some game tins for gifts too:)

  • cindi says:

    Is there a line of accessories that goes with the pirate ship? The bat cave, eagle castle, and all other imaginext sets seem to have a bunch of figures and vehicles sold separately. Can someone help me find some coordinating toys from fisher price and not just some other pirate themed toys?

  • Paula says:

    Thank you so much! I have been looking for this for my son for awhile, but the price was so high that I gave up on it. I already had a cart with other items in it, so this finished it off to $50 and it is awesome that it was still available. Thanks again!

  • Jana says:

    Thank you! They sold out by the time I got on the first time they went on sale…so glad it came back. If only the castle would go on sale we would be set :)

  • Susan says:

    Awesome! Rounded out my cart with great deals on Barbie sets! Got a Barbie doctor set that included Barbie, Ken, and a baby for $11.56 (14.44 when added to cart minus 20% discount)! Same deal on Sister Slumber Party set that included Barbie, Skipper, and Chelsea. Both were reg 34.99 and 33/38 on Amazon. Also got Barbie with horse set for $14.27 after discounts (reg 42.99 or 38 on Amazon). Had Barbie and Ken wedding set for same deal but I had to stop! Including Kohl’s cash, really awesome deals!

  • darlene says:

    I hope everyone has better luck than i have with your orders from I placed 4 orders since Thanksgiving. Orders are coming pieces at a time. The first order I got 1 of the sweaters was all pulled,the other sweater had the security tag on it and the fisher price set plastic had come off so all the parts were in the bottom of the box.After 40 mins on the phone the resolution was for me to go to the store and new items would be at customer service. After waiting 15 min in line I got rudest lady ever.I said “There should be a box here with my name on it”before I could finish my sentence the lady says “I don’t know what your talking about I don’t have a box here” After she let me complete my story she found my box in back. I received another order yesterday and the slip has my baby einstein ball listed but no ball in the box. So yet another phone call and who knows what else. So print your orders, check your shipping slips.

    • Sandy 'Elzinga' Harper says:

      I didn’t have a problem with my first order from Kohls on black Friday, but I ordered a few more things so I could use my Kohls cash, and it seems to be taking forever. All I ordered this time around was some clothing from the clearance area. But still it seems that I will be getting my order in several pieces, Instead of all in one box. The first shipment is to arrive on Monday, and then trickling in throughout the week.

    • Lori G says:

      I agree…4 orders I had placed over Black Friday weekend have either been canceled, or were unable to be fulfilled as ordered (color choice), or arrived damaged. The problem with Kohl’s is that their ordering system does not automatically reduce supply numbers… so several days after you order, they realize they don’t have the item stocked, and you get an e-mail saying “we apologize…) With Christmas fast approaching, I would say that if possible, you should shop in-store to minimize issues.

  • Jen says:

    Does anyone know if it floats in the tub ?

  • shannon says:

    FYI if you go through shop at home they will price match ebates % off by 110%…. so you would get 6.6% through VERY easy to do.

    • Marie says:

      How do you have them price match the ebates offer? I prefer!

    • Rebe says:

      How? Do I need to contact them first or it happens automatically?

      • shannon says:

        when you pull up kohl’s on shop at home site, on the right there will be a 110% match guarantee on the right of the screen, you click that, type in the address (URL) of where you found the other % off, then how much, and submit, then the next screen it will say something along the lines of “thanks for helping us find the best deal… click here to shop now” you will have 48hrs to shop then at that store and get the 110% match.

  • Keisha says:

    I ordered 4 orders since thanksgiving. They are a little slow , but so is the orders I have coming. Nothing has been broken or damaged

  • Kristina says:

    Saw this at Kohl’s last night for $18.xx.

  • Steve says:

    How is everyone getting the price to drop to $18.69 before using the Jingle code? I add it to my cart and it still shows as $21.99

  • Amy says:

    Kohl’s and I have a love-hate relationship. I couldn’t pass this up this time. Got the ship, a Playmobil pirate set, a Playmobil princess set (thanks Megan!), a Vtech tambourine, slipper socks, a necklace, and Candie’s bubble bath for $55 with $10 Kohl’s cash coming back. That’s ridiculous.

  • Gerri says:

    When I put the ship in my basket the price stayed at $21.99 did not drop to $18.69? How do you get the extra 15% off?

    • Kim says:

      You have to get all the way to the very last ‘place order’ page to see the price drop. I thought I had my total and when I got to that final page, it dropped again. $6 came off the batcave!!!

  • Kris says:

    Thank you Collin and the rest of you ladies!!! I save soooo much following this blog. LOVE IT!!!!!

  • tam childers says:

    I got one for my son for christmas when it was $20 over black friday and think he is going to love it.Thanks for the heads up looks like the playmobil pirate set will go great with this guess I’ll add it to his birthday list though as he has too much for christmas already. Love this blog!!

  • Kristin Owings says:

    The discount just showed up in my cart!! It is still working! :)

  • Ashley says:

    Does anyone know if this would work for a 2 year old? I only have girls and girls in my family, but I have a 2 year old nephew I’m still searching for a gift. He has everything he could want/need, so if nothing else, he could grow into this. This just seems like an excellent price.

    • erica says:

      i just brought this pirate ship for my 2yr old, who loved it when we went shopping at kohls last week. it does recommend ages 3-8 because of the small pieces being a choking hazard. but if hes a sophisticated lil boy who doesnt put things in his mouth he should be fine, and always watch the lil ones when playing anyway. hope this helps.

  • Qpon Saving Mommas says:

    I tried but it said it was $21.99 shipped to me :(

  • janny says:

    I just did it this morning and it dropped to the $18 price. Woohoo. My nephewis going to love this!

  • Danielle says:

    I just bought the ship at 9:50 EST and it said it was $21.99 on the product page. When I put it into my cart and looked at checkout it dropped to $18.69. Then, I added JINGLE and I paid $14.95 for the ship.

  • Kim says:

    Amazing! And the $18.69 price finally showed up on the very final place order page. My total just kept dropping as I clicked through the pages! The DC batcave was down to $33.99 on the final page, plus an additional 20% off. So I got two pirate ships and one batcave for a total of $60 shipped (10% tax in chicagoland). Plus I got $10 in Kohls cash. Awesome deal! Thanks Collin!

  • DoJo says:

    Woo Hoo! This will go *awesome* with the imaginarium pirate island playset I got from Toys r us clearance – it was $100 I got it for $32 thanks to another amazing Collin tip :D

  • Keri opheim says:

    I scored the ninja processor / blender for 31.00 and get kohls cash back, because i added some ( more ) toys to the bag for my little one, at the price they had i couldnt resist! even my hubby was yelling get it quick! so excited as I haven’t found it for less than around 50.00.

  • Rainy says:

    I got the pirate ship @ 14.95, the batcave @ 27.19, plus 2 small toys for my infant for a grand total of 54.82. Free shipping, $10 kohls cash, & went through Ebates for 6% cash back!! So for $155 worth of stuff after all discounts I paid $41. AWESOME!!

  • mary says:

    Thank you so much Collin! I have been eyeing this for about 6 months and waiting for a deal. I just got this, a pair of slippers, 6 pairs of leggings, 2 boys t-shirts and a cute 18 month outfit for my baby girl for 54 shipped, plus 10 dollars of kohls cash!

  • Shirley says:

    I love Kohl’s. They send a $10 off $10 Promotional card in the mail on their fliers ever so often and I have gotten free stuff for the house or kids or for really cheap. Like today.. I went with my card no idea what to get and 7 kids total to buy for (the baby 7 months) is who needed stuff, well toys now that she is able to sit-up and wants to play. Fisher-Price toys were half off, and I had my 20% coupon and my $10 off $10 card. I was able to buy her something I wanted without breaking the budget: The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Love to Play Puppy $32.99 on the tag with the sale $16.49- $10 card – 20% coupon after the $10 card (it’s how they do it); and then tax I walked out paying $5.59! My husband was even surprised (he’ll pay for price for anything) Me never, thanks to Collin and the team! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :)

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