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My $9.99 Slippers & Sandals Order Arrived…

5:54 PM MST
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Check out what arrived in my mail today! Yep, the order I placed on back on November 26th! I was a bit worried after reading the comments left by some of you regarding the bad reviews you had read about So when my package arrived today, my hubby had thought we’d won the lottery. LOL!

Anyway, I just want to let those of you know (who have ordered and not received your items yet) that they should be arriving shortly. In fact, several readers have emailed today about getting their orders too and being very pleased. I also checked my credit card statement again and was only charged $9.99! Not too shabby for a pair of slippers AND sandals shipped to my door! :)

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  • Elleena says:

    I just wanted to say, I got my order yesterday and I am still blown away! I got two pairs of shoes that exactly equaled $50, so I only paid $8.99 for shipping! I was really scared I was going to be charged extra duty fees or never get my order at all after reading all the negative reviews, but everything arrived safely to my door! And the shoes are soooo cute! I got a pair of lace up gladiator-style sandals and some cute patterned flats- the quality is great and the fit is perfect! I ordered a size down after reviews on the site said the shoes ran large and I’m glad I did. It’s unfortunate that this site gets such negative reviews. The wait was well worth it and I now have some adorable, stylish shoes for less than $10 out of pocket!

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