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1 Sale A Day: Pillow Pet and Dream Lites Bundle Only $24.98 Shipped ($12.49 Each) – Guaranteed Christmas Delivery

12:39 PM MST
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So I know that I posted this deal the other day, but I am excited to let you all know that I have personally talked with regarding the shipping of this item. If you place an order by tomorrow, December 14th, 1SaleADay will be shipping out the item via UPS first thing Monday morning. The item will then take 1-5 business days to arrive at your doorstep so you will have the item in time for Christmas. Yeah!

So here’s the awesome deal… just hurry on over to 1 Sale A Day where you can score both a Pillow Pet and a Pillow Pet Dream Lite Bundle for just $19.99 + $4.99 shipping, bringing the total to $24.98. This makes each item just $12.49 each! What an awesome price! :)

There are several different combinations to choose from…

Pillow Pets Puppy + Dream Lites Penguin
Pillow Pets Monkey + Dream Lites Penguin
Pillow Pets Dolphin + Dream Lites Penguin
Pillow Pets Penguin + Dream Lites Penguin
Pillow Pets Ladybug + Dream Lites Butterfly
Pillow Pets Pig + Dream Lites Butterfly
Pillow Pets Unicorn + Dream Lites Butterfly
Pillow Pets Bee + Dream Lites Butterfly

If you’re interested in this, snag the bundle you want before it sells out!

(Thanks, Randi, Heather, Gretchen, Kristina, and all you readers who emailed!)

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  • Brook says:

    I hope they hold up their end of the bargain for delivery before Christmas! I just cancelled what was going to be a Christmas present that I had purchased from 1SaleaDay that I had ordered back in OCTOBER, and still hadn’t received yet! And they still wouldn’t guarantee I would get it in time for Christmas. :(

    • Jody says:

      They will not be here for Christmas. I called yesterday and they told me there is not guaranteed Christmas shipping. I offered to pay a fee to have my order shipped out today. They said NO.

  • Crystal says:

    Well, I hope they are telling the truth. I ordered something on Nov 24th from them and still haven’t received an email saying it is being shipped. Sent an email to them – 2 days with no response. Tried to call and was told they are an “online only” company so they cannot help over the phone. Not so happy. I bought the Sony Blu-Ray wifi player, so it wasn’t a cheap thing. If I don’t have that for hubby by Christmas I will not be happy :(

  • Julie G says:

    Those are adorable! Hope some lucky readers get some good deals!!

  • Elizabeth says:

    I don’t see these listed on their website today. They were listed the other day.

  • Susan Krug says:

    I had ordered christmas gits on Oct. 24 from 1 sale a day, and i just received them after i emailed them numerous times asking when they would be shipped.

  • jen says:

    Can you order 2 of just the dreamlites?? We already have 2 pillow pets in our house….

  • sheri says:

    r u able to order more than 1 set?

  • Monique S says:

    I order from 1sale a day often items I just purchased two days ago have already shipped and the items I bought a week ago came in yesterday . Shipping is slow on some things but if they say they will be here on time i’m sure they will .

  • Jill says:

    I just ordered mine for $22.98. Thank you so much!

  • Nicole says:

    I just ordered mine! Hopefully it will arrive in time. The confirmation e-mail says it will ship in 7-10 days…….

  • Jessica says:

    So has anyone got a shipping notification on these yet? I looked at my order this morning and it says still processing (Tuesday morning) I thought they were to be shipped out Monday morning????

    • natashia says:

      mine says the same thing. it did say billed but last night changed to processing and theres no number on here to call

      • Jody says:


        I waited 45 minutes. They won’t help you much. The girl told me there is no Christmas delivery promise. They have 10 business days to process these orders. I offered to pay a fee to ave mine shipped before Christmas and was told no.

  • Jessica says:

    so I got my shipping notification – has anyone looked at the tracking for these? I ordered three in the same order and they all shipped at different times (plus the last one didn’t even get it’s original scan into the system until Wed evening at 10pm)…. not looking good for arriving in time for Christmas. SO FRUSTRATED!!!

    • Kara says:

      Jessica, did you check the scheduled delivery date on the UPS tracking site? I ordered 2 packages and one is scheduled for delivery tomorrow and the other for Monday. Hope that helps!

    • Jody says:

      Mine showed in the system last night at in transit. When I checked it it shows it will be here in 2 business days by 12-24. I HOPE they come!!

  • Kirstin says:

    Mine is scheduled to arrive Jan 3. I hold them personally responsible for my two year old’s tears on Christmas morning. Why would you sell a popular toy so close to Christmas and then be so slow on the shipping, unless you were asking for haters!

    • Jessica says:

      I’ve in in touch with Collin and she wants to know if they don’t arrive by Christmas. We need to in mass emails let her know that they did not follow through….

      • Jody says:

        It’s a dirty shame that they promised Christmas Delivery. When i called them last week they told me they don’t promise delivery in time for Christmas. They might lose 1000’s of potential customers, not to mention they are going to break hearts on Christmas morning.

      • Marissa says:

        My tracking is saying it won’t be here until December 28th. This is the NLY thing my 4 year old wants for Christmas. He has asked Santa a million times as well as grandparents. I am furious and so upset. What am I supposed to do now??!!

        • Jessica says:

          Be sure to email Collin and let her know. She said she wanted to know if they don’t hold to their promise. I got one today and the other two say they will be delivered on Monday. we’ll wait and see.

        • Nicole says:

          Marissa…..if that’s the only thing your child wants I would go to the store and buy a different one just in case it doesn’t come. ALL of our stores have them in stock always (cvs, walmart, target, Walgreens, toys r us etc…). I know this is a fantastic deal but I wouldn’t want my child not getting their one asked for gift. You can return it if this one comes in time.

          • Marissa says:

            Yeah looks like i’ll be headed out tonight to buy them. I know my target and kohls are sold out but im almost positive walgreens or cvs will have them. Thanks guys

  • Kelly says:

    I ordered on December 10 and it looks like it won’t be delivered until December 28! So disappointed!

    • Rivka says:

      Dear Marissa and Kelly,

      I am sorry that your orders are scheduled for delivery after December 25th. It was not our intention to mislead you in anyway and this is an error on our part. We are very sorry and would like to assist you further. I would appreciate if you would send me an email to, and please include “hip2save” as well as your order number in the subject line.

      My sincerest apologies and wishing you happy holidays.

      Thank you,


      • Marissa says:

        I have sent 2 emails and contacted them on Facebook 4 times. I have not had 1 person get back to me.

      • Keri opheim says:

        My pillow pet shipment JUST arrived today. So much for guarantees. I got an email from rivka saying he was very sorry and they will be sending a “free” gift to Make it right…. Well, the gifts weren’t here on time, and I’ve seen their “free” stuff. Its not likely going to make up for it. ill post on here what the gift was if and when it ever shows up! I’ll never order from 1saleaday again for things I need within a certain time frame. Seriously ticked off!

  • pardun216 says:

    I just checked the delivery status on mine and it is expected on Monday. I think it will be here by Christmas! Thanks

  • Sheri says:

    I ordered 5 sets…2 say they are arriving Christmas eve…the other 3 say they won’t b here till Friday…we always open pjs on Christmas eve…this year we were going to add these to shake it up…I’m really disappointed in their service…not to mention that I waited an hour on the phone to speak to someone & never got anyone…finally hung up

  • Lacey says:

    Mine won’t be here until the 28th. Sorry 5yr old…Santa is not real.

    • Kara says:

      If mine hasn’t come I was planning on buying it at Toys R Us, giving that one and returning the one that is on the way to Toys R Us after the holidays…pain in the butt but definitely worth it to not have a totally disappointed child on Xmas!

    • Nicky says:

      You all are being kind of ridiculous. I totally understand the disappointment we all have but c’mon….EVERY SINGLE STORE sells these. “Sorry Santas not real?” Please…..if that’s what your kid wants then go to the store and buy one. We aren’t talking about a super hard to find item by any means! Be ticked off but let’s not bring ridiculous drama into it. . (Not just you…..everyone on this board who is claiming to have their child’s Christmas ruined). It’s CHRISTMAS…..let it go. Go buy one at the store and deal with the company after the holiday is over.

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