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Burt’s Bees Grab Bag Only $22.50 Each Shipped ($50 Value!) – Includes 13 Products

7:34 PM MST
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Yay! These Grab Bags are back in-stock! Just head on over to Burt’s Bees to score a Burt’s Bees Grab Bag for just $25! The Grab Bag includes 13 Burt’s Bees and güd from Burt’s Bees products and accessories that is valued at over $50! Even Sweeter, 5 of the items are full size products. Plus, you can use coupon code BBEES12 to score an additional $5 off your order of $20 or more! And, if you spend $40 or more, your goodies will ship FREE!

As an idea, you could purchase 2 Burt’s Bees Grab Bags for only $45 (+ tax) shipped – making each bag just $22.50! What an awesome deal since you are snagging over $100 worth of Burt’s Bees products! Plus, you can split up these products to make a few gifts and these also go great in stocking and gift baskets! :)

Go through Ebates to get 3.5% cash back!

(Thanks, Amy!)

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  • Casey says:

    I ordered it when it was last on sale, but a few full sized items were orange scented, which I hate – head’s up in case anyone else has the same problem. They were gud products. Also, they counted four lip items as full sized, and a small washcloth and pumice stone were two of the items.

    • Rebecca says:

      My email called this a “holiday” grab bag. Is this different than the one we all ordered when they were last on sale? They look the same.

  • shannon says:

    I have never used Burt’s bees. What do you like about them?

  • nicole says:

    I have ordered these in the past and was extremely pleased. I like that the products are kind to my very sensitive skin, and they’re high quality and unique. My order contained a very cute keychain mini-wallet in addition to the other products. (This was last year before the inclusion of the gud products, which I’m excited about.)

  • Mandy says:

    I will never order from Burts Bees again. I ordered 2 lip shimmers from the bf sale and I never received them. They just credited back my card no email or anything.

  • robyn says:

    i’m a HUGE burts fan and i order these every year and this year just before black friday; i received my two grab bags this past monday and they are EXCELLENT this year! years past they’ve been hit or miss but still a decent value. i’m so pleased, most items were full sized and i think each had 3-4 different lip balms/sticks. i do think they’re by far the best in the past couple years!

  • Sallie says:

    I ordered it last time, it sucks. Get the bath and body coupon and save your money.

  • Jeanette says:

    Just a heads up, check their FB page, they had a lot of issues with their orders last time they offered this. Cancelled orders, people who ordered first got “not in stock” emails while people who ordered later received theirs. I’m a fan, but I think you might be better off purchasing the items in the store & making your own gift basket. Also, like someone else said, a lot of the “full size” items are lip products and gud items. I think I got 6 lip products out the 13 items and the pumice stone. Even the washcloth was from the “baby bee” line so it’s TINY.

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