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The Children’s Place: Up to 75% Off Sale + FREE Shipping on ANY Order = Lots of Great Deals

11:03 AM MST
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Now through December 16th, The Children’s Place is offering up FREE shipping on ALL orders + an additional 30% off when you enter the promo code Y3K3012 at checkout. And, they’re currently having a Wrap It Up Sale and offering up to 70% off outerwear, graphic tees & cold weather accessories starting at $3.49, + lots more!

I was browsing around and spotted lots of adorable items on sale, like children’s hats, scarves, gloves, and other items on sale for only $4.99 – so only $3.49 shipped after the additional 30% off promo code mentioned above! These would make great stocking stuffer or gift items!

Also, don’t forget that through December 31st, for every $40 worth of eGift Cards purchased, you will receive a FREE $10 eGift Card. Keep in mind that you will receive one eGift Card based on your total purchase, so if you buy $80 worth of eGift Cards, you will receive a FREE $20 eGift Card or if you purchase $480 worth of eGift Cards, you will receive a FREE $120 eGift card! Go here for more details.

There are lots of other items on sale, so come back and let us know what goodies you find! :D

(Thanks, Victoria!)

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  • Amanda M says:

    So can I just buy myself a gift card and get the free e gift card as well? :)

  • Michelle says:

    Just wait til Christmas :) Last year they had the 3-in-1 coats marked down to $14, jeans marked down to $8 (or something close to that) and with a coupon code and free shipping I got the coat for $11 and the jeans for $6 a pair!! I will be checking midnight on Christmas for sure this year!

  • Quick says:

    3 pair af jeans for a grand total of 22 bucks is not bad!

  • Melissa says:

    Shopathome says today is the last day for 7% cash back from The Children’s Place too.

  • Katie D. says:

    I got two scarves, a pair of shark mittens and a long-sleeved shirt. With tax, it came to a little over $14!

  • K says:

    Just FYI, for those who can make it, the store has much better prices and then will discount the 30% on top of it. The above accessories were $2.99 at my store, so $2 after 30%. All clearance is an additional 60% off, and then the 30% on top of it. Holla!

  • julie says:

    Thanks! My 3yr old needed some new pj’s, $7 is a great deal and I don’t have to go out!

  • Abby says:

    I like the children’s place but they always seem to mark up their stuff higher when they have promotions like this.

  • Tanya says:

    So I got 4 pairs of jeans, a sweater for my son, a pair of striped tights, and a pair of capri length leggings.
    I ordered $40 in e-giftcards, and got $10 free.
    I went through shopathome for 7% cash back (I did this for the giftcards and the purchase…not sure if it will work on the giftcards)
    My purchase with the 30% off with tax miraculously came up to an even $50 shipped!!!
    So I really paid $40 for all of that but I will get the 7% back. I’m so happy. I almost made this purchase last night. I’m glad I waited because I didn’t know about the giftcard thing.
    Thanks Collin!

    • Lisa says:

      Did u send gift card to self? How long till it showed up? Can u use e gift in store?

      • Tanya says:

        Yes I sent it to myself. Just in case I used two different email addresses. They showed up in about 5 minutes or less. You can either print out the gift card to use in store or there is a gift card number and pin number that you can use online.

  • Lori says:

    I hope someone will read this very soon because I need some help! I am trying to put through an order using my card and it won’t work and unfortunately their customer service is closed :(

  • countrygal says:

    Awesome…ear muffs / hats came out to $3.49 each after the 30%, cargo pants for $9.79, necklace for $1.73, adorable gorilla robe $11.90, night gown $6.99 – tax $1.50 – free shipping: $38.89 total…that’s done!

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