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Wet Seal: $3 T-Shirts and Camis + 70% Off Your 2nd Item = 6 Items Only $2.69 Each Shipped

1:13 PM MST
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Wow! Hop on over to Wet Seal where they are offering up $3 T-Shirts and Camis. Even better, your second item will be 70% off, making your total just $3.90 for 2! Even better, buy 5 or more items and you’ll get an additional 10% off with coupon code WS105. Shipping is a flat rate of $5 (or free with a $50 purchase), so be sure to snag a few items to make it more worth it. As an idea, if you purchase 6 items, your total will be $16.12 shipped (after the 10% off code), so just $2.69 each shipped right to your door! What an awesome price!

(Thanks, Denise!)

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  • emily says:

    Thanks! I got 30 tees and tanks in various colors for about $60! Can’t beat that!!

  • Ashley says:

    clearance is an additional 60% off

  • Ashley says:

    They also have cute cozy socks for 3.50 buy one get one 70% off

  • Kim says:

    Does stuff from here run small?

    • chelsea says:

      I find the sizing to be a little small. I’m one of those borderline curvy ladies who can swing a S/M but I get size M from here and it fits well. A size S would fit, but it’d be tight and I’m conscious about my figure so I like my clothing a little loose. So go true size if you like your clothing to fit perfect, go up one if you’re borderline and prefer a little room. Hth!

  • Jen says:

    Do the camisole have a bra inside?

  • Ebony says:

    Plus sizes are 7.50 :( we never get the good deals

  • Evie says:

    It doesn’t seem to be adding the 70% discount to items in my cart for some reason…

    • Denise says:

      It won’t on the clearance. Just go to the home page and click tshirts for $3 each banner.

      • matchthesun says:

        It says ” Buy one get one 70% off entire site” on the front page also and the items I have in my cart say that under the item but it’s not taking anything off and the items I have are not clearance…hmm.

        • chelsea says:

          Fine print excludes clearance. Also, there’s a tag under each qualifying product that says ‘buy 1, get 1 70% off’ in bold print.

        • Tracie D says:

          I had the same issue. I bought four long sleeve t-shirts on a second order and it worked but wasn’t with my previous order of the $3 shirts, I bought 10. Maybe it has to do with ordering 4 or more (I ended up paying an additional $5 in shipping, but was still a good deal).

  • Kim Rhoads Nurvic says:

    Just went crazy on the site and got 30+ items for my girls (they like to layer a lot) and got many things for .90! It was incredible. They will be thrilled!

  • Marissa says:

    for me it took 70 percent off after i added at least 4 things to my cart ( it didnt register it until then for some reason) and then 2 of my tees got marked to 90cents a piece!

  • I Love Shoes says:

    Collin You are wonderful. Thank you for posting this. Just before Thanksgiving I had to purchase short sleeve shirts when I was in Las Vegas. I packed all winter stuff and the weather was hot. The V Neck shirts were 5 for $20. I thought I was getting a deal then. When I returned from Vegas, I wore my shirts to work. My colleague was very upset that I did not purchase her any. I LOVE the shirts. I can dress them up under a suit by adding a flower pendent from New York and Company or add character to them with a pair of jeans, blazer, and heels. Also in the summer, I love wearing these with a maxi skirt. I just purchased 28 for $55.50 after taxes. I’m spliting this order with my coworker. Great buy.

  • nessa says:

    Remember to use your Ebates Account and you will get 3.5 % Cash Back!!!

  • Kathryn says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but can you buy $50 worth of items so you can get free shipping, then return them in store and keep only the items you want?

  • Ann Dee says:

    I just bought 30 tanks to help me layer. Will share with family and friends.
    With the low cut and see through styles I gotta cover up a bit!
    Thanks so much!!!

  • MeL says:

    Save an extra 1% by going through your Shop At Home account.

  • Connie says:

    The camis are OK quality. Most are still fine after a few months (after not a lot of wear), but one of the camis’ seam came undone right at the hem. Totally unraveled, so I have to wear it under something that I know it will be hidden, or tuck it into my pants.

  • Paula says:

    I have 6 tanks in my shopping basket and when I apply the code for the 10% off it doesn’t take it off of everything. My total is $11.70 and it only took off 58c.

  • Conswalla says:

    I just bought 5 tee shirts. I’ve never ordered from this site so I won’t get my hopes up on the quality. If worse comes to worse, I can wear them as pajama tops. Thanks. o_O

  • Sarah says:

    Yes, the coupon code is only taking off 5% for me, rather than 10%. Still! I got 16 shirts shipped for $37.84, so that’s a pretty good deal. Thanks!

  • Amanda says:

    This website has pretty good deals but I don’t think the quality of the clothes is very good. The clothes are thin and you can tell the material is not that great. For a price such as 3 dollars, the quality is good, but not for a higher price in my opinion.

  • a says:

    i am an older somewhat petite mother and wear size large in their clothes. i absolutely love their camis. i wear them all year long under sweatshirts etc. i did a similar deal a year ago or so and still have the camis in great condition. i do NOT dry in the dryer. all line dry , all year long so maybe that has made them last so long. i don’t *need* anymore so i am passing on the deal this time but thanks for sharing!

  • shonna says:

    Thanks Colin! I spent a little over $40 and I got 2 skirts, 1pr of shoes, 1set of 6 pr of earrings, 3leggings, and 8 shirts! Btw I found a $10 off $40 q by google ”wet seal free shipping” and went thru dealigg

  • kim says:

    Has anyone ordered, wore their leggings and camis? They look thin, almost see through (on the picture of leggings). Also for style tip, how do you guys layer camis? Do you just wear multiple camis? Anything else you wear on top of camis?

    • Pamela says:

      I have bought their leggings. They are thin. I have gray ones that I’ve never worn because they feel thin. I’d wear them with a tunic in the Fall or Spring. Definately not Winter-weight. I layer a v-neck tshirt over a cami (2 different colors). I never layered 2 camis but that’s a neat idea…thanks!!!! :)

  • Pamela says:

    I buy from them all of the time when they have sales. My fav is when their clearance is 5 for $20. I stock up on their shoes then. Last year I bought 5 pairs of boots for $20 (plus $5 for shipping, so total $25). I haven’t had a problem with their tshirts or camis. The quality is good for the price. It’s fun to buy them in funky colors, etc.

  • tracy says:

    They are taking the 70% off of the cheapest items in your cart. I had 2 pairs of shoes at 70% off but they automatically took the reduction off of a $5 t shirt, not the second pair of $20 shoes. Be better to place 2 orders- one with high priced items and another with the cheaper items.

  • tracy says:

    2nd Day shipping only $5! Yeah! I paid extra to have 2nd day delivery ($9.95) My invoice at checkout confirmed 2 day delivery, but only charged $5.

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