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Hip2Save This Holiday: Homemade Glitter and Awareness Ornaments

1:00 PM MST
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Hip2Save This Holiday Guest Post submitted by reader Michelle…

Homemade glitter ornaments are a festive and inexpensive gift to give for the holidays! The price point can vary depending on how expensive the materials you buy are, but I made glitter ornaments for around $1.50 per ornament. Don’t forget to use some 40% off coupons from Michaels or Hobby Lobby to save as much as you can! Even better, they’re very sparkly but you don’t get the mess you usually get with most glitter ornaments that have glitter on the outside.

To make your own, you will need:

1. Clear glass ornaments
2. Pledge tile &vinyl floor finish with future shine ( I don’t know if any floor shine will work but I got the huge bottle at Walmart for less than $7)
3. Fine glitter (I like Martha Stewart the best)
4. A funnel (if you don’t have one, just cut off one corner of an envelope)
5. A few cotton swabs

To make the ornaments:

1. Pop the hangers off of the ornament
2. Squirt some floor wax in the ornament and roll or swirl it around. Don’t shake because you don’t want it to bubble up.
3. Take the cap off of the floor shine and stick the ornament upside down on it so the extra drains back in. If you do happen to get any bubbles you can use a cotton swab to get them out.
4. Pour a generous amount of glitter into the ornament through a funnel.
5. Roll the ornament around so the glitter coats the inside.
6. Put your thumb over the opening and shake the ornament, making sure glitter coats the neck and any other bare spots.
7. Take the lid off of the glitter container and turn the ornament upside down on it so the loose glitter can empty back in the glitter container (you may need to tap or move the ornament around a little to get all of the loose glitter out)
8. Put the toppers back on the ornaments. You don’t need to wait for them to dry.
That’s it! You’re done!

If you want to dress up your ornaments even more, add ribbon or vinyl letters on the outside. I normally give a set of 3 as a gift.

Hip2Save This Holiday Guest Post submitted by reader Brandi…

This is something that I thought of after being diagnosed with a chronic illness. It can be applied to any awareness ribbon, such as Breast Cancer Awareness, Heart Disease Awareness, Autism Awareness…etc. I happened to make mine green for Lyme Disease Awareness. These ornaments make great little presents during the holidays. It brings some holiday cheer, showing love and care, and looks oh so pretty on the tree!

To make these ornaments:

1. Buy plastic ornaments at Michael’s or any other craft store. You can find some great deals and apply the coupons you get in the mail/paper.
2. Buy sparkly tiny pom-poms, usually in the craft section at any craft store or Walmart. These can be any color, but I find that white usually makes the ribbon stand out more. I also found some old plastic white and silver garland that I cut up. Either one works great.
3. Stuff the pom-pom balls or garland inside the plastic ornament. My kids LOVED helping with this part! You can put in a few, or a lot – it doesn’t matter! :)
4. Take glitter glue and make a ribbon on the outside of the ornament, matching the color of the ribbon with the Cause you are doing it for. Example – pink glitter glue for Breast Cancer awareness. Outlining it in silver makes it a little more colorful.
5. Let it dry, and you’re done! You can also tie a ribbon at the top instead of onto the hook to make it look a little more home-made.
6. You can stop there, or if you are brave, you can attempt to write something such as the word, ‘Hope’ with puff paint.

For more information on my Hip2Save This Holiday series and to learn how you can participate in the fun, click here!

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  • Heidi says:

    I’ve made the glitter ornaments before and they turn out SO pretty! They’re beautiful and sparkly. You only need a tiny bit of the floor wax for each one so you might even consider going in with a friend or two and splitting the cost of the wax and maybe even the glitter too. A little of both goes a long way!

  • Krysteen says:

    Great Idea. I do not observe the holiday but that’s a great idea. My kids would love this project. Thanks.

    • Kimmy says:

      I’m going to try this with my kids too! I’ve kept them busy for hours decorating their own clear ornaments- using my nail polish and glitter.

  • Amber R. says:

    Will the floor wax glitter technique work on the clear plastic ornaments? Or does it only work with the glass ones. Thanks in advance!

    • Lesley says:

      Yes, you can use them on the plastic ones. My daughter made these for her classmates a few years ago for a Holiday Gift with the plastic ones, using the same Pledge Floor product.

      • Amber R. says:

        Awesome thanks for your help!

        • Lesley says:

          Sure thing. I found that using the Martha Stewart (as mentioned in the directions) worked the best. I also tried using some from the dollar store, and found that they just didn’t look the best. I have also used embossing powder. They are a lot of fun, very easy, to make! Have fun!

  • Lindsey Kelley says:

    I personally did these with a pinterest project. I used the glass ornaments. then took glitter scrap book paper to make a santa, reindeer, elf and snowman.

  • Casey says:

    I made the glitter ornaments last year and they were a huge hit. They keep fine in a VERY hot attic through the summer, as well :)

  • lmwynn says:

    I’ve done these and have also made “marble ornaments” with swirling 2 or 3 colors craft paint around the inside of the ornament.

  • Kristen says:

    Our church did these one time and sold them as a fundraiser, and they were super cute!! Very sparkly 😉

  • emilytwinmom says:

    My children make these every year for my mom in law, mom, their aunts, etc. and this year the last week of November the school system went and cleared out every single glass and plastic clear ornament out of every Hobby Lobby and Michael’s in our county and the next county over. I was furious, and now am trying to work out glue and styrofoam balls as ornaments for my twins to make. Why can’t schools just order ahead of time?!!

  • Holly Marie says:

    This is too cute!

  • Betzt says:

    these are great , i love the idea. super cute

  • ali says:

    I am so doing this! Thank you so much, Ill be doing lyme ones too! Its nice to see another lymie!

  • Ashley says:

    The gold ribbon is for childhood cancer awareness.

  • Ronda says:

    My 6-year old daughter and I made them and they turned out beautiful. Michaels had 3 different shapes, standard, tear drop, and heart. We made all three.

    I substituted for the floor wax with stirring Elmer’s gel glue (light blue color) and water (equal parts). Poured the glue/water mixture into a small paper cup and bent so she could pour and rolled into the ornament to coat the entire inside. After coating the inside of the ornament, poured out excess mixture to prevent bubbles. Then poured chose of glitter color into the ornament with rolling to cover the entire inside. Poured and shocked excess glitter out. Placed decorated ornament into original packaging for drying. Added top back to ornament and finished. Easy and a ton of fun to do.

    Glitter containers for pouring: Ornament opening are small and to assist the younger ages from pouring most on the table or floor, I’ve collected plastic salsa to go containers and/or larger size ketchup plastic to go containers.

    Plastic to go containers are useful for:
    – They are bendable for easy pouring
    – With having more than one child art project, I pre-fill containers for each child. Paints (red, green, yellow, purple, etc.) for each child. Glitters (red, green, yellow, purple, etc.) Beads, stickers, magnetics, etc. I have been using these containers for many many years. Prevents a children from being unhappy because another child mixed yellow paint with the blue paint and he/she doesn’t like it. By having their own sets, each child gets to be creative in the own way.

    Crafting idea time-saver: I purchased a set of the Easy-clean Craft Trays (Lakeshore Learning Store – used coupon) when my daughter was very young. They were and and still are worth every penny. Each child gets their own tray for the craft of the day. I will have the trays with all the necessary items needed for the craft. By each child having their own tray it reduces so and so has my ……, so and so has the green paint and I need it, less spills on tables and floors, trays are portable to take from inside to outside (We also use them for road trips). The product name easy-clean is exactly what it is. Trays are easy breezy clean-up. For cleaning, I use paper towels with dish washing liquid. Have had the trays for 5 years, still using, and they still look like new.

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