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Hip2Save This Holiday: Personalized Holiday Plates

Hip2Save This Holiday Guest Post Submitted By Reader Kristen…
Items Needed:

*Clear glass plate from Dollar Tree
*Patterned tissue paper (preferably thick tissue paper)
*Foam paint brush
*Mod podge

I love baking and giving away my baked goods to my friends and family. I decided to make something to make the gift even more special. I now decorate plates, so after the recipient finishes the cookies they have a nice plate they can use for years to come. It does not have to be a Christmas plate, it can be plain paper, or other patterned paper. Also you can have your child draw on the paper and make a special personalized plate!

1) First you need to cut the paper into a circle, slightly bigger than the back of the plate.

2) Brush on a layer of mod podge to the back of the plate and place the paper on the plate, smoothing any wrinkles out the best you can.

3) Next, brush a layer of mod podge on top of the paper.

4) When that drys, cut the paper to the edge of the plate then apply another coat. Apply a third coat if wanted.

NOTE – This plate should be hand-washed only.