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Hip2Save This Holiday: Customized & Unique Photo Thank You Cards

10:08 AM MST
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Hip2Save This Holiday Guest Post submitted by reader Holly

There are a ton of free photo card deals every holiday season, so several years ago I started using them to make customized photo Thank You cards. Then I have adorable thank you cards ready to send after the holidays or for any other occasion throughout the year!

We also take pictures of the kids opening/playing with each gift they receive from family and friends and get them printed right after Christmas. Walgreen’s usually does a great photo printing deal around Dec. 26th. Then we pick up boxed photo cards on clearance (the ones that are blank inside work best) and place a picture of the kids enjoying a specific gift in the card and write the thank you note to the person who sent it. It’s a great way to share Christmas morning with family and friends that live far away. They’ve been a huge hit!

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  • Laura E says:

    I have done this for years! :). Glad to see other people have also done this!

  • janel says:

    I really love this because all of my cousins live out of state and when family sends some presents we don’t even get to know if they get them.

    it’s so sweet and thoughtful to let you know that the kids got was given to them and that was enjoyed.

  • Karen says:

    So many people don’t do thank you cards anymore, I think that’s awful. I love how personalized and special these ones are. Kudos for taking the time to say thank you to people!

  • Tara says:

    What a thoughtful idea!

  • Diana says:

    Yay! We do this too!! I refuse to send electronic thank Yous (or none at all – yikes) and have the kids help me write their names etc. With all the great free card deals Collin posts I often stock up on the generalized “thank you” cards wih pics of my kids and then always try to take pics of the kids with specific gitfs from out of state family. Being grateful doesn’t seem to be the “norm” anymore so we try to go all out. I want my kids to learn it young!!

  • Patti says:

    Ever since my kids were babies (I obviously would have to help the first few years) our family rule was you don’t play with the gift until the thank you note is in the mail:) Both of our boys 11 & 17, have turned out to be the best note writers around (w/o any nagging or reminders from me.) It has become a wonderful habit & I am confidant it will continue throughout the years.

  • Jen says:

    I love these ideas. Thanks for sharing.

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