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Hip2Save This Holiday: Customized & Unique Photo Thank You Cards

Hip2Save This Holiday Guest Post submitted by reader Holly

There are a ton of free photo card deals every holiday season, so several years ago I started using them to make customized photo Thank You cards. Then I have adorable thank you cards ready to send after the holidays or for any other occasion throughout the year!

We also take pictures of the kids opening/playing with each gift they receive from family and friends and get them printed right after Christmas. Walgreen’s usually does a great photo printing deal around Dec. 26th. Then we pick up boxed photo cards on clearance (the ones that are blank inside work best) and place a picture of the kids enjoying a specific gift in the card and write the thank you note to the person who sent it. It’s a great way to share Christmas morning with family and friends that live far away. They’ve been a huge hit!