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  • Kristen says:

    If your already signed up will you still get the surprises?

  • Dawn says:

    Hope it’s a free $5 to spend or more. I have no money for a regular lame coupon!

  • jean says:

    I’ve seen the “I hear some big surprises are on the way!” posted all over the internet.Who was the one that actually heard there are big surprises?Maybe it was just someones referal ID and they just said they heard there are big surprises to get people to sign up?I have never seen anything from JCpenneys saying there would be any “big surprises”.

  • K says:

    Surprise we went bankrupt since we don’t know how business works! I hope for the sake of this company they actually do come up with something, they need it!

    • Elise says:

      So funny K – I was thinking the exact same thing about them going bankrupt…

      • Kris says:

        I like their new style! I really hope they pull through all of this. To anyone who hasn’t been lately- you need to! I’ve gotten tons of great clearance deals and their store looks so clean and neat without all the doorbusters blocking aisles. We don’t have alot of clothing places in my town, I’d hate to see them fold!

  • Carol says:

    Okay, after seeing this twice now I can’t resist signing up, even though I actually unsubscribed a few weeks ago. I hope the big surprise isn’t an email from them EVERY FREAKING DAY which is why I unsubscribed in the first place! lol

  • Ana says:

    I like their xmas button campaign for free certificates. Pity the emails come slow and they say it’s something on our end — who knows, maybe it probably is. But it coudl also be another way of saying it’s on their end, too. But nice program.

  • Mary says:

    I echo the sentiments about trying JCP if you haven’t shopped there in awhile. I live in Chicago. There are no stores even remotely near the city, so I drove out to the suburbs to retrieve an item I purchased online. I could not believe how cute some of their clothes were! Honestly, I was so pleasantly surprised. I picked up several adorable sweater dresses for less than $25 each. I picked up a blouse a few days later and sent my mom to the store near here to find the same blouse for herself. Great clothes for super cheap.

    • Sara says:

      Wow to here you talk you must own stock. Teee HEEe. The whole thing about not giving coupons any longer spoked me. I NEED SALES AND COUPONS. If I spent 25.00 on each of my 5 kids just for a shirt then spent 45.00 for a pair of jeans. Yup Christmas would be over. Sorry to vent but they really need to do something about their new business practices.

      • Suzie says:

        They actually lowered all of their prices to what you WERE paying with coupons… Additionally, they mark their items down constantly! ALL their clearance bras (Maidenform, Bali, etc) were clearanced last night at my stores (Oregon) for $5 each.

      • Leea says:

        I’ve been seeing kids jeans for $10-$15..not $45. And I’ve seen alot of shirts for $5-$10. I have 4 kids so I know it cost alot to clothe them. I picked up 3 shirts and a pair of boys pants for $12 a couple days ago. Their prices have lowered alot.

      • Renee says:

        We bought for high schooler 3 bras, 2 undies and sweater-would have cost $23 but with the Christmas button winning certs it cost me $3

      • MommySpendsLess says:

        They are a lot cheaper now WITHOUT sales and coupons. They lowered their prices to what they should be (similar to Target’s). Before they were tripling their prices ($45 jeans for example) then having sales, coupons etc so you actually paid $15. Now the tag just says $15 to begin with – much easier that way. My husband, who admittedly isn’t big on playing the marketing games, has started shopping there for work slacks and dress shirts. He’s been paying about the same prices as he was at Walmart with a much nicer atmosphere. I love the way mine has lots of dressing rooms and they’re customized for the department. The little sitting areas outside each fitting area are nice too. And my daughter and I both prefer their carts – easy to push and I think more comfy for her (shaped like a seat instead of a wire box).

  • Emily says:

    Their prices are lower and I have found some really great deals. I have won many times with the button campaign, I think 4 $10 ones and 5 $5 ones. Makes for cheap necessities or wants! But…I do not like that there are only 2 cash registers on the whole bottom level and 4 on the top level. That makes no sense and you have to wait forever and it sometimes makes it not worth it. I think they are understaffed and aren’t carrying as much merchandise as they used to.

    • Amanda says:

      That’s gotta be just at your store because mine definitely has more registers than that. There are 4 registers at each circular bay, and multiple bays per floor. Do all JCPenney’s have the circular bays?

  • Su says:

    JCP has some awesome prices right now! If you are still Christmas shopping, you should check them out. I have found things there that have been hardto find other places!

  • Tracy says:

    I was there this week. Still don’t like them. I scored super cheap clothes in the old days and JCP was were majority of our things use to come from. Not anymore. I liked the coupondays and no way prices are lower now. I could get clearance for $1 or so before they changed. This new CEO is running them in the ground.

    • Meg says:

      Your comment makes no business sense. It seems people forget that it is a business. The store is losing money if they are selling items for $1…that is what would cause bankruptcy. I love getting a deal…that is why I visit this website…but alot of the comments I read are pure greed. Remember….this is a CAPATALISTIC socity!

      • Kristi says:

        Meg, I could not agree more! I never have been a big JCP fan, but when they started the button program I figured I would go in and get some buttons and if I won something I could probably find something to use it on. After I won a $5.00 cert. I went in and was totally shocked at what they had. It has changed alot! I have bought more at JCP for Christmas for my daughter, my husband, myself :), and my mom and dad! I really hpe that things work out for them because the prices are AMAZING!!! I wish I could post a pic of all I have gotten there for what I have spent. I say THANK YOU JCP for great looking clothes, prices, and the button oppertunity that I know has help so many of us the Christmas season! May God Bless!

  • Daven says:

    I went to my local jcp for the first time in years and found their prices quite reasonable. I was able to get my son a really nice jacket for only $7 after a $10 certificate I got from one of the buttons. Plus they have large selection of clothes for me (I’m a bigger girl) and they are really cute too!

  • Renee says:

    My family has won over $200 in certs and giftcards with the button promo. It has allowed us to purchase toys, teacher gifts, towels, clothes etc.. for Xmas and beyond. We have spent probably $40 OOP. Not a bad deal!

  • Bobby says:

    Yes, it’s sad to say it but jcp will be a thing of the past soon I believe. Kohls is just blowing them away with sales and deals. Jcp’s campaign of no coupons is totally dumb! Especially if your a big couponer. You would think they would try to be more like Kohls and Macy’s, and not be like Rich’s.

    • Jenny says:

      I love JCP, I get things there cheaper than I do with coupons at KOHLS & its less of a hassle keeping track of coupons, sales and kohls cash.

      Jcp is WAY easier. Try not to be such a skeptic and give it a try. Change is hard, but it can also be a good thing!!

  • diane says:

    i love their plus size, if you do you button is that a sign up?

  • Kay says:

    Does anyone have an extra code they are not going to use. I’m really pulling on all ends trying to get something even if small but thoughtful for the kids in my family. They who don’t understand about paying bills and how much things cost, bless their innocence. My email is kpereyra2003 at yahoo dot com. Thanks.

  • Artemis D. says:

    Anyone have any gift certs they’re not going to use? they expire tomorrow. If you’re not going to use them, I sure could! The economy has been really hard on my family. Please send me a personal message. Happy New Year everyone!

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