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Hip2Save This Holiday: Homemade Card Ornaments

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Hip2Save This Holiday Guest Post Submitted By Reader Kalie…

I have made Christmas Card Ornaments for people I work with and family members for several years. To make it more personal, you can even make themed ornaments using cards from a wedding or baby shower! They really are pretty easy to create and always are a huge hit with the people I give them to. If you use old Christmas cards, the main material is free!

Materials Needed:

*Christmas cards (or any cards/sturdy paper material you like)
*Scissors or circle cutter
*Tube of glitter paint (I use the Tulip brand in silver or gold)
*Small round beads


1. Cut circles out of the cards. You need 20 circles of the same size for one ornament.
2. Fold the edges of the circle up to make a triangle shape.

3. Glue the edges of 5 triangles together in a circle shape. Make 2 of these –1 for the top and 1 for the bottom of the ornament.
4. Glue the remaining 10 triangles in a chain by alternating one triangle pointing up and the next one pointing down. Connect the 2 ends to make a circle.

5. Thread your ribbon through all 3 pieces making a globe shape and tie the ends to make a loop to hang the ornament. Glue the top, middle, and bottom together along the folded edges.
6. Paint all of the edges with the glitter and put a bead at each intersection. I think gold is the best. It really makes the ornament pop!
7. Finish the ornament by tying a couple of different ribbons at the top of the ornament in a bow.

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