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Walgreens: Free Sample Box Filled with Beauty Products & Coupons with $30 Beauty Purchase

1:45 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Screen Shot 2012-12-26 at 1.25.53 PM

Calling all you Walgreens shoppers! Through 2/14, whenever you spend at least $30 on participating beauty products in-store at Walgreens (using your Balance Rewards card), you’ll be able to score a FREE sample box filled with beauty products AND coupons! After making a qualifying purchase, you’ll get a printout at checkout with a PIN code that you’ll need to enter here. Then just wait 4-6 weeks to receive your sample box in the mail! :)

Check out the email that I received from reader, Amy, regarding this promo:
I received this today when ringing up at wags. I purchased 2 Axe gift sets, one Gillette set and one Gillette razor that kicks out the $4rr this week. My total after coupons was nowhere near $30 but it spit this out. I went online and entered my code and my box of samples and $15 worth of coupons will be here in 4-6 weeks :)

(Thanks, Becky and Amy!)

Also, don’t forget that the Walgreens 4-Day Ad starts today! You can check out all of the deals here (just scroll down towards the bottom to see all of the deals valid 12/26-12/29). Here are a few deal highlights…

Pepsi or Dr Pepper Products 2 liters 4/$5
Use the $0.50/1 Walgreens Dr. Pepper Ten coupon found in the December Coupon Booklet
Final cost as low as $0.75 per 2 liter!

Gevalia coffee 12 oz $5.99
Use the $1.50/1 Gevalia coffee coupon found in the 12/9 SS
Or use the $1/1 Gevalia coffee coupon found here
Plus, use the $1/1 Walgreens Gevalia coupon found in the December Coupon Booklet
Final cost as low as $3.49!

On the Border tortilla chips 7.5 or 8.25 oz or Kettle Chips 8.5 oz $1.99
Use the $0.50/1 Kettle Brand Potato Chips coupon found here
Final cost $1.49! Great price!

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 10.47.12 PM

Select Personal Care Gift Sets 50% off
-Old Spice
Deal Scenario:
Buy Axe gift set regularly priced around $9.99
Minus the 50% off sale = around $5
Use the $3.75/1 Axe Holiday Pack coupon found in the 12/2 SS
Final cost only $1.25! Wow!
– Not sure if these gift sets will be included, but there is also a $3 off any Dove Men+Care, Dove, or Caress Holiday gift Pack coupon found here!

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  • Jordan says:

    I did this on 12/22 in 1 transaction and got 2 beauty box catalinas.

    10 Finesse Shampoo 1.99 $16.90 FF
    10 Finesse Conditioner 1.99 $16.90 FF
    2 Gillette Proglides $9.34 and $9.37 FF
    2 Gillette Mach 3 disposables b1g150 $10.19 and $5.09

    20 Finesse $1
    2 Proglides $10
    1 b1g1 Gillette auto deducted $10.19

    SUBTOTAL $18.00
    TAX. $4.77

    Paid $22.77 got 20,000 points($25 value) 4 RR and 2 Catalinas for a free beauty sample box.

  • michellebelles says:

    wonder if you can get it online

  • Jean says:

    The axe gift sets were still 9.99 at my Walgreens. I was told they won’t lower them and will send back to the warehouse any they don’t sell.

    • Kim says:

      thats what I was told by both my Walgreens. I called corporate they told me to speak to the manager. So manager calls cosmetics person tells them the same thing. However they rang up at 9.99 then I gave her my rewards card it went down to $4.99. However my other Walgreens didnt ring up like this. I showed them my receipt at the other Walgreens so they gave them to me for $4.99.

    • Sandy says:

      The Axe gift sets were pictured in the Walgreen’s ad.

    • Sharon says:

      my Walgreens sold out of Axe before Christmas, got more from another store and sold out of those too.. so none left for 1/2 price

    • Leslie says:

      My walgreens said they received a corporate email to take the axe off the shelf and take all the products out of the box to put them on the shelves to sell them individually to make more $$$

  • Brooke Watson says:

    The axe are not ringing up half off–so take the ad with you! my manager called his manager and she confirmed that there was a 4-day ad. He took my word then on the axe sets being in the ad. So I got the deal, but it took some talking.

    • Jennie says:

      Lucky you! I was at my Walgreens bright and early to score the deal for my two teenage sons and they had pulled all the Axe sets :(

    • Catalina says:

      Same at my Walgreens (Waxahachie) manager said no half price sets. I went to HEB and they had a cart full so I got 20 and the manager allowed me to use 20 $3.75 coupons. She looked happy I was taking them of their hands :)

  • Angela Pittman says:

    All the walgreens were pulling all the axe and dove gifts sets cause they were on the no drop price list

  • naomi h says:

    one walgreens told me they were sending back the gift packs so they can split them up and sell the items individually.

  • sometimessewist says:

    Does anyone know if you have to spend the $30 all at once, or if the Balance Rewards card keeps a tally of the beauty products you’ve purchased?

  • Holly W. says:

    My Walgreens wasn’t cooperating either. I went to Walmart and there were only 2 Axe gift sets left and those were half off as well as the Dove and Olay gift sets. Got $30 worth of Axe for $7. The pocket sized Dana classic perfumes were half off at $1.50 and used the $2.00 off Q for overage toward the Olay gift sets. Scored 3 Olay gift sets for $6 total or $2 each. Someone got the last Dove set before I could get to it, but teacher and Scout leader gifts are covered for next year!

  • kelsey says:

    I had a great shopping trip everything came up 50% off! My cashier wanted me to buy them! So i was able to get 5 axe and 5 gillette!

  • Aimee says:

    I went to 2 different Wags and the gift sets were not ringing up 1/2 off. I showed them the ad and both places honored it.

  • lisa says:

    Do you think the beauty sets (Dove, Axe) will still be good for next year to give as gifts?

    • katee says:

      well this sit on shelves longer than that so i wouldsay so. i work at wags and I’m positive we have those kinds of products sitting on shelves for way longer than a year.

  • picchu says:

    At my Walgrrens they were half off but they were sold out ! Went to the nearest CVS and they were not 50% off. I told the manager it was half off at walgreens and he said he would honor it along with my $3.75 off! And at the end of the transaction it gave me $2.00 EB for the gift set!!! So, $0.75 money maker!!! :)

  • Katie says:

    What zipcode for the $3 Dove/Caress gift set coupon?

  • Vanessa says:

    So, my son brought me a present he received yesterday. He wanted me to open it. As I was opening it I noticed a “coupon” stuck to the side of it. It was this!!! I just redeemed my code. What a great surprise!!

  • Laura says:

    So disappointed…went to 3 different Wags to get the axe set. 2 were sold out and other said sorry its not half off! When I pointed out it was in the ad she said sorry its not these. Only select ones but I couldnt tell you which ones they are…grrrr starting to HATE wags!

  • wags ba says:

    The axe oldspice gillete dove olay and aveeno are not half off we got a email from corprate not to mark down and they are not ringing up on sale at registers either we were told to take them to the back and bust them open and fill basic

    • Bridget says:

      they told you to open them and fill in the regular shelves? wow… most manufacturers don’t want this because of the promotion prices etc from the packs as well as how it messes with a stores inventory…. moves walgreens down my respect list… walmart earned lots of props with their holiday hours here allowing their employees time with family

  • mar says:

    i got the cat and didn’t buy $30 worth of beauty products. I bought the tums this past saturday and got the cat anyway, I forgot about it till I saw this post. Thanks Collin!!! happy holidays everyone :)

  • shelly says:

    I was wondering if anyone scored half off on dove or axe at walmart? Much appreciated if so.

    • Holly W. says:

      I did. See my post above. However, even though I got there bright and early, there were only two left that I nabbed. There was only one Dove left at half off and someone took it while I was getting the Axe. They had quite a few Olay gift sets for half that include a Venus razor, shaving creme, and Olay body wash. Those came up for $4.25, so great deal for those. Good luck!

  • karen says:

    OK for those wanting the axe products, my walgreens here in Kemah TX weren’t on sale either and we didn’t get an add so i guess its regional, but on the positive side i went to CVS just to see if they had them and they did, also they were 50% off and you got $2 back so i made out on the positive side.

  • Sandy says:

    My usual WAGS did not have any Axe gift sets. I stopped at a second Walgreen’s and found one of the men’s and one of the women’s Dove sets. The cosmetic ladies told me they weren’t on sale but, they were giving 50% off and not telling their boss. I had 2 $3 Dove gift set coupons and got both sets for $4.50.

  • Mrsvj3 says:

    Help! I got the Beauty Box print out but I keep getting an error when i try to redeem.. Any one else having an issue??

  • Latoya says:

    my wags did not have the dove or axe 50% off so i left

  • paula says:

    I too had the same problem many are having,I went to one Walgreens for the axe sets and there were none to be found so went to another one and they had a bunch and was soooo excited but they were not marked on sale so I found a manager I think and he price checked and they were $9.99,I pointed the add out and showed him they were even in the picture and he said he would mark them down but when I got to the register he came up from the back and said he should not have told me that because they were supposed to be pulled last night,he said the add stated not all selections were available in all stores and I politely said that did not make sense and would call corporate to find out what was going on and as I was pulling my phone out of my purse he abruptly told the cashier to just use his code and mark them down,he was not happy with me but what they were doing is not right at all!Needless to say I got my product but still left the store with a bad taste in my mouth with Walgreens,very disappointed with them trying to deceive their customers.

  • Leslie says:

    My walgreens refused to sell them to me at 50% off until I showed her the ad on my phone with a picture of them. She looked on her computer then gave them to only me. They were pulling them bc they received a corporate email to take the products out of the box and put them on the shelf to sell individually to make more $$$$

  • Tracey Gruver says:

    Where can I find the four-day ad? I went this morning and there were no ads with the Axe sets and they rang up 9.99.

  • Jennifer says:

    is that coupon in the 12/2 ss in idaho? I am not finding it

  • pamela hilton says:

    I purchased walgreens gifts on 12/22/2012 and have (3) walgreens promo codes, BUT, Walgreens seems to be in the “out of gift box business”.

    Seems like false advertizing.

    May be a Class of people out there with the same problem I’ve experienced.
    I tried to fill the form out on Dec 22, and again yesterday Jan 11th and today Jan 12th.
    You can’t even do that, because the computer won’t take you to that location. They just remind you to call back on Jan 11the, or March sometime!

    Any way, I’ve got my receipts, and will continue to give Walgreens a change to rectify the “false advertisement possibilities”.

    Until that time, keep your receipts people, someone will file a class action suite.



  • Joann says:

    I keep checking this site to enter code for my sample beauty box and the are always out! Coupon says is good till 2/14/2013. Now I can’t find anywhere to enter my code. Whats Up?

    • Sandi says:

      Same thing happened to me. I tried a couple of times a day for a month and always out. I wrote company and never did hear back anything from them. Not happy.

  • Tillie says:

    Very disappointed in Walgreens. I’m still waiting for a Beauty Sample Box. I entered promo code VFZCJ4NY3F. Spoke with Store Manager and Beauty Advisor and both advised me to send an email. Beauty Advisor never even got through to request her sample box. Walgreens should take a hard look at their Sales and Marketing team. When offering a “Free” item, good reputable companies meet the supply/demand of its customers. I do believe this is a hoax.

    • Sandi says:

      Still holding on to my 1st Free Sample coupon that I have been unsuccessful in redeeming. I have had it for 2 months. I will not be spending another $30.00 at Walgreens to get another bogus “Free Sample” of anything.

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