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  View changes → Score a Pair of Boots AND a Jacket for as Low as Only $30 Shipped

6:09 PM MST
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Yay! The Aeropostale deal I posted about earlier is even sweeter than I thought! You see, not only are they hosting a Bulldog Sale and offering items up to 70% off (no promo code needed), but if you purchase a pair of boots (which start in price at around $15), you can score FREE shipping on your ENTIRE order by using the promo code aeroboot . To find the best bargains, go here, click on the Shop Now link, and sort low to high.

 So as an idea, you could add a $15 pair of boots (reg. $59.50!) to your cart to score FREE shipping and a jacket priced as low as $15 (reg. $50+!) which means you’ll snag both for just $30 (+ tax) shipped! Seems like an awesome deal! :)

* Note that through January 7th, you can instead opt to use the prom code HOLIDAY2012 to get an extra $10 off your $100 order, but keep in mind that you can’t combine with the FREE shipping boot promo code above.

Go through for an extra 4% cash back!

(Thanks, Christinm!)

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  • Monique Holladay says:

    Dang it. I already ordered earlier. :(

  • Jennifer says:

    Purchased these at a previous sale. The coat is really itchy and the boots have no traction. Just my own opinion… but I’m returning these to the store.

  • bennettanthony says:

    Does anyone know when using the digital coupons at randals, does the coupon apply to all or just one of the items

  • Christina Brundick says:

    thanks,my daughter received a $50 gc for Christmas (thank you Swagbucks!) so we ordered a peacoat,jeans,boots and 3 pack of socks for just the $3 tax shipped!

    • vanessa says:

      Christina can i ask you about swagbucks what is exactly ? I think i have an idea but I’ve been hesitant to try it is it something you recommend?

      • betty says:

        Swagbucks is AWESOME! You collect points for just doing searches like you would on google, watching videos, doing free special offers and surveys, referring friends (PLEASE use my referral code if you want to sign up!! it would help me out too! Its ) playing games, all kinds of things you can do to earn points and you can redeem them for gift cards (the best deal is 450 pts for a $5 GC, others are pretty much 500=$5 1000=$10… etc) for all kinds of different stores, online and in-store gift cards or you can save up points and get other things like electronics (Ipads, game consoles… etc and lots of other stuff but I would suggest just getting amazon gift cards cause it is often cheaper to buy the electronics on there than it is to wait and have enough points to get them on SwagBucks. You can even get Paypal gift cards! So thats like free money!) I have been using it for about 3 years and even with only a couple of referrals, literally like 2 referrals I have made a few hundred dollars worth of GCs which really come in handy when Collin posts deals and in my case I use them to buy expensive toner for my laser printer too. Its really great and it is totally free to join, you can refer your family (even people in your household can have their own accounts) and friends and you get points each time they search and win up to 1000 points per person (You get the same points they get for searching only, up to 1000 per person, but there are a ton of other ways to collect points). At first it may take a while to get the hang of it but I am now up to getting about 4000+ points a month easily. So dont waste anymore time debating, SWAG! Its totally worth it! And again, if you want to help me out a little feel free to use my referral link (anyone else out there who would like to use it please go ahead I’d appreciate it a lot :D) If you have any questions about how to earn more once you have signed up with my referral link you can friend me and message me on there, I will be happy to help you with all the tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years. Go for it! Happy Swagbucking!

        • Amanda says:

          I second her recommendation. I would be careful with some of the special offers, I have heard about viruses and not crediting. I stick to the searching, coupons, SBTV and surveys and redeem $25-$75 a month in amazon codes.

      • tess says:

        Swagbucks is pretty easy… You can simply log onto it once a day and “search” for something and you get a random amount of points … once you get .. I think 450 you can earn a $5 amazon gift card. You can earn all sorts of prizes but those are the ones I always redeem for… I recommend, easy way to get free stuff and there is lots of ways to earn points. Just take a couple minutes out of your day….

  • Camille says:

    I went to our local Aeropostale store today and bought four of the puffer coats shown which were priced at $10 and used the $10 off $40 printable on their website. It may be the better deal can be had at the store as they are hoping you will buy other things.

  • jules says:

    I got my daughter $75.00 gift cards for xmas with overage…love it…we are heading to the mall this weekend…

  • betty says:

    Thanks so much Collin!! I got the plum and brown toggle coat and the leopard print boots for $35.20 shipped! I needed a new coat and boots too and my bf hadn’t gotten me an xmas gift yet cause he (nor I) knew what I wanted… so he picked up the tab for this and we saved over $150+ shipping! What a great deal :D Im so excited to get them, I really cant wait! YAY! You made my Christmas, thats the best gift I got and to get it for so cheap makes me even happier, even when its my BF’s $! LoL Anyone saving money makes me happy! TY! TY! TY!

  • Suzanne H says:

    Got the boots for $15 last night – HOPING they are generous in width so I can fit them.

  • an says:

    fyi just called the store at east towne mall in madison wi, and was told all puffer jackets are on sale for $18 ….. guess i’m going online!

  • Vanessa says:

    Thanks Collin. I got the plum toggle coat & boots for $34.98 after tax. So happy with this deal. I just hope the coat fits.

  • Dana G says:

    Found better prices in the store today. Puffer coats were $10 and lots of $5 tees (some sizes were pretty picked thru), plus I used a $10 off $40 q. Came home and placed an order online for sizes that were not available in the store, added a pair of boots for free shipping and will do returns in store, if necessary, once order comes in. Already ordered gifts for next Christmas! Thanks, Collin – you rock!

  • Kristin says:

    I’ve had a horrible experience with their customer service from my order placed on 12/10 (that i still haven’t received!). After searching i found a lot of websites with horrible reviews regarding their customer service. I definitely won’t ever be shopping with them again. Next time i will try to find reviews before i place an order with a company that I’ve never used before :-(

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