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  View changes → New Customers Get $7 Off Your First Order (Or Check Your Account for a $7 Credit)

11:57 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Yay! If you have an account at, check your account for a FREE $7 Credit, which you can use on any order! Or, if you are a new customer, enter code SAVE7NOVICA at checkout to snag $7 off of your first order! And, shipping is only $2.99 so this code will definitely make for some sweet deals shipped right to your door!

Here are a few items I spotted…

Pearl Cluster Earrings, ‘Bluebells’ $13.39
After your $7 credit, or using code SAVE7NOVICA at checkout, your final cost will be just $6.39+Shipping.

Wood ‘Green India’ Bangle Bracelet $12.91
After your $7 credit, or using code SAVE7NOVICA at checkout, your final cost will be just $5.91+Shipping.

Tiger’s Eye and Carnelian Cluster Earrings ‘Breezy’ $14.02
After your $7 credit, or using code SAVE7NOVICA at checkout, your final cost will be just $7.02+Shipping.


Also, keep in mind that the earrings highlighted above also come with a FREE Jewelry box! And on a personal note, I ordered a nice pair of earrings previously from Novica and was very impressed with the high quality and super nice gift box that my earrings arrived it (check out my picture below). What a fantastic and frugal gift to give to that someone special. :)

Go through for 5% cash back or go through for 5% cash back!

(Thanks, Melissa!)

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  • jessica says:

    I have the Pearl and teal Ines in the pictureand they are really nice

  • Melissa says:

    Since I had registered, but never ordered, I was able to use the credit and $7 code together. It even took off shipping. The order says, “still under review,” so I’m hoping it’ll go through!

  • summer says:

    I got the bluebell earrings for my mom for Xmas and she loved them!! Great box too….just ordered another pair for a friend. Got a small 30 cent shipping discount too. With shipping , it was around 7.50

  • amanda says:

    I wonder when our credit expires?

  • Olivia Douglass says:

    Thank you! I ordered a little more expensive pair but got the $7 off! ;)

  • Suzy says:

    No credit for me and I placed an order right before Christmas for some earrings which Collin posted. Oh, well. They were very nice and my neighbor liked them very much. They did not come in a gift box but they did come in a nice little fabric bag.

  • Christina Clark says:

    I have purchased more than six items from Novica and they have all been very high quality and beautiful! LOVE supporting those artisans too!

  • Lisa Abbott (@csupink26) says:

    I got the Pearl cluster earrings, ‘Elusive Moon’ by Nareerat. She also made the Pearl Cluster Earrings, ‘Bluebells,’ and the Tiger’s Eye and Carnelian Cluster Earrings ‘Breezy.’ The Pearl cluster earrings, ‘Elusive Moon’ were $11.19, but with the $7 discount, shipping, and tax my total was $8.22. I can’t wait to get them they are so beautiful.

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