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Bath & Body Works: $10 off $30 Coupon

9:34 AM MST
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Yay! Bath & Body Works just released a new high value coupon… save $10 off ANY purchase of $30 or more! This coupon is valid through January 6th. Pair this coupon up with all the in-store promotions and sales they have available to score some sweet savings!  Plus, keep your eyes peeled for after Christmas clearance deals with items marked down 75%!

Come back to let us know what bargains you’re able to score!

(Thanks, Jacinda!)

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  • Ketsy says:

    Bummer! lol Just went two days ago.. did have a $10 off $40 and the have some of the older scents back at only $4. May use this for candles. Thanks.

    • LisaR says:

      Yep me too!! I went in on $10/$40 w/ my SIL, I got 7 Body wash and lotions for a little over $15!! So still a pretty good deal!! But my Fav deal this year was the $6 candles using the $10/$30!! I was a candle giving fool for Christmas!! LOL

  • Jean says:

    Coupon says it cannot be combined with other discounts so you would not be able to use this on anything on sale.

  • Katherine says:

    This coupon ($10 off $30 purchase) can definitely be used on sale items….. paticular the big 75% sale going on right now. Anymore, over half the store is always on sale… they want you to use the coupon and shop away! :)

    • Camille says:

      It says it cannot be used on sale items, so sounds like they should not accept it on holiday clearance.

      • Camille says:

        Even though it says it cannot be it cannot be used on sale items, I used it at the store and later online. Some prices online were cheaper which paid for the s/h. I’m stocked up now til next year.

  • Jessi says:

    You can use it on sale items, just not in combination with another discount — like a different coupon.

  • Liz says:

    Jean – I read the coupon as it can be used on sale and regular priced items. Under the save $10 off any purchase of $30 or more!

  • maflies1 says:

    This coupon can only be used in store, not online. Bummer. Oh well, that is actually good-keeps me from ordering again, as I just ordered last week. :-)

  • Oralia says:

    I went a couple weeks ago. I needed some lotion and as I was at the mall I ran across a Bath and Body Works store. I remembered that there was a coupon out but I didn’t have it on me. I pulled it up on my phone and the cashier was nice enough to give me the discount. That just made my day! =)

    Thanks for posting all these awesome deals!

  • Julie Chavez says:

    How much is shipping if u purchase 30 dollars of items?

    • Wendy says:

      Shipping is now a flat $5.99 rate on any order on BBW. So you have to buy enough to make it worth that — otherwise it might be worth driving to your nearest store instead.

      • Peter says:

        The company randomly changes the prices of shipping. “Any Order” as they claim is a lie. Shipping STARTS at $5.99 and if your order is less than $10 they charge a $4 surcharge on top of that. :(

  • Kidsallgone says:

    Yeh, I was bummed the other day because I found some amazing prices online (75% off) PLUS I was able to use a 20% off code, BUT I had to pay the $5.99 shipping :( UGH! That made it a not-so-great deal, but can’t beat 2 body washes, 2 lotions, and 2 sprays for $18. All were FULL sizes like 8 to 10 ounces. It would have been AMAZINGGGG to have found a shipping code. I even called the 800# and asked lol :) :) :) but no help there lol!

  • Chelle says:

    I used BIGSALE30 today to get $10 off $30. Valid through the 6th :) Used a GC I scored from MyPoints and after tax and shipping only $6.75. Getting 9 soaps and 4 wallflowers. A way better deal to buy the single ones for $2 versus the $6 two packs. If the scents you like are included. I also really like the Aromatherapy hand soap line as it doesn’t contain Triclosan. The B2G2 is awesome. Only $11 for 4 if you like the eucalyptus mint or orange ginger or lemon (I think). Liked the color of the Sensual bottle, but felt silly having a bottle on my bathroom sink stating the desire to be sensual to my guests lol. Sorry to ramble….Hope the code works for those who missed out on the last one like I did.

  • Belle says:

    Thank you so very much, I j google BBW coupons and stumble upon this blog, I printed the coupon and will use it today;)

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