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Target: Great Deal on Listerine Mouth Rinse

2:31 PM MST
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Wow! Here’s a nice unadvertised deal that you should be able to snag at your local Target through February 23rd. Check it out…

Buy 3 Listerine Mouth Rinse 50-72 oz. = FREE $5 Target Gift Card 
Buy 3 Listerine Mouth Rinse 1.5 liters $5.99 each (look for the 1.5 liter bottles with the bonus 250ml attached)
Total = $17.97
Use the $2/1 Listerine coupon found here 3 $2/1 Listerine coupons found here (will need access to 2 computers) (darn! this coupon states limit one per person in the fine print :( )
Plus, stack with the $1/1 Listerine 1.5 L Target Store Coupon found here
Pay $14.97
Get back a $5 Target Gift Card
Final cost only $9.97 total – $3.32 each!

* Check out the rest of this week’s Target Deals here

(Thanks and Photo Credit, Addicted 2 Savings 4U!)

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  • mel says:

    all J&J brand coupons are Limit 1 Coupon Per Person, so you can’t use 3 of these IPs together.

  • Jenn says:

    Only let me print one of the listerine from

  • Shayla says:

    save those coupons…starting Sat at CVS is an even better deal. According to their ad, if you scan your card at the Magic coupon machine, you should get a $2 off coupon; plus, they are on sale for $3.99 so with the MQ and store coupon, FREE! So stoked, except I have to admit I still have over 10 bottles from the last sale =)

  • KIMBERLY says:

    Don’t forget to use the $2 gift card from Shop Kick, Collin told us about this week.
    That brings the price down even more!!!

  • Bonez says:

    Plus you can save another $1.25 with the Ibotta app!

    • Lindsay says:

      Can someone tell me how Ibotta works? I haven’t used it yet but I keep hearing about it. Thanks!

      • Daniel says:

        Ibotta works like this:
        1. Download the app on your iPhone/Android phone.
        2. Create an account using the iBotta app.
        3. Tap on the offers you like, and do some simple tasks (take a poll, share with Facebook, watch a video, etc.)
        4. When you are at the store, and you want to make sure you are buying the correct item for that offer, you can tap on that offer, and hit the barcode image on the top right corner. Then scan the item. It will tell you whether the product matches the offer or not.
        5. Upload your receipt by tapping “Redeem” in the “offers category, and choosing your store. Make sure you have all the items you want credit for on hand, since you will have to scan them. Then, within 24 hours, iBotta will review your receipt, and make sure you have bought the correct items. You will then receive credit. To check, click on your “Account history” tab.
        6. Then, when you have at least $1.00, you can donate, or when you have at least $5.00, you can cash out using PayPal!
        7. Enjoy your savings!

  • Laura says:

    I saw yesterday an unadvertised GC deal on Centrum vitamins. The 100 count of “Women under 50” or the “Silver” vitamins, $9.99 + $5 GC when you buy 2. For whatever reason the “Men under 50” was not, which is what I was buying for hubby :-/

    Anyways, there is a $2 coupon on plus I found $3 peelies on the vitamins! If you were able to score this deal you could potentially get 2-100 ct vitamins for $4.98 after coupons and GC!! Sad it didn’t work out for me… maybe some of you will have better luck!

  • Conswalla says:

    Limit reached on

  • Catie says:

    There is also an ibotta coupon available

  • Nora says:

    FYI my downtown City Target was 90% off. They had tons of stuff left.

  • Scott says:

    I have a question about that limit 1 per person. If we have 3 people with us, will we be able to use 3 coupons? Is that a work around? Let me know.

    • Tilla Ham says:

      no, 1 per transaction, and since you have to buy 3 at a time to get the gc, it wouldn’t work for this particular deal. would work for something like rite aid where it will track your spending. I think over 3.00 is still way too high, my price point for this size is 1.00 and I do it often at rite aid, and free for the smaller ones. Daughter uses gallons of this stuff with braces

      • Deana says:

        .99 is my buy price for this size Listerine…I frequently get the Scope for .99 at CVS too.

        • Rebe says:

          I am glad someone finally mentioned this Deana. I thought that couponers didnt pay for mouthwash. I pay 99 cents if for some reason I miss the stock up deals.

  • mindy says:

    if you have harris teeter, the 1 L are on sale for 3.99 and they double coupon up to $2 so you can get them for free….just got 3 the other day.

  • Kelly says:

    Target has the 4 coupon limit on identical products. Does anyone know if that means 4 manufacturer and 4 Target coupons, or 4 coupons, period?

    • Shayla says:

      mine is 4 “like” coupons of both. At this point, they still allow you to use one store and one manufacturer on same product; however, not sure how it works if the coupon specially states limit one per transaction (I have seen it say limit one but then state limit of two identical coupons ie: Suave has recently done this). I’m guessing in this case the manufacturer rules supersede the retailers??? Good news is most retailers have been pretty cool about breaking up transactions, as long as they have plenty of stock =)

    • Shayla says:

      ps. the system will not even allow over 4, as you will get a red screen that says coupon can’t be used. But to answer, you should be allowed 4 manufacturer coupons and 4 target coupons on products indicated.

  • Ashlie says:

    Kroger has scope 750ml for 1.99 if you buy 5 (other items are included in the sale too). There’s a .50 off in one of the old red plums that,’ll double making it .99.

  • Star says:

    I just left my Target, and were able to use 3/$2.00 off coupons.. Im going back later to try it again along with the Target coupons.

  • Pat says:

    I just bought three and used 3 $2 coupons and 3 $1 Target coupons. Great deal. Our target doesn’t limit coupons for some reason. I have used 4 of the same coupons in one transaction and nobody said anything and nothing beeped.

  • Nick says:

    Just because target doesn’t stop you from using 3 ( basically cause you people are pulling a fast one on them), it still doesn’t make it right. The manufacturers are relying on the honors system and hoping that their consumers will abide by the restrictions on the coupons. These higher value coupons are going to go away if people keep abusing them and Target will eventually limit us to ONE luck coupon in the future. What a shame!

  • tracey says:

    Harris Teeter had the 1 liter bottle and a small bottle attached for 3.99. I used the $2 coupon that doubled to make them free

  • Pat says:

    3 products for 3 coupons. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. It said $2 off one so you can use 3 coupons for 3 items. Target has $1 off one so if you buy 3 yuo can use 3 coupons. I see nothing wrong with that.

    • Nick says:

      What about one per person do you not get??????

    • Tilla Ham says:

      there usually is nothing wrong with that Pat, but these particular coupons have a limit of one per person as do all Johnson and Johnson coupons. Just as P&G coupons have a limit of 4 per person. If they cashier does not follow the manufacturer rules, the store doesn’t get reiumbursed, therefore NO ONE is paying for the item.

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