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FabKids: Score 5 Pieces of Cute Clothing for Only $7.99 Each Shipped + More

12:48 PM MST
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Wow! Are you lookin’ to add some cute clothes to your little girls wardrobe?! Well, you’ll definitely want to head on over to the FabKids site! Launched with mom and creative partner, Christina Applegate, FabKids offers up new and adorable 3 piece outfits each month (like a graphic tee, tulle knit skirt and footless tights).

But here’s the best part, FabKids is currently offering up members only (you can sign up for a free account here) a special sale: Score Bonus Boxes (which include 5 pieces of clothing) for only $39.95 + FREE shipping – regularly up to $154 value! That means you are paying just $7.99 per item shipped to your door. Plus, they have a few outfits on sale for $19.99 (reg. $39.95!). Note that these items are selling out quickly, so you’ll want to act fast. To browse these sales, go here and click on the “Shop Now” link, then log into your account or sign up for a new account. To find the bonus boxes, just click on the “New Bonus Boxes” link at the top.

Every FabKid outfit comes packaged really nicely and would definitely make great gifts! Plus, the clothes seem to be of high quality (and, they are just so darn cute!).

If you’re interested in checking out FabKids further, head on over here and take a little time to browse around. Also, keep in mind that FabKids is currently available for girls in sizes 2 through 8 (girls sizes 10 and 12 are coming soon!).

IMPORTANT: Note that once you make your first purchase on FabKids, you’ll become an active member. As an active member, you will receive 1 outfit credit for just $39.95 each month for use towards a future purchase. They will email you monthly outfit picks that are personalized for your girl. If you don’t love what you see and do not wish to purchase a credit or be shipped your monthly outfit pick, simply “skip the month” and you will not be charged. There is never any obligation to purchase and you may cancel your membership anytime for any reason.

(Thanks, Summer!)

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  • summer says:

    Glad you posted this Collin! I have 3 fabkids outfits so far, and they are all wonderful. Soft, functional (from a play perspective), and wash well!

  • michellebelles says:

    I got my daughter a box for Christmas. The outfit is adorable! Cancelled afterward without problem.

  • Kristin says:

    They should call it FabGirls..really wish they had cute boy clothes. It seems like they are hard to come by!

    • Cara says:

      I’m expecting a boy and agree — finding cute clothes for my daughter is much easier. I believe I saw on their site that they will have boys’ stuff soon — I hope so!

    • MommySpendsLess says:

      The grass is always greener. :) I have a little girl and it seems to me like it’s always the boys clothing that ends up being a great clearance bargain when the girls is sold out or still at a higher price. Or maybe I’ve just seen enough pink and “I love daddy” that blue, dinos, trucks, balls and “mommy’s little man” outfits seem super cute!

      I think FabKids is planning to introduce a line for boys, as well as extend their offerings into larger sizes. I’m guessing it was easier to start with girls since they can include skirts, dresses and leggings. With boys I’d think it’d be harder to be creative and stay at a certain price point I’ve found (at least for my daughter) that “real” pants (denim and sometimes khaki) are more expensive.

  • Carissa says:

    If anyone wants to use my referral link I would really appreciate it! Thanks!!

  • Ali says:

    I thought I was going to be a fan of FabKids once I ordered an outfit for my daughter. She liked the outfit, but after wearing it once, there were holes in the knees. Shipping was free, but when I went to participate in the latest “sale” they stated if you did not spend $39.95 then shipping was $7.95. Most of the cute clothes on sale are gone and they are clearing out for the spring line which rolls out in Feb. I’ll take another look then, but the jury is still out for me.

  • MommySpendsLess says:

    If you don’t see a combination you like, keep checking. I looked at their site a couple days ago and all the bonus boxes were sold out. They must be remixing them with what they have left. My daughter has 3 of their outfits (I bought 2 and my mom bought one). I love everything we’ve gotten – it does all mix and match pretty well, easy to dress up or down, seems to be fairly good quality and no complaints about the comfort.

  • Cara says:

    Yes, keep checking back as they have updated the bonus boxes since I ordered mine — the first time I looked, I didn’t see any combos I liked and on a whim I looked again and found one I loved. I popped over today when Collin posted, and there are all new combos.

  • Elise says:

    I wish you could mix your own boxes/outfits. All the shirts I like aren’t paired with the bottoms I like. And it’s way too much to by them a la carte. :-p

  • Nikki says:

    I have benn through a dispute with my bank with justfab. I was charged for three months after i cancelled my account. Could not get in touch with them and now they are trying to give the bank problems about returning my money. I did not even recieve anything in the mail but they took my money. SO I WOULD BEWARE.

    • cindi says:

      This isn’t justfab its fabkids. Personally i
      I loved the shoes I got from justfab and had no problem cancelling but I understand that everyone can have different experiences. I just didn’t want people to be wary of fabkids because I don’t think anyone here has had a bad experience with them yet.

  • angela says:

    Does anyone know how to cancel the membership once you have signed up? I have looked on their website and can’t find their link.

  • Megan says:

    I love some of those bonus boxes, but I just can’t order any. My daughter is so picky! I got her so many cute clothes at Gymboree for Christmas. I even asked her what she liked before I bought them and after trying them on and tearing the tags off she said she didn’t like them. So now I have to take them all back again (I already exchanged several things she said she didn’t like as soon as she opened the present). She is 4 1/2. I don’t know how I am going to clothe this child when she is a teen. :-)

  • MillyMomma says:

    While their clothes look pretty their customer service is terrible. The clothes I got were cute the first time my daughter wore them, and even after I followed the directions for cleaning they still pretty much fell apart after the second wash. No big deal, they are not the first brand to do that, so I figured I would just cancel the subscription. Apparently, despite having that option on the online profile, you have to call in and wait forever. After thinking that my subscription was canceled, My account was charged again two months later and when I called to cancel again and get a refund I was constantly interrupted and forced to listen to the same sales push again and again and a refusal to refund me or cancel my account. I would not recommend them to anyone if that is how they treat their customers. So Buyer Beware.

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