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Target: 90% Off Seasonal Clearance Finds = Scotch Scissors $0.50, Battery Powered Toothbrushes $0.49, Nerf Guns $0.49, & Much More

OK, so I am doing yet another post on the Target seasonal clearance. These deals are just too good not to give you all a heads up on. Plus, these items are likely not displayed with all the holiday clearance, but in the sections they’d regularly be in. This means that you have a better shot at snagging them since they are basically hidden clearance bargains. Lots of these items aren’t even marked on clearance at all which makes price checking very important.
Here are more hidden clearance finds for ya:

Scotch precision scissors only $0.50 (Reg. $5!)
Great for clipping coupons! And you’ll need some good scissors after all of the coupons this week! ;)

Spinbrush my way pink only $0.49 (Reg. $4.99!)

Star Wars Gum Battery powered kids toothbrush only $0.49 (Reg. $4.99!)

Crayola Crayon Battery powered toothbrush only $0.49 (Reg. $4.99!)
(Photo Credit)
Nerf Guns only $0.49 each

Fisher Price Cupcake Rattle only $0.48
Select Boxers $0.59 (Reg $5.99!)
And here are clearance items I’ve listed previously to keep your eyes peeled for:

Note that the items pictured above may now be ringing up at 90% off!
* Remember – price check all items as they likely aren’t marked correctly. Also, look in the aisles that the products above would be regularly placed in.
(Thanks, Jayda, Breanna, and all you readers who have emailed about these clearance deals!)