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  View changes → Outerwear Clearance Sale = Coats Starting at Only $15.60 + FREE Shipping

7:52 AM MST
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Wow! Currently, is having an Outerwear Clearance sale for the whole family and offering up items up to 70% off – starting at just $15.60! Plus, all items always ship FREE from (no minimum purchase!)!

Check out a few bargains I spotted…

*Dollhouse Jackets $19.99 (regularly $69.99!)

*London Fog Kids Jackets starting at $15.60 (regularly $52-$72!)

*Gabriella Rocha Coats starting at $29.99 (regularly $149.95!)

+ Lots more! Come back and let us know if you spot any other great deals!

*Go through for 6% cash back or Ebates for 3.5% cash back!

(Thanks, Happy Deal-Happy Day!)

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  • Suzanne H says:

    Got the grey London Fog coat in the next size up for my little guy. Thanks!

  • Emily says:

    Thank you! I bought the ever-popular Western Chief Fireman coat. I see kids wearing them all the time!There was only 1 left and it was in my son’s size! I am so glad. I have been wanting to get him a nice rain coat for some time, but they’re always so expensive.

  • Tracy says:

    Steve Madden boots for 34.99?!?!?! Woohoo!!!! :0)

    • cre8tvnrg says:

      I KNOW Great prices right?? But be careful – go to the store and try some on and make sure they fit – they don’t do returns on their dime – see my post below!

  • Cathy says:

    My 4yr old daughter got that exact blue london fog jacket for christmas from her grandparents. If anyone is on the fence about it, it is a great jacket. Very warm, great quality, beautiful blue. I would definitely recommend.

  • cre8tvnrg says:

    WARNING: I like 6pm but you must know this and learn from my experience… Just be very careful ordering from 6pm great prices but they DO NOT give return labels – therefor you are responsible for any return cost and it can be a lot depending on what you are returning – I ordered 2pr of boots that did not fit (unusual I am pretty true to size but figured they’d exchange or let me return like ALL other shoe websites and most other apparrel websites do since fit is a tricking thing – for free shipping) – the boots totaled $79 – a great deal – but to return them on the SLOW BOAT/cheapest way with UPS and USPS was about the same – it was going to cost $42 and they don’t exchange, only return! So I was going to pay $42 to get back only $37 – rip off – I have to say, I did call, and with much reluctance ( and a warning that they will not give me a label if this happens again – and that their items are such a good price that they don’t offer things like free returns like the other sites – come to find out they are a clearance site for Zappos) the CSR finally sent me a label and I got my full $ back and I learned a valuable lesson – only order if you KNOW it will fit, or know you will be paying for the return shipping and so that amount will offset your deal… you lose if you don’t keep… if I had not gotten the return shipping label, I was going to try to sell the boots on ebay….

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