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  View changes → 2 Holiday Fijit Friends Newbies Only $10 Total (Just $5 Each!) + Free Store Pickup

11:11 AM MST
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Head on over to where you can snag not just one… but two Holiday Fijit Friends Newbies for only $10 total (regularly $25!). That means you are paying just $5 for each one! Awesome! Plus, score FREE store pickup (as soon as 1/14).

(Thanks, Clip & Follow!)

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  • matcar01 says:

    We got a big one for my daughter for Christmas, they need an expansion pack! It tells the same jokes over & over & over…..She loved it for a day or two, sadly it has been tossed aside already.

    • amanda says:

      I agree…our full size Fijit is super annoying, repeats the same stuff and doesn’t do much. Thank goodness it was only $15. I’m sure it’ll be a in yard sale though this summer.

  • Conswalla says:

    Great Toys 4 Tots buy.

  • Misty says:

    My girls, ages 3 and 5, LOVE their full size Fijits – especially the dancing! These are really cute and will make a great Fijit family.

  • b says:

    My daughter wanted one, I kept looking at them and pushing buttons. It didnt do much so I didnt see the point. I am pretty picky when buying toys for my kids, since they have never played with 80% of them. Did anyone else think these were fun or great?

    • MommySpendsLess says:

      I’m 29. I think the Newbies are really cute and want one for my desk at work. I know they don’t do much, they’re just cute, colorful and happy…and I like the musical purring noise they make when you squeeze them. That being said I’m not fond of the full sized ones, I can’t imagine my 3yo playing with one of these for very long and I can’t justify $15 for one (or buying two).

  • Marie says:

    My daughter wanted a furby …. Now I deal with my husband and the furby snoring at night !!! What is the point of these toys

    • Holly says:

      LMAO….Sorry I just found that funny, that would totally be my luck. I almost bought my daughter a furby. I did get the full sized fijit and I’m still not sure what the heck to do with it or how to work it…..My daugther doesn’t even play with it.

  • jessica says:

    My daughters got these newbies for Christmas at dads house. Trust me they are not worth even $5. They don’t do more than a few things, are even move. If you want a fijit wait for full size deal again. haven’t touched these newbies they are 6 and 7.

  • Christy says:

    I got the red reindeer one this Christmas for my 1 year old because the Christmas song it sings is cute and it made my son dance every time I pushed its sides. It only sings the one Christmas song and does a few other noises but the song makes me smile each time I hear it. I payed like $14 before Xmas for it. It makes a cute decoration too, it’s still sitting in my livingroom.

  • victoria says:

    My son received a full size fijit for xmas too, and although the kids really don’t play with it it does make my youngest laugh every time it says Hi ya Papaya! I went ahead and ordered these holiday newbies about a week ago for $10/pair and thought maybe the interaction with the larger one would be cute. I was lucky enough to score the black Halloween cat newbie since it was still available along with the red reindeer. Need to pick them up as they are already at my local walmart.

  • a says:

    We got my daughter the yippit and newbie thru various promos gift cards etc. She is three and the yippit works on claps but her claps aren’t loud enough to register so she uses a drum stick to tap on the floor. She loves her newbie and is actually bringing it in to preschool this week for show and share. Personally I think if your kid likes to “take care ” and “teach pets” these are awesome. (She takes care of virtual pets onmy sons ds) but for example my son has a different personality and just doesn’t care for either yippit or newbie. Hth

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