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World Market: 90% Off Holiday Merchandise (+ Bed Bath & Beyond 70% Off Christmas Items)

12:59 PM MST
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If you are a fan of World Market and/or Bed Bath & Beyond, you may want to head on over to either of these stores. According to my sidekick, Mary, who lives in the Austin, Texas area… World Market is offering up 90% off all holiday merchandise! And, Bed Bath & Beyond is offering up 70% off! This means that you should be able to score some seriously inexpensive wrapping paper, tissue paper, ornaments, decorations and much more!

Here’s what she spotted at her local World Market (as well as the pictures above):

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 12.46.15 PM

And, here’s what she found at Bed, Bath & Beyond:

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  • faith says:

    Sweet! And dont forget ur $5/$15 coupon for bed bath and beyond! They never expire!!

  • shellyb1202 says:

    We had 2 World Markets here in my area, but they both closed a few years ago. I miss them. I loved that store, I stopped in at least once a week. :-(

  • Destinee says:

    Ahhhh does anyone know how much the nutcracker teapots are??

  • Wendy says:

    wow! i had no idea world market clearance got this low — it’s about a 20 minute drive for me but their stuff is absolutely adorable and always a little on the expensive side — might have to do it! thanks mary and collin!

  • Heather says:

    Has anyone seen the 48-count holiday K-Cups on clearance at BBB? I’d been waiting for them to go on sale but now I worry I may have missed it!

    • Erin says:

      I saw them for $10 off at my BBB, so it made them $24.99. I used a 20% one item coupon and got my total to $20. Less than fifty cents per cup is great in my book! My BBB is in Georgia (Canton).

  • Christi says:

    I went to Hobby Lobby and Michael’s today and they both had clearance, 90% for Hobby Lobby and 80% for Michael’s. I got some really cute craft kits for next year as well as some stocking stuffers!

  • amy says:

    where do you get the BBB coupon?

    • faith says:

      i get them in the mail

    • Amanda says:

      Get on their mailing list, and they will mail you 20% off coupons and $5/$15 coupons (with their circulars). They have an expiration date but the stores will actually continue to accept them indefinitely. I have used coupons that expired years before with no problem. Once in a while, there is a 20% off coupon available online, but I think those have a true expiration date that the stores abide by.

  • Samantha says:

    Toys R US /Babies R Us is doing 90% off of their holiday items as well. I was able to get TONS (and I do mean tons!) of wrapping paper for next to nothing… 90% off of $3.99 might as well be free! Also got a cute little snowman hat for my baby for next year for 40 cents!

  • Megan says:

    My World Market had less than those pics the day after Christmas. :-( I got a few things at 50% off, but I highly doubt mine has anything left.

  • Ashley57 says:

    Cracker Barrel also had 90% off Christmas when I was there on Tuesday. Mostly candy canes. I picked up some holiday chocolate for .08 cents each!

  • irene says:

    Picked up a few 90% off Christmas items at Target recently. Had to rummage through a small assortment for a while to find stuff. At checkout, I almost forgot about the $2 GC on Shopkick until the very end. Ended up paying $.32 for everything. That was fun! :)

  • liz says:

    Can you stack a bed,bath and beyond 20% coupon with a 5 off 15 coupon on just one item as long as the total was over 15.00 required amount? Thanks…..

  • Rene' says:

    Select is still decent at Cost Plus in Bellevue, WA.

  • A.R says:

    Does BBB clearance hit 90% off too?.. Thanks..

    • Leaora says:

      No, not 90% off in sticker they only go up to 75% off. But you can combine clearance with the 20% coupon or $5 of $15 coupon. They usually have reduced the price prior to adding the sticker though so it can be 90% off all total. (ex: original price: $19.99, new price: $9.99 with 75% sticker and 20% off coupon = $2 plus tax)

  • The Sugar-Free Couponer says:

    I just called the World Market in Raleigh, NC… they are 90% if anyone is wondering :)

  • Bethany says:

    TONS of chocolate, peppermint pigs (no idea what these are, but there were so many), these mint brownie things, and crackers (poppers, not like edible crackers!) at the World Market at Easton in Columbus, OH. They also have these adorable Xmas tree cake pop kits for $1. The sticks they give you are red and white stripes – perfect for Valentine’s Day cake pops! Everything in there is good to use for circular V-Day ones (instead of the trees they suggest), just have to go to Joann’s or Michael’s with a 40% Q and buy some red or pink Wilton Candy Melts! Great deal! The Lennox one did not have very much at all….just these giant hot chocolate tubes. I’m still hoping for Pier 1 to go 90% off. Anyone know if/when that’s coming? I googled searched it and it looks like past years it was wayyy into January.

  • Daniel says:

    If you go to, they have 90% off there. Here are some great deals:
    OH, GOODY ANOTHER COLLAR, $0.20 (gum drops)
    STEENLAND MESH BAG OF HANUKKAH GELT, $0.40 (chocolate coins)
    You’ll also get an additional 10% off with code SAVE902!
    Even with the shipping fee being $4.95, I still think you can score fantastic deals! You’ll be stocked up for next Christmas! :)

  • tisha says:

    there was a world market coupon in my local paper here this week, not sure if it excluded clearance, but would be worth a look. i think it was $10 off $50 purchase.

  • Leaora says:

    I work at Bed Bath and Beyond and our clearance is crazy right now. As far as getting coupons to combine with clearance you can get them via email, newspaper, some magazines, sunday newspaper, and now via text (text OFFER to 239663). Also, employees have to type clearance amounts in and sometimes if they don’t see the sticker you end up paying full price so be sure to watch what it rings up as. Hope this helps!

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