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Wrapp App: Free $5 ToysRUs Gift Card (In-Store)

5:13 PM MST
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WooHoo! Here’s yet another Wrapp freebie! Wrapp, a social gift-giving service that allows you to give FREE and paid gift cards from top brands to your Facebook friends, is offering up completely FREE $5 ToysRUs gift cards (not available to everyone).  This offer was recently posted about on their Facebook page here.

Just go here to get started. After connecting through Facebook, choose a Facebook friend to send the gift card to (it appears with this offer that it may have to be a Facebook friend that has never used the Wrapp app or a Facebook friends that they think would be a good fit for the Toys R Us gift card?). The recipient will have 30 days to claim and redeem their FREE gift card. Note that there are also other gift cards available to send if the Toys R Us gift card isn’t available.

* Limit 1 per person. In-store only. To redeem from your phone, display mobile coupon at checkout. Not valid outside USA. Not valid toward Buyer Protection Plan, gift cards (including those for digital content), photo studios, phone orders, special orders, assembly fee, breast-pump rental fee, delivery fee, or shipping & handling. Not valid with any other “R”Us total transaction offer or on prior purchases. Void where prohibited. Except as required by law, this voucher may be used IN A SINGLE TRANSACTION ONLY, only on a purchase of $5 or more, is valid only for 30 days from date of issue, and cannot be refunded or redeemed for cash. Refunds only for store credit in form of a Toys”R”Us Merchandise Return Gift Card. Coupon prorated among eligible items purchased.

(Thanks, Mom’s Coupon Affair!)

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  • tia says:

    They dropped me. Said something to the effect that my FB is all about deals/coupons and that’s not what this “service” is for.

  • paula says:

    Me too,said my face book account was fraudulent,WHAT? Anyway,bummer!

  • Daisy says:

    I’m having such a horrible first experience with Toys “R” Us that I will never buy anything from them again. :( With a month passed, they still haven’t resolved the situation.

  • Megan says:

    I had issues redeeming the last offer in store. It wouldn’t scan and when they entered the gift card number it still wouldn’t work.

    • Sally says:

      I still have the $5 gc from last offer, I am afraid it will not work after reading many negative comments from other Hipsavers.

      • Julie says:

        I was able to use the last time they offered the $5 without any problems. They tried as a gift card, but it didn’t work. So they guy tried as a coupon and the $5 came off no prob. I was able to use a manufacturer coupon also, so got a good deal. I was expecting the worst because I NEVER have any luck with Toys R Us and coupons.

    • N.S. says:

      It worked for me and my husband

  • Theresa M says:

    I used my last one no problem at all!

  • vishnu says:

    Was able to send office depot and toys r us cards, 5 EACH to multiple recipients. Hope they will work.

  • Sarah says:

    My Wrapp worked at toys r is last time and so did my husbands. (Boise Idaho)

  • DAwn says:

    I don’t really get this……what is the point of this company giving out all these supposed gift card? And some aren’t even valid?

  • Sarah M says:

    I think it’s spammy :(

  • Anna says:

    Off topic……. Collin, I wanted to thank you so much for the gift I won about 2 years ago. It was a beautiful Melissa and Doug deluxe easel set. My daughter had just been born, so we saved it under our bed. Today, I finally opened it and set it up and it was an instant hit. She loved it and we would not have been able to get that for her otherwise. Thank you once again, I am so thankful for your site and all you do!!!

  • nancy says:

    pls someone tell me how to redeem this. i have $5 in my wallet. in wrapp

  • Gail says:

    my update on wrapp. i got the first gc and tried to use it and it would not work. i wrote their customer service and complained. i FINALLY got a response earlier this week. they apologized and “refreshed” it and told me to try again and to tell the TRU cashier to scan it as a coupon not a gift card. :/ i plan to try again on Monday when my TRU rewards r us $4 coupon becomes active.

    i have vowed to only use TRU for 2 things 1) exclusive Lego i can’t get elsewhere 2) deals like this one / TRU rewards coupons.

    for this current deal i sent it to as many friends as it would let me and told them to use it as a coupon.


  • Kaitlynn says:

    I’ve used the cards on multiple things and have been able to get some great deals and free stuff!!! Thanks for posting!

  • Leah @ Crunchy Farm Baby says:

    I don’t think it’s working anymore. I can see that my friends have given/received the ToysRUs card, but I can’t find access to it anywhere to gift….

  • DAwn says:

    Help, please! I”m totally confused. I sent one to my husband, and he made an “account” to sign in and it’s now in his “Wallet” but I see no where to print it out???? I click on it and it doesn’t do anything except say that I have “opened” this gift??? I sent it via email, but even that didn’t do anything in the link? How do you get this so that it comes up to print??? Thanks

  • patrick says:

    anyone interested in being fb friends to get more wrapp gc’s?

  • Clarissa says:

    I have used SO many of the free Wrapp gift cards and have never had an issue. I can’t tell you guys how much free or close to free stuff I’ve gotten thanks to Wrapp.

    • Erin says:

      Same here. Somehow I ended up with 2 $5 Office Depot wrapps and my husband had a $5 office depot wrapp. Went to Office Depot and used all 3 on a $15 Family Calendar for the fridge. You can use them all together because they are gift cards (not coupons) at Office Depot. Got the calendar for $0.89 (just tax). So exciting! Used mine and my hubby’s $5 Gap wrapps for free socks at Gap. Used the $5 Toys R Us ones for gifts for others (Christmas and birthday). Used the, hayneedle, sephora, and ones for gifts. Love it!

  • Izabela says:

    Does any of you have a Sephora gift card and would like to trade for other one?..except TRu though..I have a little one at home:) please message me to Thank you! Ps. Sephora expires today….

  • DianeNC says:

    I can’t really figure this application out – it didn’t ask me to give anyone anything, but instead gave me a one-month subscription to the WSJ Digitial and Weekend – nothing about any ToysRUs gift card or giving me a choice of an alternative. How confusing, LOL.

    • DianeNC says:

      I got an e-mail from them that gave me alternatives (still nothing from ToysRUs,) but it appears the recipient has to have a Smartphone or something to take advantage of the offer. Unfortunately, they don’t and I don’t either. Thanks for the info, though, Collin! I’ll definitely keep it in mind if/when I’m ever able to use it in the future! :D

  • The Sugar-Free Couponer says:

    I love Wrapp! I’ve used quite a few gift cards and never had any issues!

  • Shauna R. says:

    Could only find one of my “couponing” friends that had the option of Toys R Us. Oh well, one’s better than none! :) Glad I could help her out.

  • Ashley says:

    Dumb question- I’d been gyfted a couple gift cards and when I redeemed them I had the option to print. So I printed them and planned on using them at the mall tomorrow. I assumed that’s how it worked, but now it sounds like most people are redeeming them on smartphones (which I understand IS the intention of the app). Will I be able to redeem them with them being printed out? They have the cashier instructions and card # on them. Thanks in advance!

    • mel says:

      Are you talking about gyft or wrapp bc those are two totally different apps. I don’t have gyft, so I can’t help you on that one, maybe they have a print option. but for wrapp I’ve never gotten an option to print the e gc. I have to open the app in store to redeem.

      • Ashley says:

        Haha! Yep, I’m talking about something completely different, lol. All these apps and gift cards have got me confused. At least now I know I’m not crazy for getting the option to print, seeing as how it was w/gyft and not wrapp. Thank you!!!

  • Amanda J says:

    I would really like this one and can’t find it as an option to send! If anyone can send me one I would really appreciate it!

  • DAwn says:

    Wait, since the TRU has to be scanned as a coupon, we can’t use more then one, right??? Whereas if it could be used as a giftcard, you could use multiple?

  • Jake says:

    I’ve used a number of Wrapp gift cards both in stores and online, it’s made for some free/really cheap deals. I just used my girlfriends/my accounts to get some tshirts from PLNDR for only .99 ea. Not sure why people are saying it’s spammy, etc. Just my experience though!

    That being said, I couldn’t send Toys R Us cards to anyone =(

  • Erin says:

    Anyone know if this can be used toward diapers??

  • Linds0918 says:

    Does anyone have sephora gift cards they want to trade? I have almost everything lol :)

  • jenn says:

    I was wondering. If I send out 20 of the shutterfly gcs in one day. Will it let me send more in 24hrs? Or is 20 max?

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