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Happy Friday: Emailing Companies for Coupons

4:35 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Sent from reader, Jamie:

A couple of weeks ago, I decided that I was going to try emailing companies and asking for coupons. I sent out a bunch of emails and was so surprised when my mailbox started filling up with coupons and even a package at my door with products! I have received positive responses from 9 companies so far. I wasn’t successful with many of my emails; I did receive a lot of responses telling me to check my local paper for coupons. However, the coupons that I did receive definitely
outweighed the no’s!

My method was going to the websites of the products that I love and use frequently and clicked on their ‘contact us’ link. I would write them a short note telling them why I liked their product and how I use it. Then I would ask if they
could direct me to where I could find coupons for their products and leave my name and address. I thought that your readers could benefit from the coupon friendly companies that I have come across!

Chobani – 3 magnets, 3 coupons for FREE 6 oz yogurt, and 3 coupons for 30 cents off a 6 oz yogurt
Fresh Express – 2 coupons for 55 cents off any packaged salad
Ocean Spray – 1 coupon for a FREE juice 64 oz or smaller
Skinny Cow – 2 coupons for 75 cents off any product
Edy’s – 2 coupons for 75 cents off any product
Barilla – 1 coupon for $1 off any microwaveable meal

Earthbound Farms and Yoplait responded to my email saying mailed coupons were on their way but I am still patiently checking my mailbox.

But my favorite of all was from Five Hour Energy – they sent me a package with 6 Five Hour Energy! When I opened it, I squealed like I won the lottery and my husband thought I was nutty! :D

I plan on continuing to send out emails to see what responses I can get next!


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  • Rebe says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! I have had good luck with Cento, Pizza Uno, Floridas orange juice and Newman’s Own. Good luck!

  • Lyndsay says:

    I wrote to Olive Garden not too long ago because I didn’t like the taste of one of their newer menu items. I was sure to tell them how much I usually LOVE their food and that we go there on a regular basis. They mailed me a $20 gift card and took the menu item off the menu entirely! It was great!

  • Rachel says:

    I’ve also had great luck with Pampers ($10 off any size diapers coupon), Ziploc (coupon for free package of ziploc bags), Organic Valley (5 x $1 off any product coupons) and several others. Just keep in mind that your response is the result of a single representative… if you don’t like the response you get, just wait a few weeks and try again. I’ve had several companies respond differently when I contacted them a second time, and received a response from a different rep! It’s DEFINITELY worth the effort to send a few kind words… if nothing else, it’s a little positive energy being spread. That’s the kind of thing that’s contagious in a good way!

  • betty says:

    I used to do this a lot a couple of years ago but I think that companies have stopped being so generous due to so many people writing trying to get free stuff and coupons because the use of coupons has really gone up in the last few couple of years. I was really disappointed with Jack Links because I bought one of their (very over priced) beef jerky stick thingies at a speedway, and it was no where near the expiration date, I didnt think much of it when I opened it and took a bite, but when I looked down there was MOLD all over the backside of it, I kept it in a ziploc in the fridge for a little less than a week until I had the time to sit down and write a letter explaining what had happened and get it to the post office and I have never seen something EXPLODE into a giant pile of mold so quickly in my life, so I sent them a letter and included the product in the bubble mailer which cost me a couple of dollars to send, and I got a very generic “sorry you werent satisfied with our product” letter and 2 coupons for free products. Honestly, that was a pretty lame answer for having taken a bite of mold and sending them the product so they could see how disgusting it was. It almost cost me the same as what they sent me worth just to buy the original moldy jerky and send them the package with it inside. I was very disappointed with that response and I dont think I will be using their products anymore. But I do agree with the couple of people who said that companies often say no, or to look in the sunday paper because of how many people are trying to get free products by writing to them now. No offense at all to Jamie for sharing her mailbox freebies and coupons at all but that is one of the reasons a lot of people will get no as a response when they get bombarded with people looking to score free stuff or coupons. It just may not work for long if everyone starts doing it thats all. I wrote pampers when my sister and I were both religiously using their products but all I got as a response was “thanks for being a loyal customer, look for coupons in the sunday newspaper inserts.” I thought that was a little rude considering how nice my email to them was and how much money we had spent with their company between the 2 of us. I would just take it easy on writing to all the same companies as other people, because they will catch on that it is being spread around that they give out free stuff and they will just stop it all together. Considering how many people read this blog too it will definitely be a red flag to the companies if they get a whole bunch of emails from people at the same time asking for stuff. Just MHO please dont take offense, I just think this is why many of you will get no’s as answers, or just “thanks for using our products”. Good Luck but please dont be greedy, just be honest and choose the companies you really do appreciate and use.

    • VictoriaF says:

      I had the exact same experience with Jack Links and I also bought them at Speedway. My 2 year old daughter took a bite of it before we noticed mold. I was so scared and upset, so I posted picture of it on their facebook page. They did not respond and just kept deleting my picture. Well, I kept posting it and after 5 attempts I finally got a response. They just sent me two free products coupons as well. I buy different brand since then.

    • Ashley57 says:

      I had a similar experience with Science Diet. I bought two bags of their food no where near the expiration date, and both bags were full of flies and their eggs. It was gross. When I wrote them and told them about it, they said they would send coupons. After several months of not getting any, I wrote again. They finally sent coupons to me, and then it was only two $10 off coupons, which isn’t even enough to replace the two bags. Thankfully, Petco had already refunded my money.

  • kristina says:

    I emailed gatorade, nestle(flavored water) and both told me they don’t give out coupons,

    • Brittany says:

      Gatorade does if you have a problem. I wrote to them a few months ago because my boyfriend and I bought a large pack of their product, the tropical punch flavor, and it is absolutely disgusting. I just sent them a nice letter letting them know that it has an overwhelming mango flavor, and they should look into it. They said they’d forward my message to their product development department, and sent me a coupon for a free Gatorade product up to $10.

  • Donna says:

    I emailed red vines probably about 6 months ago and told them how I loved red vines and how I really wanted to try grape vines and then asked if they had any samples or coupons they could send me and I was so surprised when they mailed me a box with 3 packs of red vines and 3 packs of grape vines. They were full size packs too.

  • Jillian says:

    I was inspired to do this when another blog suggested it my best results were from Johnson and Johnson who sent me a dollar off any product and taste of the wild a dog food company. I sent them an email saying i wanted a coupon to try the dog food and they sent me a whole box of samples!

  • Leslie Costic says:

    I emailed my dog food company last month and they emailed back with a $7.00 off coupon link that could be printed several times. I was SO happy!

  • Kenneth H. says:

    I purchased some Milk Bone treats and there was on small burned piece in box. I called there customer line and they assured me this is rare that those pieces get in the box. They sent my a $4 plus coupon for my concern.

  • Brandy says:

    Hm. Just saw this the other day on someones blog from pinterest. I think i’ll wait a couple weeks for traffic to calm down but how awesome of come companies!

  • Marcee says:

    Leslie Costic~ what dog food company was it?! Thanks!

  • Susan says:

    I recently emailed P&G about some Downy I had just opened. It was very thick and did not seem to work. Honestly I assumed it was really old and I had not rotated my stock pile well. I gave them the production numbers on the bottle. I just received a coupon for a free bottle this week.

  • Ron Skotnicki says:

    Does anyone have a link for company’s that you can write to for coupons and freebies?

  • May says:

    I emailed Purex because their pods left blue spots on my clothes (that luckily washed out). They sent me two $5 vouchers to purchase 2 bottles of Purex detergent. I thought that was really nice.

  • Ashley57 says:

    Also, anytime you truly have a problem with a product (it tastes weird, looks weird, breaks before it should, etc) just write the company. They will almost always send a coupon for a replacement.

  • shanshan says:

    Some people abuse this, writing fake compliments or complaints just to get free coupons. I wonder where you draw the line?

    • Tilla Ham says:

      exactly! As someone that has worked in customer service, it is very difficult to take everything said at face value, when you see the same thing over and over…but I guess if someone is writing you to tell you they LOVE your product, they don’t really have reason to lie

    • Conswalla says:

      Agreed. Pretty sad.

    • betty says:

      agreed 100%

    • grace says:

      i totally agree. now all these companies are going to get flooded with a ton of insincere emails from people all hoping to score coupons or freebies. i can’t believe some people are complaining about the low-value coupons the companies sent them…or those who are in disbelief that the companies didn’t give out any samples…these companies are struggling financially as well. let’s not take advantage of the generosity from the companies that really do try to provide great customer service.

  • Wendy says:

    You are sooo smart;)

  • QL says:

    I have good luck calling companies’ 800 numbers :)

  • mary says:

    I agree with Betty! These business’s can’t afford give everyone a freebie, so if you get a non promoted one might be best to just enjoy it & not broadcast it. The Freebies Collin lists are promotional giveaways

  • Marie says:

    If you go to the website for SC Johnson and email them how much you love a product, you usually get a coupon for a free one. I have found though that calling (rather than emailing) works much better. What you do is when you eat something or use something you really like/or don’t like, look on the package for a number to call and have the product in your hand, tell them how much you like OR Hate their product and you almost always get a freebie coupon. All they need is package info to prove you used it. I’ve done this for years. It takes time but if you have time what have you got to lose?

  • Brittany says:

    Instead of emailing (which everyone does), I send actual real letters to companies through the mail. Usually I use little blank note cards that I get for cheap in the clearance section. I think it’s much more personal that way. Whether I get more responses or not I’m not sure, but I think it’s worth it to take the extra time if I really love/hate something.

  • Erica says:

    I did this with Wendy’s restaurant but it was because of my negative experience in the restaurant with some of the employees. They were very generous with the coupons they sent me. I remember getting five different coupons. Some were for $1 or $2 off but a company represenative actually called me on the phone to talk about the situation before sending me out the coupons. Thats the kind of customer service I like! :)

  • samantha says:

    Hi i just started doing the same thing.i got more yes responses than no’s. Can you give me the email address to 5 hour energy. And wat you said

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