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Kmart: 90% Off Christmas Clearance

1:49 PM MST
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If you are still looking for Christmas Clearance items to snag at rock bottom prices for next year, you may want to stop by your local Kmart where they currently have Christmas items marked down to 90% Off, including ornaments priced as low as $1.29 (reg. $12.99) and wrapping paper for just $0.49!

Also watch for Christmas Cards and Gift Bows marked down to just $0.59 (reg. $5.99)! And, check out the email I just got from Hip2Save reader, Ana…

Kmart has finally put their x-mas stock to 90% off. I just bought a 7 1/2 foot Jaclyn Smith tree for $24!

Have you scored any great Christmas Clearance bargains at your local Kmart? I’d love to hear!

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  • Jeff Walker says:

    By the time I found it 70% it was all cleared out. I don’t think they will be anything left!!

  • katie says:

    yea, what store has any christmas stuff left now?

  • angelahoang12 says:

    Dang where do you live??? All your store photos are always fully stocked. I just left my K-Mart in San Leandro,CA and it is still at 70%. There is mostly wrapping paper, tree skirts and random broken junk.

  • Joy says:

    Michael’s Craft stores also may have Christmas items at a deep discount, I purchased wrapping paper for .39 and .59 yesterday!

  • brittany says:

    dollar general where I live has a lot left but I think you just have to cruise around looking for it, I am waiting on the valentine’s stuff to go on sale

  • Gail says:

    last year i snagged a beautiful artificial tree for $14.95 regularly $149

  • Liz says:

    Can’t believe that Kmart in the picture still well stocked. My Kmart had wrapping paper and junk.

  • deidre says:

    Big Lots is also 90% off, I went to 2 store and they had a ton of stuff.

  • chris says:

    Our Kmart is also still at 70% as of 8pm last night. They are milking it for all they can get.

  • erica says:

    My CVS is at 90% now…it was mainly picked over, but I did manage to pick out 3 rolls of wrapping paper for 88 cents total!

  • rn30032 says:

    i think these photos are staged!!!!! stores have been empty for days now… local store (i’m Atlanta) have V-day and Easter items out already!!!!!

    • Ymendoza01 says:

      The best advice I ever got from someone was never assume the worst of people. (like that they would stage a picture for whatever reason) It has been working miracles in my life, I hope it helps you too.

    • Patti says:

      My store (CT) had four rows full of Christmas stuff left, plus a whole section of trees. I got a tree for $7.49. and a cart full of other stuff for about $16.00. I was in there on sunday and heard the rumor of 90% off the next day…I lucked out!

  • Angie says:

    The Kmart by me is closing; what a scam they are running! Especially the Christmas stuff. Everything has a price sticker on it and is 20% off marked price. Everything is marked way up to get it down where they want it, or its even higher than what is was originally. The Christmas Cards are $1.79 (thats not 90%!!) One time in April I saw 90% Valentines Day stuff: The chocolate hearts were $7.90? That means they were originally $79.00! Yea right. Thats why they are closing…

    • Yoko says:

      When a store is closing, they hire a liquidation company to get ride of stuff. That’s liquidation company putting those prices, not Kmart.

  • aeriemmigames says:

    I no longer shop at Kmart because their stores are always filthy and the employees are hard to find, and if you’re lucky to find one, they will ignore you or just be completely rude. The last time I was in a Kmart, there were piles and piles of stuff everywhere and you had to move things just to squeeze down an aisle, and there were tiles missing from the floor and everything was over priced. I bought some jeans from them that said they were I think 40% off, they were around $16 and only lasted two wears before ripping at the knees and in between the legs.

  • tiffany says:

    I was in KMart in Clearwater, Fl last week to get the deal they had on toilet paper, and the Christmas section actually had a bit of stuff left, mainly little things, but lots of trees. It was only 70% then, thoughm so I didnt get anything, but my point is, some stores are shopped more than others. I highly doubt anyone is ‘staging’ these pictures… what would be the point? really?

  • jennifer says:

    had some stuff it was marked 70 percent but I scanned the cards and paper and they were 90 percent off. I love Kmart I have been able to get really good deals and my kids had an awesome Christmas because of that store and the 1/2 off clrx prices back in Oct and Nov.

  • Adam says:

    Totally i agree i live in Ohio and these pictures are not staged. We got a huge amount of stuff at 90% off. Also all of the Air Wick Festive Moments candles and sprays are 90% off and they were just in the regular isle. Also scan Renuzit Adjustables they are ringing up just .10 cents each for the limited edition Mandarin lemonade i bought 27 of them for 2.70.

  • carrie says:

    In addition to the Christmas being 90% off, my Kmart in Lynchburg, VA, they had and extra 50% off their baby department! I got an $80 car seat for $15, a Cosco pack in play for $17, Huggies diapers for $5 and a 2 pack of sippy cups for $2. They had lots of other baby related items super cheap!

    • Liz says:

      I never find anything at that store and have just given up going! Maybe I should try it again… Good to see another L-burg shopper :)

  • tomi says:

    I stoppedy by Kmart today and they still had $250 tree for 90% off!! (although I didn’t buy it because we only use fresh cut tree every year). They had decent amount of decorations, gift wraps etc.

  • Heather B. says:

    My store also had johnsonville sausage/cheese gift sets for just $2.49. :) I also found a princess nightlight for $.69 :)

  • Faith says:

    My store had quite a bit of stuff. I got some gift bags and a Christmas tree normally 49.99 for 4.99. Not a bad deal.

  • Lindsey says:

    I am pretty jealous of those finding Christmas trees! My husband and I decided weeks before Christmas that this was the year we would finally retire ours and get a new one and I have not found a single one anywhere since they went on sale at Target for 30% off. Glad others are finding great stuff though!

  • Missy says:

    Stopped by K-Mart yesterday, saw the 90% off Christmas stuff and scored a $159.00 tree for $15.90 – had $5 in rewards to spend, so $10.90 for a 7ft tree! Yay!! Finally I can retire our old pathetic looking tree!

  • Sarah says:

    Does anyone know where there are still good deals in Indianapolis? I am looking for a good deal on a tree :) Thank you!

  • kat says:

    I went tonight…got great deals on Jacquelyn Smith garland $2.49 and wreath $4.99

  • tammy pryor says:

    I GOT A 7 1/2 foot white prelit jaclyn smith tree for ONE DOLLAR AND NINETY NINE CENTS!!! it was market 19.99 and then they gave me 90% off that. WOO HOO

  • tammy pryor says:

    i am in maryland i got the 1.99 7ft white prelite tree. 4 boxes of balls and 2 pks of bows for 7 bucks!!

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