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Better World Books: 40% Off Used Books + Free Shipping = 5 Children’s Books $11.94 Shipped

1:42 PM MST
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Through tomorrow at 4PM EST, Better World Books, a site that donates a book to someone in need with every book purchase, is having a Flash Sale and offering up an additional 40% off whenever you buy 5+ used books from the bargain bin! Just add 5 used books to your cart and you will see this awesome discount reflected at checkout. Even sweeter, they always offer FREE shipping worldwide!

They have tons and tons of used books participating in this promo, so make sure to take some time to browse around. I spotted adorable children’s hardcover books priced at just $3.48-3.98, so as low as only $2.09 shipped per book! Awesome deal! Here’s what my cart looks like…

What awesome deals on books!

* Go through for 3% cash back or go through for 3% cash back!

(Thanks, Nika!)

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  • LoveThemBooks says:

    I did two big orders. I’m psyched!

  • Caroline Anderson says:

    I’ve ordered from them before and am not impressed.
    Their service is not very good

  • Kathy says:

    If you go thru My Points it’s 2 points per dollar spent.

  • Kris says:

    Anyone have any potty books to recommend for toddlers? Not sure how I feel about used potty books, but I buy everything else used :)

  • Nika says:

    This is my 3rd order with Better world books… I’m happy with them. It’s the things that they do that you don’t see, that make the greatest impact,… they are green for recycling books, and for every book you buy through them, they donate books to children in need & help fund literacy programs. Plus, always free shipping! It’s an act of kindness & a great deal, all in one! :)

  • jen says:

    I love how you post such good sites for books, each time I find books for my teen daughter who loves to read and wants to have the books on hand to reread later. These prices definitely help and I don’t mind paying for most of them :) Thank you !!!

  • Joy says:

    Prices are great! I think the flash sale is over…

  • Kelli says:

    Great deal on some photography books. I have been collecting a series of state books and they had several in the bargain bin. Thanks!

  • BeckyBell says:

    Thanks Collin! Found a couple of my book club books for this year and a few board books for my son!

  • Amanda says:

    The sale was still on for me! I managed to get a bunch of out-of-print novels I’ve been searching for forever! Thanks, Collin!!!

  • Megan says:

    I spent a ton of time yesterday adding stuff to my cart because I got an email about the sale and wanted to be ready for it. Their servers crashed this morning and I lost everything in my cart. I spent an hour trying to place an order with no luck. I emailed them about the problem and tried again later. I managed to place two small orders instead of the one big one. Then I got a response from them apologizing for the problem and offering a gift card for my troubles!

    I have ordered from them before and although it took a long time to receive my order, I enjoyed what I got and especially the price. I am super excited to get the stuff I just ordered too!

    Just as an FYI – If you are picky about your books or are looking for something for a gift and are not comfortable giving used books, you may not like this site. Most of the books are USED, which means they may not be perfect. But for us, that is how we buy most of our books anyway so it’s fine.

  • Jenna says:

    I ordered last time that you posted this deal. I have to say that I’m not impressed. The “used” books were EXTREMELY used! They were so gross! I felt like I needed to soak them in Lysol before my baby could touch them. Every book was a library book that had been checked out at least 20 times! Just not impressed.

  • Tharen says:

    Just placed two orders. I ordered some special needs books that I have been shopping around for less than $2 that were going for over $35 each on Amazon! I like this website to find hard to find books that are usually pricey or quick reads for myself. I agree that some of the “used” books are VERY used. I don’t think they are the best buys for kids, especially young toddlers or those with low immune systems. But I love the philosophy of the company, and will continue to support them:) Thanks for introducing me to them!

  • Jennifer says:

    Based on the comments, the used books that some people are receiving must be VERY used. As a parent that frequents the library with 2 kids (preschooler, toddler) and goes through hundreds of kids books, I have no problems buying used books. When I order from Better World Books, I normally try to order “good” or better condition books and try to stay away from “acceptable”. If you want books in better condition, try to look for “very good” or better condition. The description will usually tell you if you are receiving ex-library books…although I have gotten ex-library books that were not disclosed as such in past orders. Still, for the price and selection…as well as the books donated and funds raised for literacy, I love Better World Books.

  • ilka says:

    I ordered with them before as well and was very disappointed in the books. They were in very bad condition and the flip books were missing all the flips. Not usable at all, gave it to Goodwill! Even the items described as “very good” have handwriting etc. in them.

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