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High Value $1/1 Duncan Hines Frosting Creations Flavor Packet = FREE at Various Stores

11:31 AM MST
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Wow! Check out this high value Duncan Hines coupon! Just hurry on over to their site and scroll down to locate and print a SmartSource coupon valid for $1/1 any Duncan Hines Frosting Creations Flavor Packet! These packets are regularly priced around $0.89 to $0.99 , so FREE after the coupon!

(Thanks, Couponaholic!)

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  • Julianna says:

    Having an issue with Java versions with this coupon! Won’t let me print even if I enable all Java.

    • JohnandLamora says:

      Java has been having issues for awhile now, they are trying to fix them. I can’t use any smart source coupons either :(

      • Steph says:

        JAVA has a new version to download that replaces the older version that was causing the problems last week (hackers). Uninstall the current version you have and just install the latest version available when you try to print from Smartsource. Hope this helps. I’m no computer tech expert but it worked for me when I couldn’t print last week.

    • maggie says:

      It will not let me install. crazy!

    • mel says:

      Maybe try switching your browser. I disabled java in chrome, so I go through IE.

    • shanshan says:

      One time I had problem printing coupon from FB, online technician pointed out I have too many versions of Java. So I went to Start> Control Penal> Add or Remove Programs. Indeed I saw at least 5 versions of new/old Java were installed! So I removed them all, and go to to install the newest Java7 update 11. Since then I was able to print from SmartSource with no problem.

      I believe for Mac you actually don’t want Java7 but Java 6.

  • janel says:

    I used these for my halloween party and was surprised and how yummy they were and being able to do so many flavors at once was fun (we used a tiny bit from lots of flavors).

  • Kelly says:

    had major issues printing smart source on firefox, i had to switch to ie.

  • tia says:

    The holiday flavored ones are on clearance at Walmart for $.25. They were on a rack near the cash registers over the weekend.

  • Angie says:

    I had the same problem. I usually used my Mozilla Firefox but it did not work. I used my regular Internet Explorer (with out the add ons) and it printed just fine. Try this if you are having problems printing or installing Java.

  • The Frugal Batavian says:

    Many of the frostings that go with this have a $1/1 coupon at the store. At my grocery store, it makes them only $0.69. These ones are a bit higher in price at htat store but I’ll look around!

  • Steph says:

    For those of you who have purchased these in the past, what was or is your favorite flavor? Or which did you not like? Thanks!!

  • shanshan says:

    If your grocery stores doubles, the $.50/1 is still available from their facebook page.

  • Money Penny says:

    My kroger has the carmel ones on clearence for .45! So going tomorrow to snag two.. I have only bought the cherry vanilla one because i LOOOOVE betty crockers cherry icing but its impossible to find, I was let down by the flavor its very sickly sweet cherry, But free is free and im always up for making cake!

  • Money Penny says:

    Thank you ShanShan, My kroger does double up to $1.00 and that means i will get two more packets free! Didnt know that deal was still going on!

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