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The Honest Company: *HOT* FREE Personal Care & Baby Bundle Trial Kit (Just $2.98 Each Shipped!)

9:45 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

I previously posted about the FREE Discovery Bundle Kit from which enables you to try out eco-friendly, all natural personal care/household products and baby products before paying full price. Love that! Well, this offer is still available and you can actually snag 2 FREE Bundle Kits that will contain a travel size Honest Shampoo & Body Wash, Honest Lotion, Honest Healing Balm, Honest Laundry Detergent, and Honest Hand Soap AND a handful of Honest Diapers & Wipes. Just check the boxes to add both kits to your cart (after you register).

…And the best part is that you will only pay a total of $5.95 in shipping for both kits (that makes each kit only $2.98 shipped!). Plus, these items are the perfect size to stuff in a baby shower gift basket!

Also, please note that by signing up for the FREE Bundle Kits from the Honest Company (founded by Jessica Alba), you’ll also be automatically enrolled in their monthly service BUT you can cancel the service at ANY time by calling 1-888-862-8818. And if you cancel your membership, you’ll still get to keep all the freebies they send you – with no penalty! Seems like a great way to test out these all natural products to see if you like them before paying full price!

* IMPORTANT: You will have 7 days following receipt of your Discovery Kit to cancel your membership at any time, for any reason. If you choose to not cancel your membership, you will be charged $79.95 plus $4.95 shipping and handling for your monthly supply of Diapers, or $35.95 plus $3.95 shipping and handling for your monthly supply of Family Essentials. If you decide to cancel, please call Honest Support at 1.888.862.8818 Monday – Friday 7AM – 5PM (Pacific).

Check out some comments left by Hip2Save readers on a previous post…

I am an HONEST subscriber (and have been for a while) and LOVE it! The diapers are amazing and the products are worth every penny! I would absolutely recommend their products!

I recently received the trial and the diapers are really cute and seem to be of really great quality.

I love these products. We subscribe for $80 a month and get a months supply of diapers and wipes. They are the best diapers we have ever used and the detergent for clothes is fantastic for anyone with psoriasis or eczema. Customer service is fantastic too. If you have an issue they will fix it or find some way to satisfy you.

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  • Reese says:

    Ordered one last time it was posted. Still waiting on it.

  • Brit says:

    As a hoping-to-start-a-family-soon couponer, how does the cost of the monthly bundle compare to couponing for diapers and wipes? I really love the philosophy behind this company and that they don’t use questionable chemicals, but out budget can only stretch so far.

    • Jan says:

      I buy my diapers and wipes on amazon with GC I receive from Swagbucks and Crowdtap. Usually my out of pocket expense is very minimal.

    • victoria says:

      I pay WAY less than that. I usually go through about 3-4 packs/mo and I bought mine at Walgreens bogo free so I paid less than $20 for a month of diapers and Walgreens diapers are pretty good diapers. If you want a more natural way of diapering you can usually get seventh generation or earths best deals and coupons and probably pay it would even be cheaper than that to buy cloth diapers, depending on how often you would do laundry. But they are adjustable so they last a really long time.

      • victoria says:

        My phone published it before i was done lol.. you could probably pay $50/mo on earths best or seventh generation… it’s all going to depend though. You use more the younger yourbaby is too.. so it depends but odds are you will be able to pay MUCH less than $80/mo. good luck!

    • jenn says:

      I find that I pay A LOT less buying diapers and wipes with coupons and sales than any diaper delivery company I have found. If you order from, you get $10 off your first order. I have used them a couple of times when they had offers like that.

  • Rachel says:

    I ordered mine when you posted this last and got it this past weekend. I love the products. It is well worth the cost of shipping to get all the samples. It would make a great gift for someone.

  • Ellen says:

    I really love these products. As you know if you’ve ever put baby lotion on angry skin because you assume it would be “gentler”, it stings and burns like crazy. These lotions (and the other Honest products) don’t hurt my sensitive skin…and most everything else does. The Environmental Working Group has a good site that rates products based on how many potentially harmful ingredients they have, and this brand rates very well consistently across many product catergories. This is a really good way to try out the brand…and the sample sizes are generous. If you’re thinking of trying it…I’d love it if you’d use my link…my two daughters and I all use these products everyday. Thanks in advance!

  • Whitley Lauren Hart says:

    I use NO coupons on diapers or wipes. I buy the store brand refill wipes for $4.97 in the big ziplock bag. I also buy the case of 72 Luvs diapers for $15.97 (usually buy 2 of those a month). I only spend about $37 total per month on baby necessities. These seem expensive, though I haven’t tried them.

    • Laura says:

      I just had a little girl in December (first baby) and I also really like Luvs. They are very inexpensive and you don’t have to use coupons! I simply don’t have the time taking care of a newborn and clipping coupons.

  • Alexandria says:

    Does anyone know how many diapers and wipes comes with this trial offer? Thanks!

  • Nichole Faircloth says:

    ordered mine so I hope I get it soon so I can cancel my trial membership. otherwise this company will owe me a refund.

  • Cristina says:

    I did this about 2 weeks ago! Super easy to call and cancel!

  • Sarah says:

    I ordered a full size bundle of stuff from this company last Thursday or Friday (can’t remember which) because they had $1 shipping. It got here today, and I called to cancel my subscription (didn’t need/want it every month). I had to wait on hold for about 10-12 minutes before I got somebody, but the person I spoke with was very helpful and got it canceled for me. I haven’t used any of the products yet, but I am excited to in the upcoming weeks/months!

  • Kaylee says:

    So you have to actually RECEIVE the items before you cancel? Or 7 days from your receipt of order processed?

    • Cristina says:

      7 days from the day the box gets delivered to your house. I actually just called to cancel mine today and they came in the mail on Thursday.

  • tiffany says:

    If anyone wants to order from my link, I would appreciate it :)

  • dilek says:

    Couple months ago I signed up through here. I think quality of diapers are the best but they are little bit pricey. Trial packages are worth the price though
    if you decide to give it a try I would really appreciate if someone uses my link

  • cynthia says:

    I tried this a while back but had to cancel my síň had a věry servere reaction but they were věry nice about it he has alot of health issues and allergies so i knew it night not work

  • Kim Freeman says:

    Be careful with these wipes. My 5 year old broke out in a terrible rash and had to go to the doctor. I hadn’t used wipes on her since she was a baby. I won’t do that again.

  • Shellie H says:

    Customer service was TERRIBLE, imo. I was put on hold for a long time (20 minutes) just to cancel. It wasn’t worth my time AND money, maybe just one or the other!

  • Jenny says:

    I have been using the size 1 diapers with my newborn and while I’m sure they are probably more natural, they don’t compare to Pampers Swaddlers. I would say that about 75% of her poopy diapers end up all over her back. The wet ones leak sometimes too. They are better than some Kirkland brand ones I have though. I like the wipes because they don’t feel as “slimy” as the Pampers wipes.

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