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Buying Only Half a Cabbage is Possible (Or ANY Other “Per Pound” Produce Item!)

Have you ever wanted to buy only half a head of cabbage or lettuce? Or only needed 1/4 zucchini for a recipe? Reader Kathy recently emailed me this article…and well, I had no idea!  I decided to venture off to my local grocery store and asked a produce worker and was amazed by his answer.

He stated that you can indeed buy any item that is sold by the pound and have it cut to the size (based on “per pound”) that you need – so onions, zucchini, cabbage, lettuce…you name it! Keep in mind that if an item is sold as a “unit” then you must buy the entire item. But if it is sold by the pound, you can have a produce worker cut it for you! I thought this was an awesome tip as it means that you’re only buying what you need, potentially saving money and reducing waste.

How cool is that!? :)

(Thanks, Kathy!)